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What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is like autopilot: smart and helpful but not to be completely relied upon unless you want to crash and burn.


We’re not saying marketing automation is unreliable. Rather, we’re saying that it’s a tool to support humans, not a replacement for them.

What is marketing automation

Marketing automation is using software and technology to… automate marketing. For example, we as marketers can set up processes for things like email campaigns and social media ads, form fills and so on such that a given user action triggers a given system action automatically. 


Automating marketing processes allows businesses to streamline, measure, and optimize their efforts, freeing marketers to focus on other tasks.

Benefits of marketing automation

One of the main benefits of marketing automation is the ability to send personalized, targeted communications to customers and prospects at scale. Using customer data, such as demographics, behavior, and preferences, we marketers can segment audiences and deliver customized content.


In addition to tailoring efforts based on customer type, marketing automation also allows businesses to automate and optimize lead generation nurturing efforts. Using forms, landing pages, and calls-to-action, businesses can capture leads and move them through the sales funnel more efficiently. 


Using marketing automation tools, marketers can track and analyze performance by campaign and customer type, providing valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not.

The potential of marketing automation

Marketing automation revolutionizes the way businesses approach marketing and customer engagement. By getting computers to do the repetitive tasks and focusing on personalized, data-driven campaigns, marketers are freed to think more about the why of the effort over the how.


Marketing automation is not a replacement for human involvement. It can streamline and optimize tasks and even make recommendations. It’s essential for marketers to have a strong understanding of their audience and to find ways to connect with them on a personal level.


Marketing automation is powerful and can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing efforts. That said, it should be used in conjunction with a well-defined strategy and always looked at through the lens of customer experience.


In short, by streamlining repetitive tasks, providing personalized communications, and enabling data-driven decision making, marketing automation can help businesses more effectively reach and engage with their target audience with their messages.


And isn’t that what it’s all about?

BENlabs can help

BENlabs smart creator pairing and predictive analytics take marketing automation to the next level. We can simplify every step of the influence marketing process and promise real results and ROI. This deep learning AI approach unlocks high-performing influencer marketing at scale. Let’s talk.

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