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9 Food & Recipe Content Creators to Watch in 2023

Connecting with the creators who own their niche is a great way for brands to get a warm introduction to an engaged and open audience. In the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space, brands can partner with creators to authentically share products in unskippable content moments, reaching audiences at scale with macro or mega influencers, or to hit a highly targeted demographic by partnering with nano, micro, or mid-tier creators.

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If you’re looking to see a cross section of food and recipe creators who are influential voices in their niche, you’re looking to see some food and recipe creators integrate CPG brands, or if you’re just looking for a little culinary inspo for dinner, these are 9 food and recipe content creators to watch

Nisha Vora: A Vegan Chef of Many Hats

@rainbowplantlife | 781.6k followers as of October 2023

Nisha Vora is a vegan culinary powerhouse and wears many hats. She’s a YouTuber and blogger, cookbook author and a staunch feminist. 

With a passion for creating flavor-packed vegan dishes, she’s a go-to source for vibrant, mouthwatering recipes. Her @rainbowplantlife handle is a testament to her colorful approach to plant-based cooking. Vora’s influence extends far and wide and resonates with anyone looking to incorporate more (or just) plants in their diet.

Erin Chase: Dinner on a Budget

@5dollardinners | 82.2k followers as of October 2023

Five dollar dinners without hitting the fast food value menu? Sign us (and 82K other followers) up. 

Erin Chase hails from Texas, U.S and is the driving force behind 5 Dollar Dinners. Her mission is clear: to help families spend less on groceries without compromising on flavor or nutrition. With a Texan flair, Erin’s quick culinary chops shine as she makes dinner on a dime… or, like, 50 dimes. 

Chase’s content is a great example of marrying a niche while varying format. She focuses on wholesome meals and natural ingredients where possible, ensuring both diets and budgets are balanced. 

In addition to wallet-friendly recipes, Chase offers savvy grocery shopping tips aimed at familkies. Through 5 Dollar Dinners, Erin Chase empowers households to savor delicious, homemade meals without breaking the bank.

Lisa: Farm Fresh Wholesomeness

@farmhouseonboone | 386k followers as of October 2023

Lisa is the creative force behind Farmhouse on Boone, inspiring viewers with her simple and sustainable lifestyle.

As a mother of seven, she shares her journey with a moral throughline of the beauty of intentional living. Through her Instagram account, she shares her expertise on farm-to-table practices, emphasizing whole foods, natural remedies, and handmade creations. 

The imagery she captures of her family’s farm is nothing short of enchanting, offering glimpses into a life rich with rustic recipes, charming home decor, and creative DIY endeavors.

Max Miller: Food with a Side of History

@tastinghistorywithmaxmiller | 207k followers as of October 2023

Max Miller mooshes food and history into content that’s interesting whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or both. Or maybe neither.

Miller dives deep into the past, unearthing the popular, the essential, and the pioneering in food history. This unique perspective offers a rich tapestry of flavors, techniques, and culinary ingenuity from times gone by.

Not only do viewers learn about the food of yesteryear, they also gain a new appreciation of the key role food plays in human civilization… and maybe a new perspective on the abundance that is too easy to take for granted.

Michelle: Gluten Free Genius

@unboundwellness | 251k followers as of October 2023

This culinary magician offers a lifeline for those dealing with or adapting to dietary restrictions. 

Specializing in gluten-free, auto-immune protocol (AIP), and Hashimoto’s-friendly fare, Michelle transforms cooking with restrictions from a challenge into a joy. 

As the creative mind behind the AIP Comfort Food Cookbook, they redefine comfort, proving that restrictive diets don’t have to be boring. Followers will find easy, enjoyable recipes tailored for even the most sensitive stomachs. Michelle’s content and recipes are inclusive and proof-positive that dietary restrictions don’t have to restrict culinary creativity.

Prime example, her recipe for all natural, homemade fruit snacks.

The Sauce Stache Guy: Not so secret sauce

@thesaucestacheguy65.5k followers as of October 2023

This guy is a culinary sensation, captivating audiences on Instagram with his inventive flair for sauces and recipes. With a dedicated following across different social platforms, @thesaucestacheguy has become a go-to for flavor inspiration for over 65K followers.

His Instagram feed is a visual feast with a kaleidoscope of vibrant, plant-based creations and, of course, his signature sauces.

With an ever-growing fanbase, The Sauce Stache Guy has carved a niche in the food world by specializing in sauces; it’s a niche and he owns it.

Bo: A culinary triple threat | 205k followers as of October 2023

Bo, hailing from Leicester, U.K is a triple threat in the culinary world. As a skilled food photographer, plant-based recipe developer, and stylist, she brings a burst of creativity to every dish. 

She creates colorful, plant-based masterpieces on Instagram and in her Eat the Rainbow cookbook. With a clear sweet tooth, Bo creates healthier, vegan takes of beloved dessert classics and more. Her culinary journey is a testament to the boundless possibilities of plant-based cooking.

Nick Makrides: What’s for dessert?

@thescranline | 527k followers as of October 2023

Nick makes show-stopping desserts and effortless weekday recipes and shares them with his over .5m followers and on his website. Both are a treasure trove of culinary wonders. 

Nick’s creations look great and, as anyone who’s tried one of his recipes can attest, taste great too. His food photography chops bring it all to life.

Whether audiences are looking for an indulgent dessert or a quick, flavorful weekday dish, Nick Makrides, @thescranline, delivers the goods.

Tye Sule: A rising culinary star

@tyesule | 147k followers as of October 2023

Tye Sule is a 22-year-old pastry and chocolate virtuoso from Dallas, TX, U.S. Sharing his original cake decorating designs, Tye is making his mark.

Recently featured on Good Morning America, he’s an up-and-comer in the culinary world.  

He doesn’t just share his artistry, he also teaches and inspires others to follow their own culinary dreams.

In a dynamic culinary landscape, these are ten food and recipe content creators who are making an impact in 2023.

Whether it’s cutting edge cuisine, plant-based inspiration, tried-and-true comfort food, easy weeknight recipes, or incredible desserts, these creators have each carved out their own slice of the competitive food and recipe niche, developing a devoted follower base in the process.

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