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Case Study: Noom

Subscription-Based Nutrition Program Noom Sees 90% Boost in Customer LTV

About Noom

Noom is not a diet app, it’s a subscription-based program that helps users make healthier lifestyle choices by tracking nutrition, exercise habits, and more.

Client Location

New York, NY

Campaign platform

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

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The big question

How Does a Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Subscription App Drive Adoption and Boost Customer LTV?

The background

Making Smart Choices

Weight is just a number, but a healthy routine is a lifestyle. That’s why Noom built its subscription-based program around helping users make small behavioral changes that add up to big transformations. Noom users track food and exercise patterns to gain insight into their habits, eventually making better choices for their bodies based on a customized program. But unlike some of its competitors, the company doesn’t encourage dieting — a key differentiator Noom wanted to share throughout its influencer marketing.

Given our long roster of relationships with lifestyle and fitness creators, Noom selected BENlabs as a partner for a campaign aimed at directly driving sign-ups for Noom. But, over time — and in spite of the impressive conversions earned — BENlabs saw an opportunity to increase customers’ lifetime value by pivoting away from direct conversation (sign-ups), recentering the campaign on raising awareness about Noom.

Noom mobile app interface
The AI

Smart Lifestyle Choices, Smarter AI

BENlabs AI helps to make every campaign a success and it learns even more with every single engagement.

BENlabs AI helped Noom find the perfect audiences for its message at every stage of the campaign. In addition and with the pivot to a more educational approach, BENlabs AI-selected audience clusters showed real return on investment as the customer lifetime value (LTV) grew from 70% for internal influence campaigns to 90% with BENlabs AI highlighting the right creators to reach the most receptive audience clusters.

Audience Cluster Analysis

BENlabs AI audience cluster analysis looks at people way beyond one dimension. With AI audience cluster analysis, Noom was able to see a complete picture of their audience and find the right audiences to grow the campaign, driving that 90% LTV.

Smart Creator Matching

With audience clusters in mind, BENlabs AI highlighted the content creators who had the most influence with the AI-defined ideal audience clusters. Drawing from BENlabs Creator Community of over 14 million pre-vetted creators, Noom was able to find and activate multiple creators who matched with their own brand values.

The Creative

Noom’s Healthy Living Message Comes to Life

To bring the initial performance-driven campaign to life back in October 2020, BENlabs leveraged its relationships with existing creators and tapped into its artificial intelligence tools and models to identify the best influencers for Noom across different demographics, including fitness and beauty influencers, health experts, and new moms defining their postpartum workout routines.

Over the next few months, conversions were in line with what BENlabs AI tools predicted, thanks to YouTube videos and Instagram stories from creators like heyitsfeiii, Ashley Nicole, and top performer from past campaigns, KKandbabyJ.

By May 2021, signs-up began to taper off, likely because people were overwhelmed by and rightly skeptical of the growing volume of content around weight loss on social media. That’s when BENlabs recognized an opportunity to reinvigorate the campaign.

BENlabs AI models predicted that showing users how the program could transform their lives instead of rushing straight to the sign up CTA would yield better results. So the campaign shifted to education and awareness. Playing the long game continued to drive conversions, but more informed conversions. With these more informed conversions, Noom saw customer LTV grow 28.6%, from 70% to 90%.

By focusing on raising awareness, BENlabs helped Noom demonstrate an understanding of a key concept in lifestyle marketing: users have to envision their transformational journey before they set out on it. One example of this nuanced difference? While heyitsfeiii’s YouTube video from December 2020 walked viewers through the Noom app and how it worked, ultimately urging them to sign up, her May video told a personal story of how Noom helped her achieve her own wellness goals.

Creator, heyitsfeiii, promoting Noom
Creator, heyitsfeiii, promoting Noom

Before and After

Taking a more educational and information-sharing approach resonated with viewers. For example, heyitsfeiii’s awareness focused video reached 150K viewers, outperforming her December product-focused video by nearly 30K views. However, one of the most successful pieces of content came from Alisha Marie, whose video drove more than 2.9 million views alone.

Over the course of eight months, influencer content from the entire campaign drove 5.5 million views from more than 90 small and mid-size creators. More importantly for Noom, however, the entire two-part campaign drove 90% lifetime value from signups, surpassing an average of 70% from signups generated through in-house influencer marketing campaigns. At peak conversion rate, BENlabs was driving about 3,000 signups per month.

For Noom, the collaboration was a success that exceeded its expectations, thanks to BENlabs AI driving adaptability and forward-thinking.

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