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Do Good Points Activates Charitable Influencer Campaigns with BENlabs AI

About Do Good Points

Do Good Points is a longtime BENlabs partner and bridges the gap between nonprofits and individuals seeking to make a difference in the world. It unlocks modern tech tools for charities and other nonprofits, empowering them to tap the power of content creators and influencers to make a difference. Founded on the idea that people have a desire to do good but they often don’t know where to start or how their donations will be used, Do Good Points highlights transparency and accountability.

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The big question

How Does a Nonprofit Tap The Power of AI and Influence to Bring Fundraising into the Modern Age?

The background

Empowering Creators and Audiences to Do Good

Do Good Points works with BENlabs, our AI tools and a creator community 13+ million strong to tap content creators’ desire to do good, and using these creators’ influence to spur others in their audience to do the same.

By connecting nonprofits with the platform and expertise to field effective P2P fundraising campaigns online, and working with BENlabs to activate aligned content creators who can incite their audience to action for a worthy cause, Do Good Points gamifies charitable donations and makes a real difference for nonprofits.

Connecting charitable efforts with corporate donors who will match individual donations helps maximize program impact and helps individual donors to see just how their contributions can make a real difference for the causes they care about.

For brands looking to make an impact in cause marketing, these charitable initiatives are an opportunity to show support for a cause that aligns with their values, and can include exclusive logo placements, social posts, creator shout-outs, prize give-aways, and much more.

BENlabs and Do Good Points worked together on numerous campaigns in 2022 raising awareness and donations around Ukraine relief, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Pride Month, animal welfare, mental health awareness, and many more. 

In the 2022 holiday season, Do Good Points and BENlabs teamed up again on the Creators for Good campaign.

The AI

Building Smart Connections Between Donors and Causes

Working with Do Good Points, nonprofits get the full suite of BENlabs AI capabilities to connect potential donors with the causes they care about. Here’s how BENlabs AI helped Do Good Points connect with audiences to drive the micro donations that are the lifeblood of a successful charitable campaign. 

Smart Creator Matching

BENlabs AI applies the same creator/brand matching algorithms used to match for-profit organizations to help nonprofits find the content creators that align perfectly with their cause and mission. Given that content creators will often sign on to bring awareness to the causes that are close to their hearts without asking for compensation, this alignment is never more important than in charitable applications.

Smart Targeting

Donor fatigue is real. Finding new, receptive audiences is key for any charitable program. BENlabs Smart Targeting AI tools help Do Good Points unlock true audience intelligence, identifying the untapped but receptive new audiences who are open to discover a worthy cause via their favorite content creators and who, according to the data, are predisposed to take action around that cause. 

Predictive Analytics 

BENlabs AI Predictive Analytics is a powerful tool that provides brands — including non–profits — an accurate picture of how their creator influencer campaigns will drive KPIs. BENlabs AI tools provide this clear picture, de-risking time and capital outlay required to field a P2P fundraising campaign, including accurately predicting total campaign donation amounts and the level of charitable donations an individual creator will bring in. 


Doing Good for the Holidays

For the Creators for Good holiday event, BENlabs and Do Good Points made a platform for creators to host their own fundraising events around the causes that mattered to them personally.

BENlabs activated over 300 creators who selflessly turned their regular streaming activity over to support their chosen cause, driving viewers to show their appreciation by donating to their chosen cause the same way they’d typically support the creators themselves. 

Creators didn’t disappoint, teaming up to pull together seven distinct Twitch streaming events under the Creators for Good banner. 

Virtuous Shenanigans 

Speedrun Showdown

Gift of Life


Souls Winterfest


Holiday Food Drive

Creators including SmallAnt, fruitberries, PeteZahHutt, Seapeekay, Valarman streamed for a total of almost 1,500 hours.

Streamlabs, which gives creators all the tools they need to stream and engage their audience on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, powered creator streaming across the various events. Streamlabs also offers its services with 0 fees for nonprofits and it takes 0 in commissions for charitable donations via Streamlabs Charity.

The results

Great Results for a Variety of Good Causes

Creators for Good streaming events pulled in an average concurrent viewership of over 100K, with a total CCV of nearly 473K and over 5M stream for a total of 472,382 hours viewed across their audiences’ favorite games including Elden Ring, Overwatch 2, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Pokèmon, Mario Maker, and more. 

With their favorite creators spurring them to action, viewers opened their wallets to support the causes creators chose with over 5,000 individuals donating across the seven distinct livestream events held by over 300 aligned streamers, carefully selected by BENlabs AI.

Streamlabs came in clutch, matching total donations on many streams, boosting the total raised for creator-selected causes to over $63K.

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The takeaway

Nonprofits Can Tap For-Profit Content Creator Tactics

As media consumption habits change, nonprofits need to change how they fundraise too. Through Do Good Points, in partnership with BENlabs, nonprofit organizations can access the same AI tools and influencer marketing tactics that for-profit organizations use to great effect.

While garnering donations will always be the primary goal of a charitable campaign, people need to be made aware of a charity before they can choose to support it. Nonprofits can build awareness and affinity for their cause by working with aligned content creators and getting a warm introduction to those creators’ audiences. 

By pairing this awareness and affinity building with a direct donation drive — especially one that offers donation matching from a corporate partner — nonprofits can maximize their impact and raise the money they need to make a real difference for their chosen cause.

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