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Case Study: Overwolf

Overwolf: In-Game App and Mod Platform for Gamers Unlocks Creator Success at Scale

About Overwolf

Overwolf is a literal game changer. 

Overwolf is an all-in-one platform that enables creators to build, share, and monetize user-generated content via in-game apps and mods, empowering creativity in gaming through user generated content. 

Game developers partner with Overwolf to help build game-enhancing tools at launch. Game players use in-game apps, overlays, mods, and more to get even more from the games they love, and to share their streaming gameplay.

The result is a true “Guild of Gamers,” with Overwolf as their platform.

Client Location

Tel Aviv, Israel

Campaign platform

YouTube, Twitch

Campaign snapshot

Peak Content Creators


Pieces of Content


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For the campaign period January - December 2022

The big question

How Does a Platform for Gaming Creators Tap Awesome Content Creators at Scale?

The background

Created For Creators

Overwolf is built by gamers, for gamers. By enhancing the games players love and empowering gamers, makers, and streamers to create and share game content, Overwolf takes games — and gaming — to the next level.

With Overwolf, gamers improve their gaming experience with in-game app overlays and mods for over 1,500 popular games. These apps enable everything from streaming gameplay with chat and events, in-game guides, esports tournaments, stats, analytics, replays and highlights and much more. All without ever having to switch windows. 

With game-enhancing user generated content (UGC) a key to Overwolf’s incredible success, the company tapped BENlabs to collaborate in building a UGC-focused content creator ambassador program to bring more players into the “Guild of Gamers.”


AI Delivers Predictable Performance at Scale

BENlabs created a custom algorithm for Overwolf over this long-term campaign. This custom algorithm augments BENlabs AI to allow even greater, segment-specific predictive accuracy and incredible foresight into exactly how a given creator would perform in the Overwolf content partner program.

Smart Audience Clusters

Continuously learning on campaign data, BENlabs AI identified high-performing audiences early, uncovering the formula to build high-performing audience clusters with 2x improvement on CTR and a 2x conversion rate. Interestingly, the highest and lowest performing audiences look alike on the surface, with interests clearly aligned across gaming, vlogs, male lifestyle, and entertainment. BENlabs AI looks way beyond surface similarities to unlock deep audience understanding and 2x results.

Smart Creator Matching

Again learning on BENlabs and Overwolf-specific campaign data, BENlabs AI identified the archetype for content creators that have influence within high-performing audiences. This cluster of nearly 300 creators offered a clear path to scale early campaign success, driving the cost per install (CPI) down 42% over the year-long campaign.


You Can’t Game Authenticity

Overwolf is built for gamers, by gamers. Developed jointly by Overwolf and BENlabs, the content partner program that supports it is built for creators, by creators to enable authentic creator content. 

We collaborate with creators to only work on apps relevant to the gaming title they are known for — whether it’s the Mobalytics App for League of Legends or Valorant Tracker for Valorant players — creators are paired with apps we know they will love to enhance their own content and gameplay.

In other words, they aren’t asked to love (or pretend to love) a product to get paid. They’re paid to share a product they love. Likewise, creators don’t have to change their content to fit the product, they are empowered to integrate the app in a way that best fits their channel content.

By using Overwolf tools to improve their in-game and streaming experience, creators authentically share Overwolf on YouTube and Twitch. In turn, audiences naturally see the value and install Overwolf and their title-relevant apps to improve their own in-game experience, as tracked with the key metric for this long-term campaign: End-user Overwolf app installs.

The results

Predictable Results At Scale

The ongoing Overwolf content partner program consistently sees over 50 qualified creators making authentic content each month, seamlessly scaling to over 100 creators as needed. 

From January through December 2022, the ongoing content creator program drove awareness with audiences across a wide variety of popular games. Creators shared over 5,000 hours of content in 2,923 pieces of video content netting 99,202,727 views on Twitch and YouTube. 

With authenticity and respect for content creators as core tenets of the content partner program, creators share Overwolf authentically in their content and curated audience clusters see the value naturally. As a result, in the first 12 months of the program (Jan through Dec 2022) saw 517,975 clicks driving the key performance metric for the program: 152,393 product installs.

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Winner of 2023 Best Use of Data

AI Influencer Marketing Campaign BENlabs and Overwolf

Overwolf's Video Gallery
The takeaway

Build on a Solid Platform

Overwolf is the master of its domain; a platform built by gamers, for gamers. 

The Overwolf content partner program continues to see incredible, ongoing success because it’s more than a win/win, it’s a trifecta.

  1. Creators are paid fairly and consistently for their content efforts
  2. Overwolf in-game overlay apps and mods are shared authentically, powering the creator’s gaming and streaming
  3. Audiences get great creator content and authentically discover a platform that empowers creativity in audiences through their own user generated content with the games they love.

With authenticity at the core and with BENlabs AI tools modeling performance and unlocking deeper insights and predictive accuracy that help to drive continued content optimization, this trifecta scales and gamers win.

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