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ELI5: Generative AI

“Explain like I’m five” or ELI5, is an idea that started on Twitter (#ELI5)  and spawned the Explain Like I’m Five subreddit. ELI5 takes a complex idea or concept and goes through the mental exercise of simplifying it in a way that a young child can understand.

In this BENlabs take on ELI5, we’ll hit on some common — and not so common — terms relating to marketing, influence, and AI and do our best to distill them into simple terms without losing too much of the nuance.

Define Generative AI in ELI5

Imagine you have some magic crayons that can draw all sorts of pictures on their own. All you have to do is tell the crayons what kind of picture you want, and they’ll draw it for you. 

Generative AI images created with the prompt “A dinosaur.” 

The trick is that you have to be clear when you ask for a picture. If you ask for a picture of a dinosaur, you’ll get something back but it might not be exactly what you were hoping for. If you tell the crayons you want a picture of a big dinosaur with green and brown skin, a long neck and a big head, you’ll get much closer. The more you help the crayons understand what you want, the better the picture will be.

Generative AI images created with the prompt “a crayon drawing of a dinosaur”

Generative AI is a bit like those imaginary crayons but instead being imaginary, it’s real. And instead of magic, it’s a computer program that can learn and make up things like stories, drawings, music and all kinds of cool, new stuff all by itself.

Generative AI images created with the prompt “A full body picture of a big dinosaur with a long neck and a big head, with green and brown skin”

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