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Mastering the Art of Engagement: Insights from MrBeast’s YouTube Strategy

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, staying ahead means learning from the best. MrBeast, a YouTube phenomenon, has revolutionized content creation, offering invaluable lessons for marketers. In this post, we’ll explore MrBeast marketing strategies to understand how to maximize engagement and success on YouTube.

The lessons are pulled from our very own CEO Ricky Ray Butler’s conversation with Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast.

1. Content is King: Quality Over Quantity

MrBeast’s meteoric rise is a testament to the power of high-quality content. He doesn’t just rely on the YouTube algorithm; his focus is on creating videos that captivate and retain his audience.

For marketers, this underscores the necessity of investing in content quality over quantity. Crafting videos that resonate with your audience will naturally drive traffic and engagement.

2. Go Big or Go Home: Leveraging Scale and Resources

One notable aspect of MrBeast’s approach is his willingness to invest in large-scale productions. While not every brand has the resources to recreate a ‘Squid Game’, the principle remains relevant: leveraging your unique resources can make your content stand out. It’s about finding that sweet spot where your brand’s capabilities meet innovative ideas.

MrBeast marketing strategy lessons

3. Partnering for Success: Monetization and Brand Collaborations

MrBeast’s success with brand deals highlights a key strategy in YouTube marketing: partnerships. Collaborating with brands not only provides a revenue stream but also enhances content quality and reach.

It’s a symbiotic relationship where both the creator and the brand benefit from each other’s audience.

4. Innovate to Captivate: Originality in Content Creation

Originality is MrBeast’s hallmark. His unique content sets a benchmark for creativity in the YouTube space. For marketers, this means thinking outside the box and experimenting with new ideas. It’s not just about following trends but about setting them.

Conclusion: Embracing the MrBeast Marketing Strategy Approach

MrBeast’s strategies offer a roadmap for marketers aiming to excel on YouTube. From investing in quality content and large-scale projects to forming strategic brand partnerships and fostering originality, his approach is a masterclass in engagement and innovation.

By adopting these strategies, marketers can create a more impactful presence on YouTube, resonating with audiences in a way that drives both engagement and results.

Remember, the key is not to imitate but to innovate, using these insights as a springboard for your unique marketing journey.


your videos suck you think your videos are good but they suck you know they just do the sooner you learn how to make good great videos that people actually want to watch the student you’ll get views [Music] what is up everybody my name is Ricky and welcome back to creative disruption this is my co-host Daryl and today should be an amazing episode uh take it away Daryl Daryl was fired and I’m Ricky by the way welcome everyone again super excited to have Jimmy on a lot has happened Jimmy since you’ve been on you know what was


it like two years ago a little over two years yep yeah before this we were looking I came on here well it felt like 10 years ago but apparently I came on here February 20th 2020 so a little over two years and uh it’s pretty crazy how much stuff has changed since then well I think just our dialogue together has changed significantly because you ex you were exploding at that point um you know people already considered you the goat of YouTube but today um you know you’re way bigger than you were two years ago I think two years ago


you were close to just a little over 10 of the size that you are collectively across your followers today which is I believe over like 260 million um yeah something like that we have like 205 on YouTube and then yeah probably another 100 on everything else yeah yeah pretty crazy no that that that that is amazing and you know it’s it’s one of those things where you know I remember asking you the amount of employees you had and you said oh around a dozen and some contractors um how how many employees do you have


now oh gosh well I mean the thing is certain videos like you know when we recreated squid game like that video alone we had like 150 or no we had 130 just like construction contractors over 200 people worked on that video so it’s like gosh we we pull in a lot of people and even things like there’s a lot of jobs that like I might not own the merge company I work with but still that supplies tons of jobs and this thing I do supplies tons of jobs so there’s also a lot of inadvertent jobs but actual full-time


people is probably somewhere between 800 across like all their Mr Beast companies it’s amazing and and are most of those employees in Greenville um well actually I’ve never had anyone ask me that so our gaming channel is is almost all remote and that has like probably like 25 different people we only have like one person here uh our reaction channel is all remote uh except for like one or two people and there’s like a dozen plus people so no I mean it’s probably 50 50.


honestly well I’ll say this I I you know I think you know we’ve chatted before where I was very impressed with certain YouTubers a couple years ago of having a bunch of employees you know having their own little Studios but um going to North Carolina and checking out all the stuff that you’re building just blew my mind um it literally Greenville North Carolina is turning into a like a small Hollywood um you know so to speak I I think I hope you don’t mind me I mean mentioning this but there’s one Studio that has like 40


