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Ask BENlabs | How Does a Car Physically End Up in a Movie or TV Show?

We’ve discussed how much goes into executing a well-integrated automotive product placement, but how does a production vehicle actually make it onto set and in front of the camera?

In the fast-paced world of film and television, production vehicles play an indispensable role in bringing narratives to life. At the heart of this behind-the-scenes magic is the BENlabs Automotive Team. Maintaining fleets in LA, New York, Atlanta, and Vancouver, this dedicated team keeps a range of vehicles are ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

This ensures the vehicles are always ready to meet the needs of both productions and clients.

production vehicle example

Driving Success Behind the Scenes

The BENlabs Automotive Team distinguishes itself not only through its extensive fleets of vehicles across North America, but also through the team’s collective automotive and entertainment experience.

They get it. Production needs can shift on a dime, and being prepared for whatever comes up is their M.O. And that makes it possible to keep the wheels turning.

Automotive Product Placement example from Apple TV series

How Fast Can Production Vehicle Needs Come Up?

An Apple TV production contacted the BENlabs Automotive Team with an unforeseen need for a production vehicle: principal characters needed to be driven up to a rocket launchpad. And the scene was being shot that afternoon.

Thanks to the ever-present preparedness of the BENlabs Auto Team, a client’s truck was delivered that same day and the scene was able to roll as the showrunners pictured it.

Boom. The story was served with the necessary vehicle and the client was able to jump on the product placement opportunity.

BENlabs Automotive Team excels in automotive product placement

Automotive product placement is more than just having the coolest rides; it’s about having a crew that’s always ready to kick it into high gear. The Apple TV launchpad example? Just one of many showcasing how the BENlabs Auto Team turns urgent needs into blockbuster opportunities.

How Does a Car Physically End Up in a Movie or TV Show? Ask BENlabs: Video Transcript

There is a lot of work that goes into physically getting a vehicle onto a television show or a movie. BENlabs maintains four fleets of vehicles in entertainment hubsL LA, New York, Atlanta, and Vancouver. And those vehicles are constantly ready for productions to utilize them if they need to. 

It’s really important for us to be always ready to provide vehicles if needed because productions work really quickly. 

There was a time where an Apple TV production was shooting a scene at a rocket launchpad and called us and needed a truck that would drive a character onto the launchpad. And they were shooting that afternoon. 

We were able to meet that need and provide that vehicle. If we hadn’t been ready, we would have missed that opportunity both to help the production and to help our client to be involved in that production and to help tell their story through that story.

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