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You’re here because you’re a financial brand marketer looking to make a real connection with audiences so they don’t skip or ignore what you have to say. You’re thinking about adding finance influencer marketing or product placement to your mix. Maybe you’re looking for the right financial marketing agency for your brand.

Enter BENlabs. We’ve helped clients like Chime, Turbo Tax, and ADT achieve incredible results across influencer marketing, product placement in movies and TV, music partnerships and more.

Challenges Facing Money and Finance Brand Marketing

There is no such thing as a captive audience anymore. You don’t need stats or data* to know that audience attention is split; that audiences have more choices of what to watch and where to watch it than ever before. Audiences don’t watch what’s on, they watch what they want, when, where, and how they want. *that doesn’t mean we’re not going to give you stats and data.

Image showing person's fingers clicking a button to skip ads

Ad Avoidance

Money and finance audiences aren’t looking in magazines or sitting through TV ads. Instead, they’re discovering new opportunities and trends through money and finance influencers, and following the financial advice of content creators. They’re skipping ads the second they get the option and are being exposed to products, including money and finance products, through their favorite music, movie, TV, and social content. At BENlabs, we’ll craft recommendations across the entertainment landscape so you’re there, in all the right places.

Image of a webbed data plexus with bubbles of social apps like Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok, Disney, Twitch, and Instagram

Decentralized Content

YouTube finance content creators experienced double the growth rate of other types of creators in 2022, and finance micro-influencers saw triple the growth of others in the micro-creator category. At the same time, movies, music, TV, and social media split audience attention. There isn’t any one source that all people go to for money and finance advice or content. Financial brands need to show up meaningfully, in multiple places, to really make an impact with their audiences.

Image of data and graphs floating above keyboard

Data Intelligence and Reporting

Showing up in social feeds, with music artists, in movie theaters or on the hot streaming show is great, but money and finance brands need to know exactly how these content engagements drive brand activations back to their business and how they move the needle on growth KPIs. They need a partner who can make sense of structured and unstructured data to derive clear, actionable business insights. 

BENLabs Helps Money and Finance Brands Stand Out

We offer a full suite of AI-driven marketing services ranging from influencer integrations to product placement. Our self-serve AI SAAS puts the BENlabs AI tools, trained over nearly 30,000 campaigns, in your hands. BENlabs proprietary AI models will help your money and finance brand find receptive audiences, level-up your content, and drive audience action with predictable, measurable results against your KPIs.

When you work with BENlabs, you set up your money and finance brand for success with brand affinity, increased recall, and sales… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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FinancIAL Brands are Fighting for Attention

On average, people spend 6.7 years of their life on social media. By contrast, they spend under two years socializing IRL. People watch 5.7 hours of video a day on average, but they’re not watching in any one place. They’re accessing billions of hours of video content spread across thousands of streaming services and social platforms. 93% of us listen to music regularly, and the 27-42 year-olds (millennials) listen 75.1% more than older generations.

These are great stats for any money and finance brand that has learned to adapt, developing deep audience intelligence to meet prospects where they live online. On the flip side, it’s damning data for any money and finance that sees the diminishing returns on their marketing efforts and doesn’t find the right partner to help them go where the data leads.  
For brands, it comes down to a need to get noticed. It’s about more than showing up; your money and finance product or brand needs to stand out. To make a real connection with audiences.

Knowing where to reach money and finance audiences is important, knowing how to reach them is at least as important.

Tall blue business buildings

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Are People Skipping Your Finance Ads?

Yes. Yes, they are. Sorry.

Looking at a group of 10 people, nine of them skip ads — including money and finance ads. Let’s be honest here; the one remaining person probably got up to grab a snack. Four of the 10 take a more proactive approach and block ads entirely. 

The answer isn’t unskippable ads. The answer is to make ads unskippable.

Influencer promoting the Chime brand on social channels

Chime influencer promotion

What Does it Mean to be Unskippable?

Unskippable ads make money and finance brand messages an important part of the content. We’re not talking about an influencer saying “This video has been brought to you by…” Rather, it’s aligned content creators across all of entertainment — influencer marketing, product placement in TV and movies, music and artist activations — that use your finance brand as inspiration to create authentic content that connects with audiences. 

How to Make Your Money and Finance Brand Unskippable

Creators build a relationship with their audience through their content. Being unskippable is all about building your relationship with your target audience through that content.
It’s important to think beyond simply money and finance content (money and finance-related movies, TV shows, music, or money and finance influencers). People have more than one interest. Looking at an audience beyond a single dimension is key. 

BENlabs AI unlocks that important audience insights that allow you to appear in the non-traditional places and still reach the right audience.

A person purchasing using a Capital One credit card

Capital One on Making the Cut tv series

Challenges in Money and Finance Audience Intelligence

As individuals, personal privacy is important. As marketers, personal privacy is a huge challenge and fundamentally changes the way we market. Today, if our group of 10 people are also iPhone users, eight of them (well eight and half, 85%) have turned on privacy features that make them impossible to know individually.

