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Will AI Take My Job? | Ask BENlabs

The rapid advancement of AI has sparked concerns about job security. AI’s ability to engage in conversations, offer insights, and even understand job roles across various industries has led many to worry about being replaced by machines.

Economist Richard Baldwin addressed this fear recently at the World Economic Forum:

“AI won’t take your job – it’s someone using AI who will take your job.”

This highlights a crucial point: AI is a tool that can enhance human capabilities rather than replace them entirely.

Will AI take my job? Represented by a robot talking to a man

While AI can offer support and streamline processes, it lacks the human elements of creativity and decision-making. The key lies in understanding that AI complements human skills rather than replacing them.

The idea of it completely replacing human jobs is unlikely. Instead, by embracing AI as a complementary tool, we can work together with machines to drive progress and prosperity at work.

Transcript: Will ai take my job? | Ask BENlabs

Lots of people are worried about AI taking their job. Especially recently when we’ve seen these huge leaps and bounds forward that have happened. In the last sort of 12 to 18 months around generative where all of a sudden AI has gone from kind of this thing that might be able to predict a few things or might be able to beat someone at chess. To something you can have a conversation with and can actually describe your job pretty well and give you really actionable insights on how to be a better person at what it is that you’re doing. 

And it’s not just doing it for you. It’s doing it for your colleague and people in completely different Industries and so it can feel daunting that this super computer, this super intelligence, is coming to take your job. In reality, it’s not. 

There was a great economist called Richard Baldwin who late in late 2022 at the World Economic Forum coined this phrase which you may have heard before which is: “AI is not going to take your job but it’s someone using AI that’s going to take your job. 

And I think that’s the situation we find ourselves in right now. If you learn how to use AI, you can make it support you in the ways that you’re weak. But it still fundamentally needs the human spark of creativity and decision making process to be able to be an effective solution provider.

And so, for the moment, no AI is not going to take your job but someone using it might.

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