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Case Study: BlendJet

BlendJet Scales Success with BENlabs Proven Content Influencer Formula

About BlendJet

Founded in 2017, BlendJet’s titular portable blender pioneered the category and propelled the company on its mission to make the healthy choice the most convenient choice for all. Building on the success of the first BlendJet, the BlendJet 2 made further product improvements and cemented BlendJet as the portable blender to beat.

Client Location

California, USA

Campaign platform

Instagram, YouTube

Campaign snapshot

Units Sold by Week 2


Units Sold


New Revenue

The big question

How Does a Category-Defining Product Scale its Early Success

The background

Mixing it Up for Influencer Marketing Success

BlendJet is a social media and influencer marketing success story. Before BlendJet, the very idea of a portable blender seemed a bit out there.

Working with BENlabs to tap content creators, the success of the first BlendJet proved that working with online content creators and influencers to speak directly to the target audience was a winning strategy. Especially when defining a category.

When the time came to launch the follow-up BlendJet 2, BlendJet was looking to build on the early influencer success it achieved with BENlabs, BENlabs AI and the BENlabs team.

With BENlabs AI-driven expertise, BlendJet had the confidence it needed to 5X its early influencer efforts. The scaled up YouTube and Instagram creator content program drove incredible results, further defining the portable blender category. Even with other appliance makers trying to muscle in, this content influencer strategy rightly cemented BlendJet as the leader in the category it pioneered.

The AI

AI Models for Predictable Success

With data from previous smaller-scale BENlabs + BlendJet campaigns, BENlabs AI had a wealth of information to learn from, to make predictions, and to set the BlendJet 2 up for success with content creators and influencer marketing.

BENlabs AI built out audience cluster models that defined the most receptive audiences. Again tapping BENlabs AI, we identified the most influential content voices to speak directly to these audience clusters.

With the BENlabs team clearly laying out a path to success, informed by the predictive accuracy of BENlabs AI, BlendJet was able to follow through on early success to achieve influencer success at scale.

Predictive Analytics

With deep learning systems refined on thousands of successful campaigns, BENlabs AI offers actionable predictive insights before a campaign even begins. With custom algorithms for brand, goal, and strategy, campaigns and predictive insights get progressively smarter, scaling simply and successfully with predictive accuracy not possible anywhere else.

Smart Targeting

Smart Targeting zooms in on demographics and psychographics to reveal true online behavior and aligned interests that go way beyond the obvious. Deep learning AI maps online “neighborhoods” to unlock personal targeting with no cookies required, opening paths to intelligently scale influence campaigns, meeting audiences with the right message in the right place at the right time.

Smart Creator Matching

BENlabs AI mines a proprietary and ever-growing database of more than 13 million qualified, verified content creator influencers from micro to mega. We surface and stack rank creators who don’t just fit a profile, they align with campaign goals and brand values. Then we make it easy to engage suitable creators at scale.

The Creative

New Audiences mean New Opportunities

With the original BlendJet, BENlabs convinced the company to look beyond its early success with fitness audiences on Instagram. BENlabs made the case for exploring different platforms and adding new audience segments to drive more sales. The resulting content partnership with YouTube personality Philip DeFranco reached new, somewhat unexpected but very receptive audiences. The result? 1,000 sales. The fact that the product resonated with this predominantly male audience was a key insight that would inform future content influencer success stories for BlendJet.

When BlendJet was getting ready to release its newest product, BlendJet 2, it had a proven influencer marketing strategic partner in BENlabs. The BlendJet 2 campaign launched sharing authentic influence moments by lifestyle creators, as well as creators who target a male audience.

Content creators including caseyhl91, hannahg11, and mariaestella_xo, were encouraged to share BlendJet 2 in authentic moments that fit with their own brand and style of content. With its deep content creator relationships and with respect for creators at the heart of all we do, BENlabs was able to steer talking points, helping creators to share their BlendJet 2 moments at the gym, in the car, on the kitchen counter, and even at their desk.


A Recipe for Influencer Success

From the earliest testing phases, BENlabs built out a campaign model that would scale to meet BlendJet’s growth objectives. The BENlabs team, using BENlabs proprietary AI tools, took a proactive approach, monitoring the campaign at every step and adjusting the verticals, talking points, and mentions based on what was performing best.

As a startup company still building its success story, BlendJet had a very strict customer acquisition cost (CAC) target. With smaller scale test campaigns outperforming targets by month two, BlendJet increased its influencer marketing budget by 500%, confident in the return on that investment.

The BlendJet 2 campaign drove over 8,000 sales in the first two weeks of the product’s launch. Over the campaign period, audiences made over 28,000 purchases, generating $1,7 million in revenue.

This relationship shows no signs of stopping. With repeated success, BlendJet trusts BENlabs to make its content creator campaigns a success, whether success means reaching new audiences or launching new product lines like the recent Disney branded BlendJet portable blenders.

The takeaway

Test, Test, Scale

As a startup, CAC was key for BlendJet. While awareness is always important (especially when you’re trailblazing in a new category), any BlendJet marketing efforts had to clearly drive performance metrics to be considered a success.

BlendJet’s relationship with BENlabs started small. By leaning in on its early creator marketing success with BENlabs, it was able to smartly scale a proven formula, confident in the ROI.

Through the original BlendJet’s lifecycle, BENlabs and BlendJet gradually scaled its influencer program and built a proven model for influencer marketing, informed by incredible AI insights.
Launching the BlendJet 2 was a huge opportunity to go big, and that’s just what the company did. The BENlabs team and BENlabs AI helped BlendJet 2 come out strong and scale quickly, driving incredible results while beating the all-important CAC targets.

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