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How AI is Changing the Landscape of Video Production

AI (artificial intelligence) may not be out for our jobs but the people who know how to use AI to its best advantage definitely have a leg up in the job market.


So how will pursuits that are both artistic and technical fare as AI makes deeper and deeper inroads? Jobs like video production?


Video production, like many other industries, is being transformed. AI is changing how video is created and viewed, from automatic video editing to AI-generated content. But how precisely does AI affect video, and will AI ever produce totally artificial video? Let’s take a look.

AI video editing

Automated video editing is one of the main ways artificial intelligence is transforming the video production industry. Video editors can save time and effort by using AI-powered tools that analyze footage and automatically cut it into a coherent end result. The process can be further streamlined by using AI tools to comb through video and highlight the greatest moments to include in the final cut.

AI generated content

Motion capture has already advanced sufficiently that real-time video “deep fakes” are possible. While video content generated entirely by AI is still a way off, AI-powered systems can analyze data and produce video content assembled from existing footage based on predetermined criteria, such as the length and style that the user desires. It’s possible to create video quickly and to good effect.

Personalized video recommendations

This one is already happening en masse. We call it “The Algorithm” and every YouTuber or social media maven tries to figure out how to get The Algorithm to see and suggest their content. Every Netflix or other streaming video user gets recommendations based on what they’ve watched and reacted to in the past. 


AI-driven personalized video recommendations have changed how video is presented and viewed. This increases user interaction with video platforms and helps people to find new content they might not have otherwise.

AI captioning

Captioning video makes content more accessible. Writing out captions is an onerous job. AI steps in and does a good job of creating captions for motion content. It can’t match human transcriptionists for accuracy or context and AI is not yet up to the task of described video. Still, AI captioning is powerful, especially when it can caption live streaming video. Which, of course, it can.

Enhancing video quality

AI is also being used to enhance video quality. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems can examine video footage and detect blurry or distorted areas, enabling automatic correction to enhance the video’s overall quality. A neat trick that even the best human editors might not be up to.


From automatic video editing and AI-generated content to individualized video recommendations and automated video captioning, AI is transforming the world of video production in ways both subtle and complete.


While AI is undoubtedly having an impact on video (among many other specialties), a video generated entirely by AI — one that isn’t laughably obvious at least — is a long way off. 


While AI can undoubtedly help video producers and even enhance the quality of video, human creators are still needed for the creative aspects of video production. And will continue to be so.

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