000 square feet and there’s another new studio that you’re already starting to use that has like over 65 68 000 square feet yeah uh that’s uh what because I’m a big fan of Steve Jobs so we call it Apple Park that’s our our new campus and so yeah we’re building tons of Studio space there because which I probably said this same thing two years ago but one of the biggest bottlenecks for creating large scale videos is just space you know you wouldn’t think that you know it’s um and I think a lot of YouTubers as


they’re scaling up and more people want to be like us and do these big projects they’re going to realize like if you want to upload let’s just say you want to upload every week you know in in these big videos take months to create we’ll just we’ll be conservative and say like two and a half months that means like for you to upload next week you had just been working on that video two and a half months ago on all these other videos so you basically have to be working on like seven or eight videos at


a time uh and if one video takes up you know which most creators most creators don’t even have a warehouse let’s assume you have one here warehouse and one of those videos takes up that entire Warehouse how do you work on the other seven videos you know what I mean like if you do world’s hardest maze and you build Amaze in your Warehouse you still have seven other videos you got to work on so you can upload the next uh seven months and so space becomes a bottleneck really quickly as these projects get


bigger and bigger and bigger and sometimes it’s not an entire video that or one video that takes up your whole studio but you know two or three of them still like the point is you gotta be working on many videos at the same time to be able to upload every week or some people try to upload twice a week and it just yeah um that so that’s where we are and so we have like three or four different Studios currently and we’re always building more because weirdly enough space is a bigger bottleneck than you’d


think how many Acres have you purchased 100 acres surrounding the campus yeah so it’s going to become eventually you know assuming we can remain relevant we can just keep reinvesting going bigger and bigger I’d love to get more YouTubers around me I’d love to just make this giant fairy tale Campus of just content producing machine you know what I mean um and even maybe have an incubator or places where other people can come into film videos as well as more people come in locally and um yeah it’s crazy man just the


difference building are like I said Apple Park my giant Warehouse has made is insane because we can you know that thing like you said it’s like 50 000 square feet of um Studio space and then like another 10 20 000 of office space and with that studio space we can just work on like two or three videos in there at the same time uh and it’s just been great in 10 years from now I’m not going to be surprised if you have your own Disneyland to be frank no I mean that’s the goal the stuff that you were accomplishing I


think most creators don’t even imagine accomplishing right now um you’ve taken it to that level and I would say in addition to that you know very you know let’s say eye functioning production companies that do let’s say reality TV or unscripted um I don’t think they you know even process the the I guess the yeah the nut that you’ve cracked when it comes to Logistics and operations to have all these projects happening at this level at the same time but to also have as quick of a gestation period where you


have a quick turnaround where you know yeah you do something that takes a lot of resources a lot of people and and you turn around in just a month or two months it’s hard it’s really hard people underestimate how hard this stuff is um yeah I mean you keep going but yeah it’s it’s more how do you keep pushing those boundaries because it feels like every year it gets more and more intense and more complicated and and and I remember in our last podcast you mentioned that one day you would hope you would have videos that cost more


than a million you mentioned squid games where you had like 200 people on that did I really say that in the last podcast I did you know actually I used to say that all the time you just reminded me of that I’m doing so much Deja Vu right now people used to be like when I was spent like 100 Grand video people would be like uh so you know this isn’t sustainable you can’t get in bigger and bigger and I was like I remember telling people I was like no there’s gonna be a day where I’m spending over a million dollars a video


and people thought I was crazy they’re like no way you could ever sustainably like every video spend a million dollars it doesn’t and like makes sense you know oh my gosh you’re giving me so many flashbacks to that no it’s amazing to see like what you’ve accomplished in that area and a million dollars is like a cheap video at this point for us what’s the most you spent on a video just said okay the squeaking video was supposed to be 2 million and then it’s like oh you know you’re you’re writing


it you’re changing things this is bigger than you thought this is bigger and then it’s 2.5 million and then all of a sudden it’s 3 million and then you’re like oh wait you know we gotta we want to give all the contestants a thousand dollars for competing so now it’s 3.5 million and then it goes a couple days longer and like you know a lot of people don’t know if they can stay and so then you pay a little extra and all these little things just like add up and like yeah it ended up being like a little


over four million dollars that’s amazing and most you know I mean it’s for all the people that are listening most production companies don’t get that for a single episode on Netflix or like the major streaming player um that yeah that that that’s amazing to see that you know YouTube which is still a young platform is is generating talent that is figuring out how to push boundaries and well our video I’m filming in a couple of days is like uh so uh I got a cruise ship uh which is not cheap we’re putting 100 random


subscribers on it because I’m about to hit 100 million subscribers so let’s celebrate 100 million subscribers got a cruise ship putting 100 subscribers on it I’m taking them on the cruise ship to a private island and they’re competing for the private island and the winner gets the Private Island that’s amazing and so like that video you know between the cruise ship getting them out there I mean it’s like 200 person crew that we’re bringing out there to the you know because you got the 100 subscribers you


gotta have backups you gotta have Medics our production crew editing dozen camera people my talent me the boys PA like it’s like crazy all that plus we gotta fly them all out to the uh the island and uh all this stuff it’s like it’s gonna be like 3.5 to 3.8 million dollars for just my 100 million subscriber video and so it’s like those big budget videos are becoming way more common like and then the video we’re filming right after that is uh we are recreating Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in real life


which I think is phenomenal you know because we launched our chocolate bar uh feastables and that that sold like crazy and uh we put like 10 mystery tickets in 10 different bars we’re flying them out and they’re competing for a chocolate factory um and that one I’m not as in the Weeds on that video but I know it’s it’s minimum it’s gonna be like two million dollars probably much more because we had to buy a chocolate factory and currently they’re in there just renovating it and like you’re just doing


