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Top Tech Influencers on Instagram Today

Tech changes fast, and tech influencers help their audiences understand not just what’s new but the latest tech means for their lives.

The best tech influencers are experts in their field. They do the homework; their insights, reviews, and recommendations carry weight with audiences. 

Not only do tech influencers deliver authentic content, including reviews, unboxing videos, and comparisons, they keep viewers informed about the latest products and industry news. These tech influencers act as vital connectors between consumers and tech brands, helping to expand reach, raise awareness, and foster audience trust.

Collaborating with tech influencers — on Instagram and elsewhere — is a key strategy for reaching and engaging your target market, boosting brand awareness, and ultimately driving sales.

Top Tech Influencers to Watch on Instagram

Delia aka tech unicorn

@tech.unicorn | 222K followers as of March 2024

Delia Lazarescu is an ex-Googler, where she was a Cloud Technical Solutions Developer, before moving on to the startup world. She travels the world as a software developer by day, and offers followers her tips for tech including website building, coding, how to succeed as a digital nomad, and more by night. She’s worked on content collaborations with several tech companies, including Scribe and is active across all the main social platforms.

Marques Brownlee

@mkbhd | 4.8M followers as of March 2024

No list of top tech influencers and creators would be complete without MKBHD. A YouTuber first, In the past three years, Marques Brownlee has generated over 15M engagements on Instagram, with his uploads. His 4.8 million Instagram followers tune in for the hottest news and reviews on the latest tech, and he never fails to deliver. He carries weight and has collaborated with big hitters like Discord. Recently, he announced a corporate gig with Ridge as Chief Creative Partner .

Judner Aura

@uravgconsumer | 299K followers as of March 2024

With just under 399K subscribers, Judner has made a name for himself with his reviews and opinions on the latest gadgets on the market. His accessible content covers a range of tech from e-bikes, gaming devices, consumer electronics and more. Judner counts Samsung, Android and Google Play among his brand partners.

Lewis Hilsenteger

@unboxtherapy | 2.8M followers as of March 2024

Unboxing videos continue to be a huge driver of views and engagement for creators, and Lewis Hilsenteger, the guy behind unboxtherapy has grown a dynamic and engaged following on Instagram with just that format. Canadian Hilsenteger’s net worth from his online brand is estimated to be around $40 million, with merch sales and sponsorship deals from Intel and HP contributing to his revenue streams.

Austin Evans

@austinnotduncan | 499K followers as of March 2024

Austin is a Californian creator who specializes in content around the very latest tech products and innovations. Passionate about technology since childhood, Evans entertains and informs with his reviews on the latest gizmos and gadgets. BMW and HP are among his big fans and have worked with the creator on numerous advertising campaigns.

Sara Dietschy

@saradietschy | 186K followers as of March 2024

Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy, in case you were wondering) is a Texas-based podcaster and video producer who combines thoughtful tech reviews with how to’s as part of the creative process. Sony and Printful have worked with her channels for sponsored content.

Safwan Ahmedmia aka SuperSaf

@supersaf | 590K followers as of March 2024

Safwan Ahmedmia, SuperSaf to his fans, is one of UK’s top tech influencers. His reviews of the latest and most innovative consumer technology. He specializes in gadget unboxings and comparisons but also covers travel and lifestyle topics. He’s worked with HONOR and Marshall on tech influencer content campaigns. 

Justine Ezarik aka iJustine

@ijustine | 1.6M followers as of March 2024

Justine Ezarik is one of the OG YouTube tech reviewers, forging a path for women in this genre. She has a major presence across all social platforms, with 1.6M followers on Instagram alone. She also hosts the Same Brain podcast

Tom Honeyands

@thetechchap | 207K followers as of March 2024

With 207K Instagram followers Tom Honeyands, aka The Tech Chap, is a tech influencer who publishes a wide range of tech content including news, reviews, tutorials, and buying guides.

Mark Rober

@markrober | 1.8M followers as of March 2024

Mark Rober is a top tech influencer on Instagram with 1.8M followers. The former NASA engineer has generated over 7.5M engagements on the platform in the past year with his mix of tech and popular science. 

As a tech influencer, he has become a valuable business partner for brands and companies in the tech sector to help them gain exposure and promote their products. These include Google, T-Mobile, and Roblox.

Collaborating with leading tech influencers can not only deliver a solid return on investment but also grant brands  direct access to a ready-made and highly engaged audience.

By aligning your brand with these influential figures, you not only tap into their established trust and credibility within the tech community but also position your brand as an authoritative voice in the industry.

This strategic partnership not only drives results but also cultivates long-term brand recognition and loyalty, solidifying your position in the ever-evolving tech market.

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