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Pop culture integration builds on overarching Turbo Tax ad campaign story for $440K in media value.

Product Placement

BEN was tasked to build top-of-mind awareness around TurboTax during the lead up to tax season.


The BEN team was challenged to build top-of-mind awareness around TurboTax by integrating the brand into pop culture, creating an extension of TurboTax’s Superbowl ads that features the re-telling of Humpty Dumpty with TurboTax as the hero.


The BEN team partnered with Jimmy Kimmel Live! to create a custom segment with everyone’s favorite side-kick, Guillermo, starring as “Humpty Dumpty”. The segment was a continuation of Humpy Dumpty’s story, picking up where Turbo Tax’s Superbowl Ad left off. Humpty is recovering from his fall and learns that he can write off his hospital bills by video chatting with a TurboTax representative.


The segment successfully integrated TurboTax into pop culture, while continuing the overarching Humpty Dumpty story. It garnered 10.8M impressions, giving it a media value of $440,000. The segment also created a common thread throughout TurboTax’s marketing initiatives this tax season.

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