I don’t even know how to explain it like we’re having to create trees so you bought a chocolate factory did you buy the cruise ship too no no the cruise ship we rented we’re not that crazy well go ahead so what what did you find this Chocolate Factory yeah so we got a factory and then well we went that it took forever because we had to find uh you know the right size Factory there’s some that are more vertical some of that are more sideways obviously and we found one that I was like yeah you know this


is within the budget obviously if I had unlimited money I could have gone and bought like a 20 million dollars Factory or warehouse and it would have been crazy but you know I have some type of constraints so it’s really finding something that you know I could buy for like a million dollars and then just renovate as opposed to buying something like that’s five to ten million so he finally found it and then you know we’re mapping out we’re like okay here’s where the chocolate River should go here’s


where the candy trees are here’s where they should walk in here’s how we’re going to redesign the outside so it looks like Willy Wonka and all this stuff and um because one of the bits we’re making like the world’s largest can of Coca-Cola and one of them were it’s cool it’s gonna be a really good video but yeah they’re they’re getting pretty crazy price wise I don’t know but also so like which I can’t tell you how much I’m getting prepared deal but brand deals for us have just gone up so much


year over year to levels where I never thought they would get this high so that’s also helped offset it and also just our views have gone up crazy where it’s like you know a lot of these videos are going to get 100 million views so it just uh it’s kind of crazy it feels like it feels insane compared to like working with Brands a couple years ago um how has the process evolved in a more positive way working with brands have they become more empowering of the content that you’re creating um well they they definitely are more


like hey you know what you’re doing you don’t have to fully read off this script like here’s the things we kind of want you to hit but you have more freedom which is something great um but they also the other thing is it’s just like more and more brands are just entering the space which has been cool because it used to just be like you know the same companies over and over again I mean you you could list them better than me but it’s like honey sponsor a lot of people and like these other ones so you


could probably list like on your two hands like the the companies that are spending like big bucks and you would see like across all these YouTubers and now it’s just like I don’t know we’re getting hit from basically unlimited companies it’s really more who do you want to work with you know which is kind of cool no that’s amazing and it’s amazing that it’s finally happening um there’s 700 billion being spent on media annually and a lot of that has obviously gone to more traditional media


um but this greater economy is so much bigger um than you know traditional media is today like compared to like TV like YouTube I think in lgus all the time is like sponsoring a YouTube video is not the same as buying a commercial and like we’ll say it happened in the NFL because the NFL Tom Brady isn’t pausing the game looking at the camera and going drink this soda I love this soda I highly advise you drink this soda for 30 seconds straight oh you’re getting an ad jammed in between a dozen other ads like


why did you buy that when you could get equal if not more viewership uh for way cheaper on YouTube and it’s literally just a break in the video from the person that they you know feel a connection with of course the conversion is way higher yeah it’s unfathomable and and that’s one of those things that avoid the 90 of people that skip ads and you know the 50 of people that have an ad blocker and and and and you’re actually making art Earth you’re empowering art to be created which you know I think is just you know


I’d say it’s the only form of you know collaborating with artists or content creators or advertising where the brand the Creator and the audience are all happy with the end result if you do it the right way where everyone reaches a consensus and everyone feels empowered and then you’re going to get higher conversions and higher viewership as a result of it exactly and on top of that you know if they use that money to make the content even better which they should then it’s just like a triple


win-win oh for sure well I I think we’re gonna be seeing that 700 billion shifting over drastically in the next couple of years I think it’s already organically happening where you have Limitless um brands are already knocking on your door um that’s just going to be you know the new normal and brands are trying to figure out now how do they change their processes how do they navigate you know working with you know hurting let’s say creators or cats at scale because it is a different process it can or you can


just sponsor me just just throw yourself Mr Beast can take on all the branding I mean it just sponsored Mr Beast Mr Beast came in peace reacts there you go yep just saving your budget you know we’ve seen a huge amount of growth on tubebuddy where when we first acquired tubebuddy there there was a little over 5 million users and now there’s over 10 million users in just a year and a half years um a lot of these creators are starting to just start their careers I’m assuming some are going to be growing up on


