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Can the pace of change continue for AI? | Ask BENlabs

2023 was the year for generative AI. In the latest of the Ask BENlabs series, the question looms large: Can the pace of change continue for AI?

Reflecting on the unpredictable nature of AI’s evolution, McFadyen’s answer highlights diverging perspectives. While Bill Gates suggests a potential plateau in AI capabilities, leaks from OpenAI tease new algorithms like Q*,, hinting at a resurgence of innovation.

Embracing Uncertainty: The Road Ahead for AI

Can the pace of AI continue?

Uncertainty is certain, prompting contemplation about the future of AI development. In the middle of the ambiguity, McFadyen is hopeful. Hopeful that we’ve barely scratched the surface of AI’s potential, and that with strategic utilization, it can drive societal progress.

While navigating this uncertain terrain, staying adaptable and open-minded is paramount. The future of AI isn’t predetermined; it’s shaped by collective effort. By embracing the unknown with optimism, we can be sure that within uncertainty lies the opportunity for groundbreaking innovation.

At BENlabs, we continue to explore and advance the captivating world of artificial intelligence. Together we can chart a course towards a future where AI enriches and empowers us all.

Transcript:Can the pace of change continue for AI? | Ask BENlabs

“Can the pace of change that we experienced in 2023 continue?” is a really difficult problem to answer. Mostly because, if you’d asked will the pace of change that we experienced in 2022 continue, I would have said yes, up until about September, November of that year. So all bets are off.

Interestingly, some people who are very much in the know, Mr Gates has also recently come out and said he thinks that we are approaching a Maxima in terms of what these large language models are capable of doing, at the same time you have leaks coming out of open AI talking about Q* and these amazing algorithms that could start that that whole flywheel of innovation and of technical exploration all over again. So I simply don’t know.

I hope we’re not at the end of a cycle. I hope we’re just at the very beginning because I think there’s huge potential here if we’re able to leverage it properly.

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