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Influencer Marketing is a Full-Funnel Strategy

Apr 28, 2022 By BEN Influencer Team

With so much of marketing and sales now happening on the internet, the entire marketing funnel—which often used to include salespeople or in-store employees—also often happens entirely online. Digital interactions must be the opener and the closer. Email, for example, started as an experimental marketing platform, just like any new broad communication technology, but has evolved into a highly sophisticated full-funnel marketing tool.

The same way email evolved, so too has influencer marketing. What was once a fringe marketing tactic is now a full-blown, full-funnel strategy, where brand messages and product content can be targeted at specific levels of the funnel, and the resulting ROI can not only be measured precisely, but also predicted ahead of time with AI.

In BEN’s new whitepaper, “The CMO’s Guide to Full-Funnel Influencer Marketing,” we explore why marketers must think about influencer marketing as a full-funnel strategy to reach new, highly targeted audiences in authentic ways. As so many marketing channels like banner ads and TV continue to lose their effectiveness, influencer marketing is a measurable, reliable and effective way to fill the gap. It is no longer just an experiment or general awareness tactic, it’s the answer marketers are looking for to build new audiences and grow revenue in a world of marketing that’s changing faster than ever.

Yes, Influencer Marketing is a Full-Funnel Strategy

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