YouTube like you did um yeah um you know with with your career as a Creator um what advice would you give yourself let’s say seven years ago when you were starting out that could potentially help these millions of um you’re gonna have to guide me in a direction because I could I could give infinite advice is the answer um I mean I don’t even know what are like the top two things that just come to mind that you wish you would have known seven years your videos suck you think your videos are good but they suck you


know they just do um and the sooner you learn how to make good great videos that people actually want to watch the studio you’ll get views um I think it’s the biggest takeaway because like when I was 14 I thought my videos were the best in the world they weren’t they’re terrible many people are making way better videos than me but I didn’t think that and I think you know to be successful you kind of have to have a little bit of that ego where you’re like you know my content’s great


you got to believe in it but also like if you have sub a thousand subscribers like there’s a good probability your videos just suck they just do and you need to make hundreds of videos or 100 videos I don’t know it depends on the difficulty of your videos improve something every time and just like get to the point where they don’t because like I I very rarely like see someone sorry there’s a flying here that’s like making great level videos consistently time and time again year in year out and


and they don’t take off like it’s very rare like usually I don’t know like the videos are just boring or the ideas are repetitive or it’s something we’ve seen before but like I don’t know like name one person who’s doing original ideas giving hit us all like they’re very well edited great story great retention great pacing you know boom boom boom consistently week after week for two years that didn’t blow up like I don’t know in my opinion it’s pretty hard to find you know


um and so just that you know like when you make the when you make good content you’ll blow up it’s not the algorithm it’s not anything it’s just like most me and most people who are in my position you just make terrible videos and that’s that’s okay because you’ve got to make a bunch of videos and improve over time to be great like you don’t just pick up a baseball and become an MLB level uh athlete within a year you know it takes many many years and YouTube’s kind of the same way unless you’re just like


someone like Emma Chamberlain or or Liza or these other people that just have phenomenal personalities and like then it’s a little bit easier but for those of us who don’t have the best personalities you know has had a hard going how how fast it’s growing but I’m I’m just leaning on my personality because I think you know me as a spring chicken I’m doing a lot of good I mean let me see creative disruption 13k subscribers what are you doing no bro you got you had hacksmith on here and it got a 150 million or no 150 views


jeez bro what are you you have Brett Rivera 600 views bro Zach King 2000 bro we gotta work on your strategy I think that’s I think the thing that that’s falling sharp that both Daryl and I agreed on is that we never upload yeah it’s been like four months without one I’m thankful that you’ve agreed to be my personal coach in growing this channel you have as much accountability as me so I know my my question um for you the process will be refined over time um as you keep optimizing and and and


you know getting more and more aware of like you know how how things must improve um what what are you doing you know when you look at data like how how does you know looking at the data come into all of this like is there of course any personal advice that you have um for it wouldn’t be a Ricky talk if data wasn’t brought up um this guy’s the biggest YouTube data nerd I’ve ever met um so like how am I using it to make educated decisions yeah um I mean you got the obvious stuff like just but see I feel bad because I feel


like anyone who’s listening to this podcast is so Niche already knows retention study the retention chart and fix it and so honestly I upload a video I checked the retention I’m like okay how could have done this better and then I’m like all right it’s the thumbnail as good as possible check the CTR and besides that that’s mostly I mean you can go infinitely more in depth but you know for me that’s those are really the only two things that this fly won’t go away I I oh I got it um I need to just determine whether or


not a video is good it’s like did people click it and did they watch it you know what I mean yeah and but like when it comes to retention um that’s obviously really important because I mean that gosh that’s pretty good are you gonna open the can of worms how can you get better retention yes please okay um well that’s where I don’t know man you I could tell you a million things you can go down there’s another fly apparently uh infinite rabbit holes um I mean you know the everyone knows the


basics you hook people at the beginning but we really should drill this home because like if you look at any of your retention charts in any videos you’re losing like 30 of your viewers in the first 30 seconds and then hopefully if your videos don’t suck they level off but like imagine if you only lost 15 of those viewers or 10 you know like the doing the number one thing is like retaining as many people as possible at the start as I Envision a chart where you lose 35 of your viewers in the first 30 seconds and then Envision one where


you only lose 20 that’s 15 more people that are watching you know throughout the video than not and it’s not like you made the whole video like uh a bunch better you just had a more strategic intro that hooked them I’m showing to put this into words and like to really impose how important that is but like that 15 difference in viewership really does make the difference between hypothetics like two million views on a video and like 10 in my head um and so yeah like hook the heck out of people you know share them what they


clicked on as a clickbait get ready into it and over deliver those are kind of the big things no no thank you for sharing that no it’s interesting that’s very consistent with um you know our head of research in AI um you know they’ve been that team has been focusing on retention models I’m figuring out okay how do you increase a view through rate Etc and um they said that the first 10 seconds is extremely important on getting more people to watch the entire video uh when did the light bulb come off I come turn


