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Ask BENlabs | What is the most common mistake marketers make?

According to Justin Zelik, BENlabs’ Senior Director, Client Development, the most common mistake marketers make is not recognizing the shift from influencer to creator in social media marketing.

This represents a transformation in the way individuals build and engage with their audiences on social media. It also has significant impact on how marketers can get the most out of working with content creators.

mistakes marketers make working with content creators

Influencer to creator

Early on, “influencers” were often established figures, such as celebrities, reality stars, or bloggers, who gained notoriety outside of social platforms.

In contrast, the term “creator,” or sometimes “content creator,” is used to describe individuals who have primarily built their audience on social media platforms. They know how to produce high-quality, engaging content that resonates with their audience. 

The shift marks a move away from seeking influencers based on external fame to recognizing and collaborating with individuals who have organically grown their followings. This evolution is tied to changes in social media algorithms, which now prioritize engaging and compelling content.

Mistakes marketers make working with content creators

succeeding with creators

Because of this, creators understand how to navigate the algorithms and consistently produce content that stands out in the crowded digital landscape.

So, as Justin points out, the most effective marketing method is to give creators creative control. This allows them to most fully bring their unique perspectives and creativity to brand partnerships. This, in turn, leads to great content their audiences love.

What is the most common mistake marketers make? Ask BENlabs: Video Transcript

I have seen marketers make all sorts of mistakes in their approach to influencer marketing. But in the last 12 months, the most common mistake I see by far is not recognizing the seismic shift from influencer to creator. And understanding what this means for the collaborative process. Now, this is a topic you’ve probably already heard people talking a lot about. 

But I cannot understate how important it is to adapt to the algorithmic, video-centric feed which now dominates the entire social landscape.

Because see, before this was introduced, influencers were a different type of person. They were in large part, people who gained notoriety outside of social. Think, traditional celebrities, reality stars and, in rare occasion, bloggers. It was also hard for users to discover new people to follow and expectations around creativity were quite low.

Brands simply wanted these people to endorse a product on their feed, thereby influencing their following. And this strategy worked for a while. 

But now, the people who you want to partner with, the people who have the most organic reach and the most engaged audiences well, they built their social followings on social. 

The algorithms are rewarding the best content. And the new influencers are those who know how to make content that rises to the top. So, in order to have the most success, you need to let these creators have creative control.  

They may come up with a way to integrate your product or articulate your message that you could have never possibly come up with on your own.

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