How Influencer Marketing Works

Does influencer marketing work? Yes, done well it absolutely will boost sales, brand recognition and other important metrics. How does influencer marketing work? Read on.

Influencer marketing defined

Influencer marketing allows companies and brands to collaborate with content creators who are well-known in a given niche and who have a meaningful following. These creators use their platform to spread the word about a company or a product to their followers. With the right pairing, the result is quality content that boosts sales and raises brand awareness.

What influencer marketing does

Boiled down, influencer marketing itself is pretty simple. You locate the industry or niche influencers who are compatible with your brand and target market. You get in touch with them and suggest a partnership. That could mean sponsoring content, inviting product reviews, or collaborating on a giveaway, just to name a few examples. 


With the partnership in place, the influencer will produce content and share it with their followers to promote your brand or product.

What influencer marketing can do for brands?

Influencer marketing can do a lot. Done well, the brand message becomes part of the content, not an interruption. It can introduce a fresh and engaged audience to the brand or product. Influencers have influence because their followers are fans. When they genuinely endorse a company or product, their audience is more likely to pay attention and buy.

Influencer marketing works to raise brand awareness and convert audiences into customers. It’s like a warm introduction compared to a cold call. Small or niche businesses and new products that are attempting to gain traction will find this warm intro to be especially helpful.

Where to begin with influencer marketing

It might feel a bit intimidating, but getting started with influencer marketing isn’t hard (it’s even easier with BENlabs Smart Pairing and Predictive Analytics. We should talk).


Just follow these basic steps:

1- Figure out where your target market hangs out

You know your target market (right?!). Find out where they spend their time online. What’s their preferred platform? Who do they follow? What are they into?

2- Find compatible influencers

Look for creators with a following on your target’s preferred platform(s) and who aligns with your brand and your brand values. You’ll know them when you see them.

3- Make a connection

Get in touch with the influencers you’ve identified. Slide into their DMs, visit their website, or other link aggregator and look for an email or, for more established influencers, partnership details and management.

4- Lock it down

Establish the partnership and confirm the details or the engagement. Remember that creators and influencers know their content and their audience. Collaborate with the influencer on talking points or content ideas but don’t dictate. Share brand guidelines, key messages and anything else that will help the influencer get on message.

5- Get that data

Monitor your campaign and analyze performance at every step. Once the campaign is complete, dig into the data to figure out your influence campaign ROI. Look at what worked and what could be improved for subsequent influencer marketing campaigns.


Getting started in influencer marketing can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to. By partnering with amazing content creators who have influence in their communities, you’ll reach a new, engaged audience and raise brand awareness. As an added bonus, you’ll help some amazing creators pay the bills so they can create even more content that connects with their audience.  

BENlabs smart creator pairing and predictive analytics help simplify every step of the influence marketing process and promise real results and ROI. This deep learning AI approach unlocks high-performing influencer marketing at scale. Let’s talk.

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