on where you realize okay like in order to retain people we need to do x y and z um was there is there an inflection point you know in your career it was very very gradual and you know I’ve been doing this for 10 years so I couldn’t tell you if it was a year five or year eight but somewhere along the way I realized it and then we’ve just been honing it and honing it for the last you know more hardcore the last like four or five years and it’s just like it’s the thing like that’s the beauty of YouTube


is there’s no such thing as Perfection you can always learn you can always improve your videos can always be better even here when we’re spending three to four million dollars in some videos and I have giant teams and I have 10 years in researching this and I have no life and um I still like learn stuff all the time you know when I talk to my YouTube friends they’ll teach me things like even little things like you know having more having better lighting at the beginning is better for retention right


like this guy one of my friends he went through and he mapped out all his intros where it was like darker uh like kind of dark like he would film in a closet or like somewhere where there wasn’t as good lighting and compared him to videos where he had just phenomenal lighting very evenly lit skinned and bright and the ones with better lighting there was a clear correlation that had less viewer drop off and that makes a lot of sense not everyone’s phones all turned all the way up or you know everyone has perfect


vision or it’s like fully paying attention like the brighter covers just do grab you and grab your attention it’s easier to see blah blah um and like that’s something like I what I’m just gonna wake up one day and be like you know what we’re gonna compare the brightness of or the retention on our videos with intros that have dark intros to our videos with Brighton it’s like no like that’s not something I would have thought of but it’s like that’s you know I’m always learning


things because I just surround myself with freaking Natures that just study the dumbest stuff and they just always teach me things you know and so that’s that’s kind of the beauty of YouTube is there’s like there is no end game it’s like you know I’m about to hit 100 million subscribers and I’m I feel like we’re just getting started you know yeah there’s gonna be more iterations that come yeah most people would think like oh 100 million is the goal the end point you know like I think


one day people have a billion subscribers and even then whoever hits a billion first their videos could still be way better because there’s no such thing as a perfect video and that’s kind of the beauty of it sure sure well you know you’ve branched out and you started different channels and which which that impresses me more than anything because you have already so much going on with the main Mr Beast Channel they’re very expensive videos and you’ve continued to be very consistent in uploading those


channels where I think a lot of creators in the past they’ve found lower hanging fruit opportunities that were less expensive and they they’ve honed in and focused on on those those content types um where what’s the process for you to find the market fit for a new channel um you have a gaming channel you have a React channel you have channels in different languages um well we have the philanthropy Channel as well right I mean I I don’t know we just go down the list gaming it’s just a no-brainer I


mean my audience you know I used to do the videos where we donate to Twitch streamers we have very gaming heavy humor gaming was just like there’s a clear correlation a lot of my viewers play video games so like that just like was an obvious no-brainer to get into gaming um and then react I don’t know honestly like I just like hanging out with Chris and like when me and him react to stuff it’s just so funny Chris has such a good personality and when you put us together we just start idiots it obviously reacts


one of the largest verticals on YouTube It’s relatively easy and I I like using the money to fund the main Channel videos like 100 million Island video isn’t going to make 3.8 million dollars but hopefully reacts this month you know makes half a million dollars profit and then I take that money and that helps subsidize that video you know um and so reacts is just a good way to generate Revenue to fund the main Channel stuff um and then the philanthropy Channel I don’t know that’s just kind of fun I


enjoy helping people it’s you know we read 100 of all the revenue generated Channel merge brand deals ad Revenue we use to just feed people or do good we don’t take any profit anything I lose money because I still pay like 50 000 a month to run the channel which is fine um and uh and yeah how about that I think where do you think you know yeah you know this is going to progress with the Creator economy and the Creator Community um how are creators going to continue to drive impact I mean you have this


Channel That’s obviously doing great but you also did team trees where you raised more than 20 million dollars to plant you know 20 million trees you you did team C’s where you’re able to help collect over 30 million pounds of trash raising over 30 million which we also did team bees did you see that one no I’m not very familiar with teams that was a lot I was hoping you’d be like yeah yeah yeah well no I believe you and I have talked about bees in the past though uh yeah I don’t think enough people care


about bees though well there’s probably better causes but I always got attacked by a whole Hive of bees did you kill did you kill any of them they probably died when they stung because they’re honeybees team bees would be ashamed yeah but yeah we did we did do team trees team sees actually like the beauty of those campaigns is we never turned them off so like people can still donate in every dollar donated a tree still planted so team trees is actually on team trees is almost on 24 million trees that’s pretty crazy let’s talk seesaw


