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Creator Corner: Big YouTube Monetization Changes & More

Big Changes to YouTube Monetization

YouTube splits ad and other revenues with creators on the platform at 55/45 respectively. For many creators, YouTube is a foundational platform. So, anytime YouTube makes even a tiny change to the way videos are monetized on the platform, it’s big news in the creator community.

The latest changes are not tiny, as our YouTube creator-in-residence Judah Lee explains:

Creators are losing some of the granular ad placement and selection options they’re used to. Live stream ad behavior is also changing on YouTube, allowing creators to make some selections around ad frequency and allowing creators to effectively “go to commercial” anytime they need to.

Understanding YouTube Copyright Claims

Copyright claims are a nasty business and copyright itself has a lot of gray areas. We hear the term “fair use” tossed around but it’s rarely that simple, and a copyright strike is no laughing matter. 

So what’s a creator to do? Well, understanding YouTube copyright strikes, YouTube copyright claims, and what a creator should do if they find themselves on the receiving end of either is a great place to start.

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YouTube Shorts Links Have Now Changed

We have good news and bad news. The good news is that YouTube is making it harder for scammers and spammers to do their thing on YouTube Shorts. The bad news is that legit YouTubers who are used to sharing links in Shorts, comments, or video descriptions have to change. 

With its last update, YouTube made it so links shared in YouTube Shorts comments or descriptions are no longer clickable. 

Some more good news: YouTube has a well-thought-out approach that will be a net benefit to legit creators on the Shorts platform. Here’s what you need to know.

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Hacking YouTube Growth

There aren’t any shortcuts to YouTube success; it takes a lot of hard work. However, there are plenty of YouTube growth “hacks” creators can employ to ensure their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed…

As a creator, focusing your efforts on YouTube SEO and tapping into all your followers across platforms to drive traffic back to monetized YouTube videos just makes sense. 

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