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Low-Code No-Code AI Tools for Business: Strategies for Adoption

Data is everywhere and only about 10% of that data is structured—stuff that fits neatly into a spreadsheet. The remaining 90% is unstructured data; a goldmine of audience intelligence but not anything marketers can throw into a spreadsheet to interpret.

Jame Myrick, General Manager, AI and SaaS at BENlabs spoke at Applied Intelligence Live! in Austin, TX and shared some incredible insights into how low-code and no-code AI tools for business can help unlock the incredible insights otherwise hidden in unstructured data. These and other insights are the key to unprecedented insight into audiences; how to reach them, and how to make a real connection.

1. Understanding Audience Behavior

Whether you are a content creator, marketer, or entrepreneur, connecting with your audience is pivotal. Marketers need to look at historical data, sales trends, and other relevant factors using AI.

For content creators, AI can help predict the success of a video before it even goes live. It can highlight when and where your audience’s attention drops and where adjustments are needed. Businesses can make data-driven decisions, improve their content, and ultimately enhance their ROI.

2. Data Quality is Paramount

For AI, the quality of the output is dependent on the quality of the input. Reliable data in = reliable results out… and conversely, garbage in = garbage out.

The challenge is distinguishing between valuable data and noise.

AI is key here too; specifically algorithms that can identify and eliminate noisy or irrelevant data. By cleaning and managing your data appropriately, you ensure that your AI systems are built on solid foundations. The outcome: accurate, actionable insights that drive your business forward.

3. Compiling Your AI Toolkit

There is no one-size-fits-all AI solution. Businesses have unique needs, audiences are unique, content is unique, and timing is everything. The solution is an AI toolkit that suits your specific requirements and adapts to your unique needs. This toolkit may include existing data sets, capabilities, and tools. It’s about streamlining your investments and focusing on what works for your business.

For example, content creators can use a toolkit with various tools at their disposal to create content more efficiently. The key is to connect existing resources and data sets, which can help prove the value of your AI initiatives and drive growth.

AI tools represented as graphics in binary code

4. The Power of Predictability

Predictability is where AI truly shines. It’s not just about analyzing historical data but foreseeing future trends. Businesses need systems that can predict outcomes. For instance, AI can predict video performance on platforms like YouTube, helping content creators optimize their content and maximize organic views.

With the accurate predictions AI—trained on good data—can provide, businesses can make decisions with a high degree of certainty, whether it’s about partnering with creators, investing in marketing campaigns, or making strategic moves.

For businesses and marketers, the incredible predictive accuracy the right AI tools and AI partners can provide is the game-changer that sets AI apart from traditional data analysis.


In a world where data is king, AI is the undisputed champion of unlocking the insights data, both structured and unstructured, contains.

Understanding audience behavior, ensuring data quality, compiling an AI toolkit, and embracing predictability are the cornerstones of effective AI adoption.

AI isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a practical solution that can help you make informed decisions, enhance your content, and boost your business’s bottom line. So, take these strategies to heart and start your journey towards scalable business adoption with low-code no-code AI.

In short, data is a goldmine waiting to be unlocked, and AI is the key.

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