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Going Beyond the Game

Audiences Engage with Sports Content in Every Form

Between the increase in the streaming landscape and the global nature of content, sports fans are getting to see more of what they are passionate about. Commentary shows, docuseries, scripted shows – there’s a format for every sports fan. 


And, for those fans, it’s not just about the game itself – it’s about the camaraderie and the discussion, the stats, and the replays. Everything from football to cricket has its passionate devotees. They don’t just watch the games on TV; they go to the games themselves, follow the commentaries, play fantasy versions, and more.  

Characters from Ted Lasso play on the XBOX

As with other forms of entertainment, viewers are increasingly immune to traditional advertising efforts. Aligning your brand with sports content allows you to build awareness and affinity with consumers while reaching them where they are most passionate. Brands that are seen being included in these shows are getting the benefit of repeat exposure over prolonged periods of time – when all formats are considered, there’s the potential for hours of targeted brand awareness. 


“The appeal of watching sports content on the various streaming platforms is partially from the global nature of it. It has allowed audiences, especially U.S. audiences, to get exposure to sports that are bigger around the world. This provides a unique opportunity for brands to be more intimately involved in the story as opposed to merely having a banner in the field or a logo on a jersey.” – Will Park

Will Park, Vice President, Content Integration

49% of fans will watch sports content any time something interesting is happening – in the world of sports, that’s pretty much all year round. (Source: BEN Sports Viewership Research, June 2002) And it’s not just men – 58% of women say they are also sports fans (Source: Statista, 2022) 


And we can’t forget the increase in scripted programming, such as Ted Lasso on Apple TV, which draws in viewers all over the world. That expansive outreach gives brands the opportunity to be connected to something people are already heavily interested in. Not to mention, how as the area around sports has expanded beyond the sports talk and live games, new audiences are finding other ways to indulge in their love of sports, which gives brands even more opportunities. 


  • Live Sports (games, matches, races, etc.) – 73%
  • Sports Highlight Shows (SportsCenter, etc.) – 45%
  • Sports Talk/Debate Shows (First Take, PTI, Good          Morning Football, etc.) – 32%

Source: BEN Sports Viewership Research, June 2022


  • Streaming services (Peacock, Paramount+,                   Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, etc.) – 51% 
  • Broadcast TV (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC) – 47% 
  • Cable TV (ESPN, TNT, FS1, etc.) – 45% 

Source: BEN Sports Viewership Research, June 2022 

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