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BEN’s Product Placement is the recognized global leader. With over 40 years of experience, exclusive relationships with the Producers Guild of America and productions around the world, and industry-leading AI technology, BEN’s story-driven placements help brands more effectively connect with their consumers.

Reach the Unreachable

With ad skipping and avoidance at all-time highs, getting inside of the world’s TV shows, films, streaming content and music videos helps brands create deeper connections with audiences that ads can’t reach, driving both brand affinity and sales.

The BEN Difference

Build Brand Salience

Branded moments that live inside of content build relevant relationships with ad-avoiding customers and make your brand part of the cultural conversation.

Drive Tangible Results

Transparent reporting and industry-leading measurement allow you to track ROI based on brand lift, sales attribution or even integration into your existing mix model.

Deliver at Scale

Coverage in every major production hub and founding partnership with the Property Masters Guild allows unique worldwide access to any location, studio or platform.

Backed by Guarantees

All of BEN’s campaigns are backed by CPM or impressions guarantees, ensuring that you will always reach or exceed your target metrics.

Core Offerings

BEN gives you a variety of opportunities to drive brand preference through entertainment marketing. Leverage the emotional connection audiences have to their favorite characters across Scripted & Unscripted content. Create brand-driven segments that appeal to mass audiences through Daytime & Late Night TV. Engage consumers with the hottest content in Music via music videos, tours, and lyric integrations. Or use Partnerships & Promotions to amplify brand storytelling opportunities with experiential, co-branded promotions or social and digital activations.

Technology That Gives Your Brand An Edge

Custom-built AI identifies the best content opportunities to reach any brand audience around the world. And unmatched reporting solutions set the standard for measuring the effectiveness of brand integrations across TV, film, and music video.

How Product Placement Drives Stories Forward

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