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Case Study: Omnilux

Omnilux LED Light Therapy Shines in the Spotlight

About Omnilux

Omnilux is trusted by more than 5,000 dermatologists and aesthetic offices all around the world to treat fine lines and wrinkles, redness, pigmentation, discoloration, acne, and many other skin complaints. With its Clear and Contour face masks, Omnilux brings the clinically proven results of red/near-infrared/blue LED light therapy out of the dermatologist’s office and into homes. 

Client Location

Napa, CA, USA

Campaign platform

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook

Campaign snapshot

Peak CAC decrease


Blended CAC decrease


Return on ad spend (ROAS)






CTR across top verticals

The big question

How do you shortcut skepticism when your product is a considered buy, not an impulse purchase?

Omnilux is a skincare originator with its LED light therapy skincare masks. These clinically proven, dermatologist-approved masks stimulate the body’s own natural cellular healing responses using red/near-infrared (Contour) and blue/red (Clear) LEDs. The idea is backed by 20 years of continuous research. Users report amazing results with before and after pics to prove the point. 

10 minutes a day results in firmer, clearer, happier skin, reduced redness and blemishes, and welcome compliments like “you look great, did you have something done?!” 

The catch is, you really have to experience the product and see the results for yourself to get it. And this is a premium product; not your typical impulse buy.

So the question becomes: how do you get people into the awareness phase, past the skeptic phase and into the “you look great, did you have something done?!” post-purchase phase, all while driving down customer acquisition cost (CAC)?

The background

At Face Value

Omnilux tapped BENlabs to build out a brand ambassador program to shortcut skepticism by going straight from introduction to social proof.

CAC had been a major hurdle before Omnilux partnered with BENlabs. CAC, therefore, becomes the biggest single metric for success. 

Education is a big part of the customer journey for an innovative skincare product, and educating can be expensive. The trick, then, is to quickly work past skepticism, taking prospects from awareness to informed purchase. And to do that faster, all while lowering cost per conversion (CPC).

To do this, BENlabs AI shortlisted creators from a proprietary database of over 13 million content creator influencers. AI stack ranked creators based on how well they aligned to Omnilux core values and how authentically they could deliver the Omnilux message to their followers. 

The BENlabs team put BENlabs AI to work and helped Omnilix max out in the obvious verticals including:

  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Mom lifestyle
  • Female lifestyle

At the same time, BENlabs AI identified some less obvious but, algorithmically-speaking, super-receptive verticals to deliver smart scale and maximum impact to help. These verticals performed well and unlocked the scale the campaign needed. Those highly receptive but less expected audiences include: 

  • Interior design
  • Fashion
  • Crafting and DIY
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The AI


BENlabs AI helps to make every campaign a success and it gets even smarter with every single engagement.

Here’s how BENlabs proprietary AI helped Omnilux reach receptive audiences at scale, building out a brand ambassador strategy that turned audiences into Omnilux owners, followers and fans of the brand.


Mining a proprietary and ever-growing database of more than 13 million qualified, verified content creator influencers, BENlabs AI surfaces and stack ranks creators that don’t just speak the Omnilux target audience’s language, they align beautifully with brand values and ideals. The result is authentic content that converts, because it comes from engaged brand ambassador creators.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics looks into the future to predict campaign outcomes. As this is a long-term brand ambassador campaign, BENlabs deep learning AI learns more at every stage and with every A/B test. The result is a custom learning algorithm specific to Omnilux that increases predictive accuracy for subsequent creative and creators even further. Both organic and paid.

Smart Clustering

BENlabs Smart Clustering AI provides a clear path to scale. BENlabs AI identifies online “neighborhoods” where ideal Omnilux prospects spend their time and attention. These neighborhoods go past the obvious verticals to scale paid and organic reach while ensuring Omnilux messages stand out from the crowd.

A/B Autopilot

A/B Autopilot taps the power of BENlabs AI to present practically unlimited combinations of content, copy, and CTA. With the power of machine learning, Smart A/B quickly identifies winning content/copy/cta combos to maximize reach on high-performing combinations. The result: a peak 408% decrease in CAC, helping to drive a 215% decrease in blended CAC.


Sharing Product Benefits in Authentic Self Care Moments

Tapping into International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, National Self Care Day, Black Friday, and other tentpole moments, content creators were invited to become brand ambassadors. As brand ambassadors, these creators can share the benefits of Omnilux Clear and Omnilux LED light therapy skincare with their own audiences in a way that feels authentic.

Static assets, 15s, 30s and boomerang videos were created, sharing self-care moments and visible before and after results.

Core creator self care messages share that 10 minutes a day is all that’s required to see the benefits of Omnilux clinically proven LED light skincare therapy. These messages are supported with a 10% off offer and with paid creative.

35 creators including @whitneys_wonderland, @embracingfifty, @beautyspock, and @alyciamarie created more than 80 pieces of content sharing authentic opinions and their own Omnilux selfcare moments in static and video assets. Top-performing organic content is supported and boosted further with paid efforts.

The results

Before and After

Audiences respond to trusted content creators sharing their authentic self care moments and as such, are open to hear their insights and learnings about the Omnilux Clear and Omnilux Contour masks. 

Creators turned brand ambassadors continue to share the proven clinical benefits of medical-grade LED light therapy. The fact that it only takes 10 minutes a day to see results helps lower the barrier to entry for would-be Omnilux customers.

Content creator influencer messages ladder up to an authentic and ongoing self care key message and a measurable surge of interest from audiences is the result. 

With BENlabs AI continually optimizing creative and presentation and learning even more along the way, Omnilux continues to see results in the form of brand awareness, conversions and an ever-decreasing CAC.

All the while, BENlabs AI continuously optimizes campaigns and creative, and learns even more with each engagement. 

Over 180 pieces of content have driven more than 16M impressions, over 16K clicks and closing in on 15K conversions.

All the while, CAC saw an over 400% decrease in the best month (so far), which helped to drive to a 215% decrease in CAC overall for the campaign.

Omnilux Image Gallery
The takeaway

Influence Helps an Innovative Product Shortcut Trust

Partnering with a carefully curated selection of content creator influencers allowed Omnilux to shortcut skepticism and jump to trust. 

By tapping the trust selected content creators have with their audiences — and with BENlabs AI identifying opportunities beyond the obvious health and beauty categories — Omnilux has been able to get straight to the point with prospects. 

Instead of spending time, energy, and capital educating prospects on the benefits of LED light therapy skincare, Omnilux brand ambassadors get viewers past skepticism and into the interest phase.

Content creators become brand ambassadors and in turn give their audiences a warm introduction to Omnilux. Because they have their audiences’ attention, they’re able to share the benefits of LED light therapy skincare in authentic self care messaging.

And all the while, BENlabs AI continuously learns from each campaign and conversion to drive better and better results for the brand.

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