yeah and then team sees is on 32 and a half so yeah basically um we started uh the campaign most people probably heard of it where every dollar donated was a tree planted and then we followed it up with the c every dollar donated we pulled a pound of trash by we I mean we partnered with some Charities pulled a pound of trash out of the ocean crazy um I know what’s interesting though is you would think like because of the wild wild successes of both of those 55 million basically raised for for those Charities between teams and team sees


you would think more people would kind of copy it and do it but I don’t know honestly maybe I just haven’t been paying attention but I haven’t seen anyone try to like emulate the the success you know I mean like it’s clear you if you get enough influencers together around something their viewers care about like people will respond and you can do crazy stuff um and uh yeah I mean it shows the power of of influencers it also shows just like how much viewers actually care you know I mean when you give them an


ability to do something good you’re like hey yeah because like a lot of people want to help the environment but like they don’t know what to do like go buy a shovel and plant a tree that you know um so when you’re like hey you know here’s the way you can help for every dollar the Arbor Day is going to plant a tree you know um then they respond and so that was that was really cool to see I think it has to start with the creators because there are now thousands of Charities knocking on the doors of you know


thousands or millions of different creators and obviously not I mean most of those projects don’t have the impact of a team trees or team sees no no I mean the thing is it’s like the ALS ice bucket challenge too it’s like it’s much easier for me to just go you know go open up my Twitter DMS and just DM 500 creators and get like 200 responses than it is for some charity to email 500 creators and maybe get one response you know and so that’s that’s just a sad reality you know what I mean it’s just


like that’s just how it works you know um at tubebuddy and Ben we were very lucky to be able to also volunteer be a part of that program oh yeah with Team sees yeah team sees and yeah that was a lot of fun you know the first hour there was over like 5 000 creators that ended up making a video and then I think um it’s well over I think 30 000 now um um of all like the videos that were uploaded around around it it was so interesting is you know we work with tens of thousands of creators a year doing you know brand deals or you know


obviously we help the millions of creators so you’re rich rich our whole our whole our whole mission and vision is to you know make it we’re gonna architect the Creator economy to you know broaden the middle class of creators and I know he tells me that literally 10 times a month he’s like the middle class the middle class I get it yeah I get it well it’s important it’s important because oh oh there’s only like two percent above the poverty line right now they’re creators and you know


it’s going to be very exciting I think to see as you know those media budgets shift over where there’s going to be a lot more you know diverse expression um across a lot of different genres and and I think that’s a something that that’s what we have been entertainment yes have Bannon tubebuddy but but it was interesting as as we were like working on that um Team sees you know obviously there was no creators paid to be a part of that but no because you and Mark like really like started the initiative and


got people just excited um you had you know tens of thousands of creators are like hey we want to be a part of this um do you see you know in the future bigger projects like this happening yeah 100 and and I agree it is important that it was Creator homegrown because it’s like when we message people uh and also thank you guys for helping us blast out emails and reach out to people that did help bring in a lot of uh smaller creators and volume which is important so it doesn’t just look like a top thing


is also we had people from all sizes doing videos which was great right um but uh yeah like you know none of the creators were like oh how much money are you gonna pay me what’s in it for me it’s like almost all of them we were like hey you know team trees did well we’re doing tmc’s we want to help the ocean [ __ ] like you know are you down to make a video on it and they were just like sure when that that the question was when not how much which is very beautiful to see and like I I can’t


think of a single negative experience I had with someone besides them just not responding my message which is fine they might not have solid uh with tmc’s like the yeah creators are are awesome honestly yeah no for sure and hopefully you know this catches on as a trend where it’s not you know just you and Mark Robert you know doing this but where you have thousands of creators figuring out how to do this and I think that is happening I think it’s happening a lot specifically in gaming and live streaming


um but I’m excited just to see that Trend you know pick up um because with all this because I hate Mark Rober uh and I don’t want to have to work with them so please someone else take this stuff over what are you the most excited about like when it comes out you’re talking about a topic and then I always cut you off mid-cent is to say something stupid and then you’re like huh I forgot what I was saying ADHD yeah what am I most excited about um I don’t know man everything it’s beautiful seeing YouTube still growing


year over year um like you said more money’s coming in everything um I I do think we’re due for some people to like come in and like really do something different I don’t know if you feel it but YouTube I don’t want to say stale there’s more creators than ever and there’s a lot of people doing unique stuff but I don’t know I haven’t I’m ready to see like what that next wave is you know yeah um and so that would be interesting because there always is another way if you think like oh no people are too


solidified there’s all these big creators and then someone always comes up you know and I still think like I think the last wave was basically like the tick tockers and you know and all that stuff um and like I feel like we’re due for something else and I’m I’m excited to see like what or you know maybe it was like the the dream SMP they came after the tick tockers and they had they had a huge uh impact but like you know what I mean I want to see like what’s next um well you had the vine invasion you


