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You’re here because you’re a brand marketer looking to advertise your alcohol beverage in natural ways that create authentic audience connections and drive sales. Whether you’re considering upping your influencer marketing game or securing alcohol product placement in entertainment, or just looking for an agency that can help dial in and scale your marketing efforts, we’re here for you. At BENlabs, we’ve helped clients like Proximo, Freixenet, and Heinken (to name but a few) achieve incredible results across influencer marketing, product placement in movies and TV, music partnerships, and more. And we’re ready to be your new secret weapon.

Challenges Facing Alcohol Marketing

In addition to having to navigate complying with standard alcohol industry advertising regulations, you’ve recognized that captive audiences are hard to come by. You don’t need pages of data to know that audience attention is split; audiences have more choices of what to watch and where to watch it than ever before. Audiences don’t watch what’s on, they watch what they want, when, where, and how they want. This challenges you as a marketer to find those opportunities and integrate your product where it matters most.

Image showing person's fingers clicking a button to skip ads

Ad Avoidance

Audiences aren’t looking in magazines or sitting through TV ads. Instead, they’re discovering new brands and cocktail trends via online influencers and being exposed to alcohol products in movies, music, and on TV. They’re skipping ads the second they get the option and are being exposed to products, including alcohol products, through their favorite music, movie, TV, and social content. At BENlabs, we’ll craft recommendations across the entertainment landscape so you’re there, in all the right places.

Image of a webbed data plexus with bubbles of social apps like Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok, Disney, Twitch, and Instagram

Decentralized Content

Movies, music, TV, and social media split audiences. The average household has 5.2 streaming services. There isn’t any one source that all people go to for entertainment or informative content. Alcohol brands need to show up meaningfully, in multiple places, to really make an impact with their audiences.

Image of data and graphs floating above keyboard

Data Intelligence and Reporting

Showing up in social feeds, with music artists, in movie theaters or on the hot streaming show is great, but alcohol brands need to know exactly how these content engagements drive brand activations back to their business and how they move the needle on growth KPIs. They need a partner who can make sense of structured and unstructured data to derive clear, actionable business insights.

BENLabs Helps Alcohol Brands Stand Out

We offer a full suite of AI-driven marketing services ranging from influencer integrations to product placement. Our self-serve AI SAAS puts the BENlabs AI tools, trained by over nearly 30,000 campaigns, in your hands. BENlabs proprietary AI models will help your alcohol brand find receptive audiences, level-up your content, and drive audience action with predictable, measurable results against your KPIs.

When you work with BENlabs, you set up your alcohol brand for success with brand affinity, increased recall, and sales… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Alcohol in glass toasting with group

Alcohol Brands Are Fighting for Attention

Most alcohol brands are complying with regulations designed to limit their web exposure. For brands, that equates to an overall saturation at 0.82% of online ads.

You’re trying to reach people who spend 6.7 years of their life on social media and who watch 5.7 hours of video a day on average. They’re accessing billions of hours of video content spread across thousands of streaming services and social platforms. 93% of us listen to music regularly, and the 27-42 year-olds (millennials) listen 75.1% more than older generations.

In contrast to the low opportunities to reach prospects through online ads, these are exciting statistics for any alcohol brand that has learned to adapt, develop deep audience intelligence, and is able to meet prospects where they live online. 

For brands, it’s critical to get noticed. It’s more than just showing up; your wine, spirits, or malt brand needs to STAND OUT—To make a real connection with audiences, wherever they are. At BENlabs, we can help you reach global audiences where they are, how they want to be reached, and with an authentic, brand-safe approach. 

See how BENlabs helped Pernod, a global spirits and wine group, increase brand perception and overdelivered on expectations.

Alcohol in glass toasting with group

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How to Gain Audience InsightS for the ALCOHOL INDUSTRY

The answer to understanding audiences on an individual level isn’t trying to find the gray areas of personal privacy, it’s using AI tools to understand individual behavior without the need for personal data.

BENlabs AI helps marketers build out this deep and granular picture. Our AI tools have been awarded multiple marketing intelligence patents and make all the difference for alcohol brands looking to make an impact in alcohol influencer marketing and other brand integrations. With these AI tools and BENlabs’ decades of experience across all of entertainment —  movies, TV, music and music videos, in creator content on social media — alcohol brands unlock incredible integration opportunities.