It’s not just iPhone users. With personal privacy taking precedence and with third-party cookies going away, 10 out of 10 people become unknowable on an individual level.

Add to this the fractured attention we’ve talked about; not just different content creators on different social platforms vying for attention but every show and movie on every streaming service, every movie in theaters or on demand, every new music video, every emerging music artist rising to fame on social media or elsewhere.

Knowing your audiences is key to successful money and finance brand integrations. BENlabs AI, specifically audience cluster analysis, is the key that unlocks deep audience intelligence while honoring individual privacy.

How to Gain Money and Finance Audience InsightS

The answer to understanding audiences on an individual level isn’t trying to find the gray areas of personal privacy, it’s using AI tools to understand individual behavior without the need for personal data.

BENlabs AI helps marketers build out this deep and granular picture. Our AI tools have been awarded multiple marketing intelligence patents and make all the difference for money and finance brands looking to make an impact in money and finance influencer marketing and other brand integrations. With these AI tools and BENlabs’ decades of experience across all of entertainment —  movies, TV, music and music videos, in creator content on social media — money and finance brands unlock incredible integration opportunities.

Cluster Analysis

Build a clear picture of what content your target engages, unlocking new audiences and new opportunities

Creator Matching

Discover the qualified voices that have the most influence with your most receptive audience segments

Predictive Analytics

Incredible AI-driven predictive accuracy that tells you how audiences will act, expected ROI, CAC, brand awareness, lift, and other KPIs

Competitor Intelligence

See everything your competitors are doing, what’s working and what’s not, to steal away brand awareness and market share

Holding a smartphone showing the TurboTax app
Holding a smartphone showing the TurboTax app
Case Study

turbotax Shines in the Spotlight

TurboTax had a cultural moment with its Humpty Dumpty Super Bowl commercial and wanted to keep the momentum going. BENlabs helped TurboTax create a custom segment for Jimmy Kimmel Live! This segment garnered 10.8 million impressions, generating $440,000 in media value for TurboTax.

Brand Content Integration is the Answer for money and finance Brands

So what’s a brand to do? Get placed in movies, music, and TV content? Kick off an influencer marketing effort? Hire a money and finance brand agency? Well yes, but those don’t have to be separate efforts or involve a bunch of different vendors.

That’s what we do here at BENlabs. We’ve developed amazing AI tools that no other brand integration agency can match.

Influencer Marketing

Money and Finance Influencer Marketing

Our AI tools build a complete picture of your current audience but more than that, BENlabs AI unlocks new, receptive audience clusters based on where those audiences live online. BENlabs AI is the key that unlocks an individual’s online “neighborhood,” with no individual tracking required.

We can identify the right groupings of audiences making financial decisions (such as searching for credit cards, looking to buy a new car or home) and creators who they trust who can create powerful, authentic content.

Even working with smaller, niche money and finance content creators in highly targeted verticals, money and finance brands can reach audiences at an incredible scale.

Image of the Overwolf interface

Overwolf improves popular games with in-game app overlays and mods including streaming gameplay with chat and events, in-game guides, esports tournaments, stats, analytics, replays, highlights and much more. BENlabs and Overwolf teamed up to build a scalable creator program that reached the audiences of over 100 streamers a month.

Results: 5,000 streamed hours of content, 2,932 individual pieces of content created, 99,202,727 views, 517,975 clicks, 152,393 installs

Holding a phone with Spotify interface on it

Spotify partnered with BENlabs to integrate into content and connect with audiences in a way that would be impossible with traditional advertising.

The result? Amazing, unskippable entertainment moments that lifted unaided brand recall 73%, brand momentum by 16% and a 12% lift in the target audience agreeing that Spotify is worth paying for.

Product Placement

Money and Finance Product Placement

BENlabs deep relationships across all entertainment unlocks opportunities for money and finance brands in movies, TV, and music videos. From prop placements to deep brand spotlights that are an important part of the plot, we can help your brand stand out in authentic, story-driven, unskippable moments.

Music integrations

Money and Finance Music Activations

In addition to placing products in music videos, a relationship with BENlabs means unprecedented access to established and emerging music artists.

Through custom content you might see an established global artist sharing a financial app with social followers, or an emerging artist might share how they found current interest rates for a home or auto loan, or your brand could be written into the lyrics of the next hot 100 track.

From brand integration in music videos to music licensing and influencer-style brand activations with the artists your audiences listen to, we’ll identify and the right musical partnerships and to move audiences into action.

When Freixenet wanted to pair its sparkling wine with millennial females in a celebratory mood, BENlabs knew exactly what to do. Freixenet took over the Hyde Lounge for a Drake concert, sponsoring Halsey’s Halloween party and the Republic Records Grammy After Party, and showed up in a big way at Coachella and other music events throughout the year.

Results: Freixenet secured 224M powerful impressions and an association as the sparkling wine brand of music culture and celebration.

BENlabs is here to help

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