know when you know all you had all the vine you know creators like Logan Paul and Zach King well Zach King actually originally started on YouTube well it was probably it was like Vlogs and then it was divine inflation and then it’s like kind of like coupled the Vlog era that was before them where the case of nice stats in the Roman Atwood yeah and it was the vine Invasion Vlogs agreed and then I don’t know no yeah The Tick Tock um well no between there was definitely like kind of like challenge era or like


we really blew up in a bunch of other people I there’s probably we’re probably missing an error or two somewhere in there because that was a really long time frame like between the vine Invasion and tick talkers was like six years and I don’t think the only thing that happened there was like uh you know Challenge videos well I think it’s hard to keep track of all the errors because you know there’s these areas in these categories but there’s you know millions of videos being uploaded everything


exactly tens of millions where you know it’s kind of hard to keep track of all the different I guess we’re specifically talking about English entertainment based videos yeah because like obviously you know what is it isn’t more views coming out of India every day now than America you know so by all means so we’re talking about errors like we should be talking about eras in in their language because our eyes are irrelevant we’re not even the number one uh language on YouTube anywhere or maybe


the number one language but number one country um and so yeah but yeah the the point is what I’m most excited for I’m excited to see who who’s on the come up and who’s about to like read really shake things up because I feel like I don’t know I feel like things are getting a little stale like we’re due for some fresh stuff you know no that that I think would be exciting it’s interesting you know there’s these different eras but there are also a bunch of bubbles when it came to like the industry of the


crater economy or with working with creators and influencers and it seemed like you know every like three years there’s a bubble like the MCM bubble the platform bubble there’s all these different Bubbles and where I get excited is is to figure out what what is going to be a an up-and-coming platform or an existing platform that actually competes with YouTube when it comes to rev share I mean do you have any like guesses or thoughts on who you think is going to come in and and start really we’ll have


to see it we’ll have to see some semblance I mean this stupid Creator funds are just dumb and yeah well I mean for lower income people it’s better than nothing obviously but um yeah that will be interesting because that I mean that you hit on the head that’s that’s the thing that separates YouTube from everyone and that’s why all roads still point to YouTube it’s like doesn’t matter how many um followers you have on Tick Tock you know if you’re making 100 Grand a month on Tick Tock you’d be making two million


dollars a month on YouTube you know sure and that’s just it YouTube’s where the money is well did you see what happened with like Zach King early on and I’m sure things must have changed since um is that good person we’ve had him on the podcast um biggest man you had them on the podcast yeah and uh yeah we got about 500 views on that one on YouTube oh yeah yeah probably more on the podcast platforms oh no you got 2 000 views okay greatest sorry sorry yeah you know one of those 2000 that got on their homepage


sorry so with like Zach you know you know the tick tock announced you know that fund it sounds really big aesthetically like when you think oh over a billion dollars that’s great but Zach you know who at one point has gotten videos that have gotten billions of views um that Harry Potter Tick Tock was the most viewed tick tock on the platform like a couple months ago it might still be to be honest and and he I mean I don’t know if you saw it come out publicly how much he was making a week but it was nothing


how much I I I I it was like it was under a hundred dollars a week no I’ve made more than that my Tick Tock has made like 25 000 throughout the Creator fund and I’ve only been on it maybe like a year and there’s no how many views do you think you get a month on Tick Tock do you have that on you uh a couple hundred million but I mean there’s no world it pales in comparison to Zach yeah and so it’s I mean it was low and again I don’t I don’t I didn’t hear this from Zach’s mouth


um it was I’ll share the report on that I’ll I’ll put it in the description but um it’s just insane and that’s the thing is a billion dollar sounds like a lot but it’s pennies when you look at how big this economy is how big how many craters there are there’s over 50 million self-described content creators it’s it’s really easy for that to you know become slim pickings really quickly and and so if if there’s a new platform that was on the rise like what do they need to do to catch the attention of


creators other than obviously having an audience on that platform um what do they do from from a REV share perspective uh I I couldn’t tell you man I can tell you how to make great YouTube videos but yeah I don’t I don’t you know and it’s funny because I know you study platforms all the time and you’re hyper obsessed because you’re trying to help people make as much money as possible but for me I wake up and I just obsess over how to make the best videos possible so I mean as long as they’re helping me make


money so I can make better content that’s all I really think about it you know I I personally there was a time where I was considering starting a live streaming app like 10 years ago and it was funny when I talked to a lot of different creators and I ended up not doing that you know focus on a different perspective and that was you know focusing on data around um outcomes from being a nerd yeah I’m a data nerd self-proclaimed but um but it was funny as we were shopping around this idea of like launching this


live stream the Slime streaming app um it was it was it was it was pretty amazing to see how many creators were willing just to jump on it and they said wait you’ll give me a bigger rev sharp person I mean you give me like 70 um rev share yes I’m in I’ll start uploading videos immediately and so back yeah but now all that’s irrelevant because Tick Tock and YouTube I mean why not just live stream therefore again I promo 100 um and and I I knew that all these you know Fang businesses these major you


