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Who to Watch: 5 Fierce Female Creators Lifting Up Fellow Women

Mar 23, 2022 By BEN Influencer Marketing

There’s no shortage of brilliant creators on social media. Standing out is harder than ever. But followers don’t just gravitate towards anyone. Increasingly, they’re giving their attention—social media’s most prized currency—to creators that share unique perspectives, authentic messages, and relatable content.
To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting a few female creators that are doing just that: bringing positivity, realness, and fresh voices to TikTok, Instagram, and other channels.
Meet the five fierce females you need to follow:

Zahraa Berro Sells and Styles Modest Fashion

Follow her at @Zahraa_HBerro
Take it from her 232K followers: Zahraa Berro’s TikTok account is the one-to-watch for hijab tutorials and modest fashion styling tips. As the founder of “Zahraa the Label,” a clothing brand that sells premium hijabs, modest essentials and more, Berro juggles her responsibilities as a mother, entrepreneur, and Muslim with grace and authenticity. 
Berro’s account is a perfect fusion of her personal and professional endeavors. She’s open about challenges, excited about opportunities, and is an absolute pro when it comes to posing on stairs.

Mikayla Nogueira Tells it Like it Is With Makeup and Mental Health

Follow her at @MikaylaNogueira
What started as a pandemic project for Mikayla Nogueira has rapidly grown into a community of over 10.5 million followers captivated by her bold makeup transformations, hot takes, and genuine commitment to her audience. She’s open about how makeup saved her from her mental health challenges, and she hopes it can do the same for others, too. In her own words, she hopes her followers can “find the confidence to walk outside in bright blue eyeshadow if it makes them feel good.” 
From reviewing Sephora hauls on her Instagram channel, @mikaylajmakeup, to candid reactions to a blush that smells like strawberries, Nogueira has no filter, and viewers love her for it. 

Kay Akpan Empowers Women to Live Differently

Follow her at @themomtrotter
Kay Akpan is a mother, entrepreneur, and travel enthusiast who lives with her husband and eight-year-old son in an RV. The family is currently traveling throughout the United States but, to date, they have traveled to more than 36 countries.
As a self-identified “digital nomad,” Akpan’s mission is to empower her 1.6M TikTok followers to pursue an alternate way of living. From talking about finances and the home economics of living on the road, to discussing parenting and how she homeschools her son Aiden, Akpan proudly shares the good and the bad. Her key message? There’s no single, right way to live—being different is always an option.

Jay-Ann Lopez Shares Resources, Creates Community for Female Gamers

Follow her at @theblackgirlgamers
As CEO and founder of Black Girl Gamers, a safe and supportive online community for Black women in gaming, Jay-Ann Lopez is using her influence for good. With over 14K followers, the organization’s Instagram page features female gamers, shares networking opportunities, and offers other resources. 
Lopez’s work in advocating for diversity and inclusion in gaming has already garnered several awards. Companies like Twitter, Unilever, Wellcome Collection, Facebook, and Microsoft all have invited her to speak about how companies can help make positive changes to gaming culture.
Just recently, she has also co-founded @curltureuk, an Instagram account devoted to helping Black women embrace their natural hair. It’s currently almost 50K followers strong.

Carla Rockmore Is a Fierce Leader For Her Followers

Follow her at @carlarockmore
Carla Rockmore may very well be TikTok’s “real-life Carrie Bradshaw.” Her channel, she writes, is all about “celebrating the self-expression of 50+ through fashion, fun, & fierceness.” 
Her 1.1M TikTok followers and 103K Instagram fans tune in as she discusses which glasses suit each face shape, highlights workout routines that benefit mental health, and puts together outfits for all occasions. From her two-story closet, Carla offers tips for styling oversized shirts, freshening makeup mid-day, and pulling off statement pieces, even with a minimalist look

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