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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Celebrating BENlabs Standout Campaigns

Women dominate the world of influencer marketing. They are the influencers and the audience. They make up 84% of paid creators on Instagram and 86% of the purchasing power. Even beyond traditionally women-led industries like beauty and fashion, these influencers are making inroads in traditionally male-dominated sectors. But there’s still work to do in certain industries. While women make up nearly half of all U.S. gamers, they only represent 5% of the top 1,000 gaming creators

Women are a force to be reckoned with, and BENlabs is committed to connecting content creators and brands in meaningful partnerships where both shine. This Women’s History Month, we’re honoring some of our recent work with women creators, women brand leaders and women founders. These exceptional campaigns from the past year show how women are at the forefront of influencer creativity.

4Sisters Rice

Content: Five unique videos

Engagements: 115k+ likes, clicks, comments

4Sisters Rice is a small brand with a big impact. A women-owned family business, the Louisiana rice farm prioritizes organic and natural products, sustainable and traceable growing practices, and leaving a positive mark on the environment. When the brand decided to bring their organic white rice to Sam’s Club and take the beloved product nationwide, they looked to content creator influencers to give them a warm introduction. 

BENlabs helped 4Sisters Rice find five micro and mid-tier creators in their target audience: Family-oriented women. Each creator took a unique approach to promote the product, using the rice in their favorite recipes and sharing to TikTok or Instagram Stories. For example, WhatsGabyCookin, a food creator on TikTok, shared her rice recipe as a quick meal she makes for her family on busy days. 

The alignment of the family-focused creators and the family-owned brand ensured the sponsored social content resonated with audiences. At the end of every video, creators urged viewers to purchase the rice for themselves at their local Sam’s Club—delivering meaningful results for 4Sisters Rice in their partnership debut.

Mariam is a TikTok food creator who shared 4Sisters Rice as part of her One Pot Chicken & Rice recipe.

Blizzard Entertainment

Content: 300 streams and 700 hours of streaming gameplay

Engagements: 5M concurrent views on Twitch,121k+ clicks

In October 2022, Blizzard Entertainment, one of the world’s leading video game developers, released the long-awaited follow-up to its wildly successful Overwatch. Given the hype, Blizzard wanted to ensure the free-to-play game earned a spot in Twitch’s Top 5. They entrusted BENlabs to lead collaborations with gaming creators and bring Overwatch 2 into the world. 

Blizzard tapped several creators—including notable women on Twitch like Kyedae, LuluLovely, and Nadia. Women gamers achieved some of the highest viewership. In fact, AriGameplays, who only streamed twice during the campaign, secured recognition as a top performer. Her sponsored streams over-delivered on views by as much as 139%.

The massive campaign comprised 300 unique streams generating approximately 700 hours of streamed gameplay. Its success is a hallmark example of the promise of women creators—especially in traditionally male-dominated industries like gaming. Though partnering with women in the gaming vertical might be considered unexpected or even risky, the decision has massive potential to pay off.

Kyedae, LuluLovely, AriGameplays, and Nadia (from left) are some of our favorite women creators who participated in the Overwatch 2 campaign.


Content: 36 TikTok videos

Engagement: 7.03% engagement across over 4.4M views 

2022 was a big year for Bloomingdale’s as it celebrated 150 years of luxury fashion. To honor the milestone, Bloomingdale’s partnered with some of their top designers including Sandro, Marc Jacobs, and Tory Burch to create exclusive clothing and accessories. The celebrated brand then selected nine female TikTokers to highlight the new exclusive designer lines.

These fashion creators incorporated the 150th Anniversary exclusives into four sponsored videos each, putting their own unique spin to create authentic content their audiences would respond to. One creator asked her followers for help styling her new sweater, while another showed off some new outfits in her own personal style.

The campaign racked up more than 4.4 million views, all while achieving a click through rate 0.4% higher than the industry benchmark. Bloomingdale’s key to success was collaborating with women who had already captured the attention of the aspiring fashion icons they hoped to reach and then trusting these creators to know how to authentically engage their audience.

New York-based fashion creator Kelsey Barberio had the top performing content for Bloomingdale’s 150th Anniversary campaign.


Content: 21 unique videos

Engagement: 9.3M views and 4.04% engagement

For more than 30 years, KISS has brought professional-quality beauty out of the salon and into your home. Their latest release, a new line of lashes called the Muses Collection, was no different.

This was a really big moment for KISS, and they knew it. To that end, the company partnered with a group of mid-tier, macro, and mega influencers to better connect with its broad audience. The diverse range of creators produced authentic content across platforms—including videos, Reels, and Stories for Instagram and TikTok—to highlight the new collection. 

The content amassed over 9M views across TikTok and Instagram, achieving an impressive 4% engagement rate creating awareness and hype for this exciting new KISS collection.

XOXOEMIRA’s video had the highest engagement rate of the campaign TikTok.

Raw Sugar

Content: 6 posts to date

Engagement: Ongoing

Raw Sugar is a company led by women, for women. Co-founder and CMO Donda Mullis is leading the charge on delivering clean beauty products that are easy on the earth and the body. The brand set a goal to make its natural products more accessible to a wider audience—particularly families—and tasked BENlabs to run an influencer campaign shining light on some of its most unique products. 

The company anchored its campaign with a Walmart collaboration and invited family-focused creators like Joy Green and Mely Cruz to promote the partnership authentically with their audiences. Each creator was a natural fit for the campaign, since they make content for families on a regular basis. 

Creators showcased how they use their favorite Raw Sugar products to practice self-care for themselves or their kids. While Raw Sugar’s campaign is still ongoing, the content quickly broke the 100K views mark. A women-owned brand working with women to reach women audiences; it’s a match made in heaven.

A range of micro and mid-tier influencers shared their favorite Raw Sugar products on their channels. (clockwise from top left: Heather McPherson, joyfullygreen, Kyra Knox, allthingsmely, iamdr.ross)

Women in the driver’s seat

These creator-led campaigns are just a few examples of the exceptional work we’ve seen partnering with talented women. As leaders in influencer marketing, women are an invaluable part of any successful brand campaign—no matter the industry. Their influence shouldn’t be ignored and they can be the missing key needed to take your campaign to the next level.

This Women’s History Month and beyond, BENlabs is always ready to partner with women influencers and women-owned brands in search of success. Join us.

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