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Case Study: Proximo Spirits

Alcohol Brand Influencer Marketing Success for Proximo Spirits’ 1800 Cristalino Tequila

About Proximo Spirits

The Proximo Spirits portfolio includes some of the most recognizable names in spirits, both established whiskey, tequila, vodka, rum etc. brands and emerging brands too. Proximo Spirits is the global importing and distribution brand behind Jose Cuervo, 1800 Cristalino, Proper 12, Pendelton and many more iconic spirits.

Proximo Spirits trusts BENlabs to integrate its iconic and rising star alcohol brands in alcohol product placement and alcohol brand music integrations, as well as in influencer content opportunities. 

Client Location

Jersey City, NJ, USA

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The big question

How Does a Premium Tequila Position Itself as the Perfect Pairing for the Most Epic Events?

The background

Raising a Glass for Cinco de Mayo

Tequila is a key ingredient for any celebration — but not just any tequila. To establish 1800 Cristalino as the perfect drink for the most epic events, Proximo Spirits knew it needed to enlist the help of premium influencers who live the luxurious lifestyle that 1800 Cristalino embodies. 

Proximo Spirits teamed up with BENlabs to reach audiences in target markets, including California, Texas, and neighboring New York and New Jersey, and began building a campaign aimed at raising brand awareness and driving purchase consideration.

Proximo tasked influencers with developing Instagram content, pairing Cinco de Mayo with 1800 Cristalino. Proximo wanted content that paired well with the high energy, luxury, and all around good time that is 1800 Cristalino. 

BENlabs AI connected 1800 Cristalino with a perfectly aligned group of creators across target geos in CA, TX, NY, and at home in NJ. The mix included big name influencers and emerging creators, all creating content that put the premium tequila brand in the spotlight.

The AI

AI Pairs 1800 Cristalino with the Perfect Creators and Audiences

Smart Audience Clusters

Finding audiences in the right place isn’t hard. Finding audiences in the right headspace is. That’s where BENlabs AI Audience Clustering comes in. BENlabs AI unlocks deep audience intelligence to build out aligned audience clusters across lifestyle, fashion, fitness, food and beverage, and travel to build a custom audience for the 1800 Cristalino message.

Smart Creator Matching

1800 Cristalino needed to align itself with the right content creators who fit the tone and the vision. They also needed to have influence in the events scene in the target geos of CA, TX, NY, and Proximo’s home state of NJ. With a picture of the perfect creator in mind, BENlabs AI found those that fit the bill, with Proximo and BENlabs choosing 16 creators that were a perfect match for 1800 Cristalino’s high-energy luxury vibe.

The creative

Cristalino 1800 Mixes it Up for Cinco de Mayo

Creators featured the premium tequila brand in lifestyle posts, behind the scenes at epic area events, and more, with creators sharing 1800 Cristalino in Cinco de Mayo themed posts and celebrations. Creators hit the high energy, luxury, good-time feel that was the perfect complement to Proximo’s premium tequila brand.

BENlabs AI uncovered a natural affinity between the 1800 Cristalino brand with creators such as Nastia LiukinUlysses BenitezEmeraude ToubiaMelissa Gorga and others driving particularly high engagement.

One creator in particular wanted to take a different approach. Benny Soliven had a record of success as an influencer for Proximo brands but his concept — posing as Bob Ross and painting a glass of tequila — seemed to deviate from the brand’s concept for the campaign.

With BENlabs supporting the creator’s vision and with a long-standing relationship built on trust and consistent performance, Proximo was willing to give it a shot. While 1800 Cristalino features from all 16 creators performed well. Benny’s video was the most memorable and the best-performing content of the whole campaign.

The Results

Creator Content Yields Crystal Clear Results

Overall, the campaign yielded 22 pieces of content across Instagram Stories and Reels, for a total of 2.7 million views and almost 200K likes across seven days. The campaign click through rate — with viewers clicking through to online alcohol retailer Drizly for 1800 Cristalino — was over 1%.

In addition to big-name creators, BENlabs also brought smaller creators in to support the campaign with impressive results. For example, E. Taylor, an emerging creator with about 60K followers at the time of the campaign, earned a 16.52% engagement rate on her Instagram Reel, while her Story earned a 1.93% CTR.

Benny’s Bob Ross was the star of the show, demonstrating the importance of trusting creators to deliver authentic content that resonates with their audience. His Bob Ross video was the best-performing and most memorable piece of content from the campaign, with over 494K views on his Instagram story — exceeding predicted views by 13x. His story also generated 7,260 clicks, representing a 1.47% CTR.

The takeaway

Saving Space to Try Something New

Proximo Spirits trusts BENlabs and our AI tools to find the perfect creators for its 1800 Cristalino brand of premium tequila. Together, we built a “standard” influencer campaign with big time content creators incorporating 1800 Cristalino into their Cinco de Mayo content plans.

Based on past BENlabs AI-driven creator campaign success and with ongoing success in alcohol product placement and alcohol brand music integrations, Proximo Spirits was able to “trust the process,” affording Benny Soliven the artistic freedom he needed to create the kind of content he was sure would resonate.

In return, Proximo’s 1800 Cristalino was featured in a way that stood out, and the resulting video was a run-away success and the most memorable piece in what was already a very memorable creator influencer campaign.

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