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Case Study: Durex

When Stars Align: Durex and Lil Nas X

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Client Location

New Jersey, USA

Campaign platform

Instagram, YouTube

Campaign snapshot

YouTube Views in First Five Days




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The big question

How Did Durex Make a Massive Impact with One Social Post?

The background

Hitting All the Right Notes

Durex, a leader in the UK and European condom markets, was looking to increase market awareness while centering its identity on embracing sexual fluidity and appealing to an audience that explicitly includes the LGBTQ community. 

Durex had been in talks with BENlabs for months to find opportunities at the intersection of fashion, music, pop culture, and the LGBTQ community to appeal to an audience of Gen Z and younger millennials. 

American rapper Lil Nas X is a public figure known to defy gender norms, authentically expressing his sexuality. BENlabs leveraged its connections with talent and music labels to nudge the stars into alignment. 

When the rapper’s label approached BENlabs with an opportunity for a customized integration in Lil Nas X’s “That’s What I Want” video, BENlabs knew this was the moment Durex had been waiting for to showcase its brand values while reaching its key audiences.

The creative

Supporting Artists, Supporting Brands

Artists often look to BENlabs for brand support. The label representing Lil Nas X approached BENlabs with an opportunity for a customized integration in Lil Nas X’s “That’s What I Want” video, BENlabs knew this was the opportunity Durex had been looking for to showcase its brand values while reaching key audiences.

With September being Sexual Health Awareness month and the month Lil Nas X was set to drop his upcoming music video, the social collaboration made perfect sense.

BENlabs knew that Lil Nas X could create a huge social impact and momentum, raising awareness for the month with authentic, custom social content centered around inclusive and safe sex.

Play Video

The initial idea was to feature a Durex condom box in a locker and a wrapper on the floor. Lil Nas X wanted to showcase the product in his own way: he decided to rip the condom package open with his teeth at a key point in the video. This created a memorable moment in the “That’s What I Want” music video, both for the artist and for the Durex brand.

The Results

A Hit Maker

On social media, the campaign was a knockout. Lil Nas X’s Durex Instagram post received 2 million likes—more than any other post on his album release day. It achieved more than 6 million organic social impressions in the first week and a 77% positive response rate. The campaign resulted in earned media coverage and PR, including a tweet from Andy Cohen that mentioned Durex. 

More to the point, BENlabs post-campaign research found that 74% of viewers aged 18 to 24 stated that they would consider buying Durex the next time they shop for a condom after seeing Lil Nas X’s “That’s What I Want” video.

In bringing Durex and Lil Nas X together, BENlabs facilitated a campaign that was effective and impactful, built on the trust that BENlabs could find the right moment for the brand to organically align with the perfect artist and creator.

The Takeaway

Be Prepared to Go Big

While this opportunity came together quickly, it didn’t happen overnight.

Lil Nas X’s upcoming music video was a perfect opportunity and a natural fit for the Durex brand. However, with the filming schedule already set, we didn’t have the luxury of time.

Durex pivoted from its long-term strategy planning to prioritize integration with Lil Nas X. Within 24 hours, the Durex team got the necessary approvals and gave BENlabs the green light to proceed.

BENlabs’ insights and expertise gave Durex the confidence needed to go big on one perfectly aligned opportunity with a major artist. 

The result was a very memorable brand moment, perfectly aligned to Durex brand values, showcasing Durex authentically in a smash video and on social media.

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