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Ask BENlabs | Where Does Product Placement Fit in the Overall Marketing Mix?

What tactics should product placement replace in the brand marketing mix?

None. Or at least, it doesn’t have to replace any given marketing tactic; product placement is a complementary strategy, not a replacement strategy. Or, as Aaron Frank, SVP of Strategy, Research & Insights, explains it’s an and, not necessarily an or. 

BENlabs studies show that product placement works with more traditional TV advertising to make both the placement and the TV ad more effective.

In addition, well-executed product placements help brands reach audiences across platforms; no matter where people are watching the TV, movies, and music videos they love, product placement helps brands to make a connection.

This is especially important as the people who watch a show on linear TV are typically an entirely different group of people to those that watch the same show on a streaming platform.

Where Does Product Placement Fit in the Overall Marketing Mix? - Video Transcript

Marketers often wonder where product placement fits into the marketing mix, and we often think about it as a complementary strategy or an and strategy rather than an or strategy.

Some of the research that we’ve done has shown that combining television commercials and product placements actually makes both more effective; it makes your television advertisements more effective and drives more interest in your brand, and it also makes the integrations more effective as well. 

The other thing to keep in mind is that getting inside the content reaches audiences on every platform, and some of the data that we’re seeing today shows us that it’s not just a different amount of people that are watching a piece of content on different platforms. It’s an entirely different group of people. 

So let’s take a popular show like Abbott Elementary. You’re going to get one audience when it’s on linear television and a completely different audience through an app or a streaming experience, and reaching people in every way that they’re seeing… It is actually one of the most effective things that marketers can do today.

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