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Influencer Performance,
Guaranteed Marketing ROI

Drive Direct Sales and Conversions Through Influencers

Not all views are created equal.  With more content out there than ever before, our performance marketing solution guarantees the results your brand needs.  Beyond views and engagements, our custom AI models drive direct, attributable clicks and conversions for your campaigns.


Guaranteed ROI on Spend

Plans based on your business.  We guarantee the ROI based on mutually agreeable, data-driven CPAs, CPLs, and/or CPCs.

Pricing that Matches You

We run our programs with the aim to drive real tracked results, and are willing to put our money on that – you get the program AT COST, and we earn our share only as results come in.

Custom Built Algorithms

Our world class AI team builds a model made for your brand and optimizes your campaign over time.

BOT and Brand Safety

Our AI filters creators for you, ensuring your brand works with Brand safe influencers with low bot percentages and real engaged audiences..

Tech Giving Your Brand the Edge

Track your ROI across all your influencer marketing programming. BEN’s AI optimizes your campaign by:

  • Matching your brand with influencers based on audience demographics, interests, propensity to act on your specific brand.
  • Taking it a step further, BEN’s AI predicts the resulting clicks, conversions, and even sales resulting from the program, and removes opportunities that won’t meet your target ROI.
  • Improving performance over time as we customize a model that will optimize the content of the integrations, messaging, creative strategy, and dynamically adjusts with changes in the marketplace.



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