Creator Spotlight: Kevin Langue – It’s All in a Day’s Work

Kevin Langue (YouTube | Instagram) is an actor, director, and online content creator and the kind of person you’d love to spend a day with. Especially if you’re a content creator looking to pick up some tips from one of the greats. 

Langue moved to the US from Senegal at 16 years-old and after high school and college found his way to Los Angeles where he wasted no time using his extroverted, funny and likable personality to grow a fanbase online and build his ever growing social media community.

A member of the BENlabs Creator Community, Langue credits other creators for helping him in his early days of making online content and pays it forward, offering other content creators a helping hand.


Q: How did you get started in content creation?

I’ve been making videos all my life. haha. When I was younger I used to watch SportsCenter a lot and my original dream was to create sports highlight videos! So I started by making the highlight videos for my high school sports teams!

Q: How did you find your audience?

I’ve been doing this for 5+ years now so my audience has evolved over time but the first people to ever collab with me were Sam & Colby! Those guys gave me a platform to jumpstart my career and I’ll always be super thankful for them!

Q: How do you connect to them?

Constant interaction. They are fans of me, just like I’m a fan of other creators. When my favorite creators interact with me it’s the coolest feeling and so I just want to pay that forward.

Q: What is the most exciting campaign/partnership you’ve ever done?

Amazon. I’ve been working with Amazon for 3 years and everyone I work with is not only incredible at their job but amazing individuals as well. I would work with them for the next 100 years if they needed me to haha.

BENlabs got me a Hulu partnership and the content I created for that campaign is my favorite piece of branded content I’ve ever made!

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start creating?

First establish what your overarching goal is and create small tasks to accomplish that goal. Second, Understand that things change a lot so you gotta be willing to adapt. And finally, be willing to create videos for 10 years without getting paid. If you feel confident about those 3 things, you’ll make it. 

Q: What do you wish brands knew about content creation?

Subtle is louder than you think. A 60 second ad read is great but constant lighthearted genuine references of a product throughout a video or multiple videos can be better.

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