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Music-driven activations secure more than 224 million impressions for Freixenet.


BEN executed music driven activations throughout the year


BEN was charged with better connecting with their target millennial audience by executing at film-focused events and film festivals.


While Freixenet’s original initiative was to focus on film, BEN made the argument that their target audience of millennial females could be better reached through music-driven activations. According to a Music360Report, 76% of festivalgoers say they feel more favorable toward brands that sponsor a tour or concert and brands (US) spent an estimated $1.4 billion on music partnerships in 2015, according to IEG. BEN recognized that the most relevant activations were music festivals and concert opportunities where attendees would be drinking. The team focused on the brand’s Tentpole events around Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and more.


BEN secured multiple music driven activations throughout the year for Freixenet including a takeover at Hyde Lounge at Staples during the Drake concert, sponsoring Halsey’s Halloween party and the Republic Records Grammy After Party, and secured a DNCE social post from Coachella. The activations garnered a total of 224M+ total impressions.

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