Cluster Analysis

Build a clear picture of what content your target engages, unlocking new audiences and new opportunities

Creator Matching

Discover the qualified voices that have the most influence with your most receptive audience segments

Predictive Analytics

Incredible AI-driven predictive accuracy that tells you how audiences will act, expected ROI, CAC, brand awareness, lift, and other KPIs

Competitor Intelligence

See everything your competitors are doing, what’s working and what’s not, to steal away brand awareness and market share

Proximo Spirits bottle
Proximo Spirits bottle
Case Study

Stealing Market Share with Sticky Awareness

BENlabs is the secret to Proximo Spirits’ influencer marketing success. Cinco de Mayo was the perfect opportunity to position 1800 Cristalino tequila with online audiences, and with BENlabs AI finding the perfect creator matches for the brand within the 13 million strong BENlabs Creator Community, the Cinco de Mayo campaign was destined for success.

Over the campaign period, 16 content creators shared 22 pieces of content featuring Proximo spirit brands. With 2.7M views and over 200,000 viewers taking action. The highest performing content creator in the program net 494K views with a click through rate (CTR) of 1.47%, more than double to the Instagram Story average CTR benchmark of between 0.33% and 0.54%.

Brand Content Integration is the Answer for Alcohol Brands

So what’s a brand to do? Get placed in movies, music, and TV content? Kick off an influencer marketing effort? Hire an alcohol brand agency? Well yes, but those don’t have to be separate efforts or involve a bunch of different vendors.

Influencer Marketing

Alcohol Influencer Marketing

BENlabs helps marketers take their influencer marketing efforts to the next level.

Our AI tools build a complete picture of your current audience but more than that, they unlock new, receptive audience clusters based on where those audiences live online. BENlabs AI is the key that unlocks an individual’s online “neighborhood,” with no individual tracking required.

Even working with smaller, niche alcohol content creators in highly targeted verticals, alcohol brands can reach audiences at an incredible scale.

A Blendjet blender product image

BlendJet worked with BENlabs to build on the success of its early influencer strategy and bring the original portable blender to new audiences. For the launch of the BlendJet 2, and with a proven strategic partner in BENlabs, the startup increased its influencer marketing budget by 500%, confident in the return on that investment.

The BlendJet 2 campaign drove over 8,000 sales in the first two weeks of the product’s launch. Over the campaign period, audiences made over 28,000 purchases, generating $1.7 million in revenue.

Man with alcohol in front in a TV show

Proximo Spirits, global brand behind Jose Cuervo, 1800, Proper 12, Pendelton, turned to BENlabs to tap into brand integration opportunities in popular culture content that would guarantee results against specific KPIs. Powerful product placements in music, talk, and streaming TV in shows like Atlanta, Yellowstone, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and City Girls, furthered positive associations for Proximo brands.

These alcohol product placements led results against Proximo KPIs: 72% of the audience expressed a more positive opinion of the alcohol brand; 15% lift in brand momentum; 93% unaided brand recall among the exposed audience.

Product Placement

Alcohol Product Placement

BENlabs deep relationships across all entertainment unlocks opportunities for alcohol brands in movies, TV, and music videos. From prop placements to deep brand spotlights that are an important part of the plot, we can help your brand stand out in authentic, story-driven, unskippable moments.

Music integrations

Alcohol Music Activations

In addition to placing products in music videos, a relationship with BENlabs means unprecedented access to established and emerging music artists. From brand integration in music videos to unskippable influencer-style brand activations with the hottest artists to music licensing and even custom brand-driven new music opportunities, BENlabs is where it happens. 

Parties and bubbly go together like… well, we actually can’t think of a more iconic duo. When Freixenet wanted to pair its sparkling wine with millennial females in a celebratory mood, BENlabs knew exactly what to do. BENlabs music-driven activations saw Freixenet takeover the Hyde Lounge for a Drake concert, sponsoring Halsey’s Halloween party and the Republic Records Grammy After Party, and showing up in a big way at Coachella among other music events throughout the year. 

All told, Freixenet secured 224M powerful impressions, all associating the sparkling wine brand with music culture and celebration.

Influencer creating video content on cell phone

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YouTube Optimization

Boost Your YouTube

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BENlabs is here to help

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