know platforms are going to be coming into this area and so I I knew not to compete there however um there was such an appetite for creators to have another option where they could take their audience and make sure they can better monetize it and so I agree I think that it is time for you know a new competitor to come out and and and really you know level up monetization people can make money but I’m good I I’m fine with YouTube ruling forever I love YouTube I love this platform I’ve dedicated my life to it I


mean if no one else wants to split revenue and they all want to be greedy so everyone keeps coming to YouTube I’m fine with that yeah well you you’ve figured out how to you know be the goat of YouTube 100 yeah so like that’s fine but do you think there’s a chance that a tick tock can come out and have like a more aggressive rev share um oh of course well no no there’s no world where any of these companies are giving more than YouTube because YouTube gets 55 into the Creator it only takes


45 zero shot like tick tock’s gonna come out and be like we’re giving 60 of our Revenue then up to this point we’ve kept all to ourselves like no no world where that happens I don’t know I think there there needs to be an investment made on that level personally I mean yeah obviously that would be wonderful for creators it’d be the best thing that could ever happen it helped so many people that are earning hardly any money like just be able to pursue what they love full time it’d be phenomenal it


changed like unfathomable amount of lives but still there’s just no world where they’re gonna do it more realistically there’s probably more brand collabs on like the tick tocks and the Instagrams right now because it’s much more quick turn it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s easier to to execute um for a lot of Brands and we’re doing a lot of brand deals on Tick Tock now you’re I mean because they’re just not hard to do yeah yeah they’re they’re very easy and so if one of these


platforms that have like a huge audience and and it’s it’s more focused around you know you know short form content um that’s a I think that’s that could become a huge vulnerability for YouTube in the future personally because if they can figure out how to monetize it make it so people are making more money in a more easy you know and simple way I I think that’s going to be game changing and I think that’s what would disrupt the space I mean I think that’s what we’re kind of already seeing on Tick


Tock is like some people I talk to they’re like why would I even want to be a YouTuber it’s much easier to be a tick talker you know it’s much easier to to make content on Tick Tock you know um and that’s just how it’s kind of always been like YouTube is definitely one of the hardest platforms thankfully right now it also has the most monetary upside so there’s a reason to put in the extra effort but I mean you’re right it’ll be interesting to see like if there was uh but also YouTube does have


shorts and they are you know it’s easy to tell that they’re betting heavily on shorts so I would if anything say that YouTube would figure out uh rev split on shorts before Tick Tock does I don’t know though I’d have to really study and see what they’ve been working on to make give a super uh educated guess about my guts tell me just because Google is the king of of this type of stuff and they you know they’ve done it between Google AdWords and they’re thinking of advertisements yeah exactly well and


they just have so much experience with the partnership program and and paying out people through Google and stuff like that that I would bet that they would have a REV split on YouTube shorts up before Tick Tock does that’s what my guts tell me also based on literally nothing but my gut I was I was hoping that they would have one immediately now that that’s tough to do when you’re trying to prove out a market fit um you know how do you even do it though because like there are no ads shown on your short I don’t even think shorts has


ads right now right or so it’s like well I don’t think it does they have they have a much smaller fund well it’s probably like if you’re short as shown and they swipe up to go to the next one AKA your short didn’t cause them to leave the platform and they’re shown an ad but even then like they’re not going to show an ad every other short so it’s probably like a ratio of like 10 shorts then an ad so like how what do you you take the 10 shorts they watch before that ad you divide the 50 that goes to


creators with Microsoft 10 like it’s not even like clear cut because the ads aren’t shown directly on it you know it’s like you know it’s like Facebook they don’t share the revenue they generate in feeds with with creators you know what I mean so it’s like also why would these companies want to you know Facebook’s printing tens of billions of dollars a year on these in fees but they’re gonna have to die you know in my opinion they’re going to have to because I think for the first time


for the first time because you’re now hearing Zuckerberg talking about creators a lot you have of course Susan from YouTube doing it everyone is is definitely starting to you know talk more about the importance of creators on their platforms because the truth is these companies that are worth more than any other Media Company you know in the history of you know mankind um have not um made it a priority to really rev share with all these different creators by believe that they’re coming to the realization


that people are on their platform a big part of the the majority of the people on their platforms are on there because of the content that they’re consuming which is by creators 82 of the views on YouTube are from content creators from YouTubers and and it’s it’s around you too so you’re saying 82 percent of the viewership that comes to YouTube is because a Creator brought them there yes 82 of the views on YouTube are Creator views and then you have you know on on on Instagram it’s around


like 85 percent and so I know what I uploaded yeah when I upload a video sorry I did the thing where I cut you off again but I’m I’m offended but it’s okay my the whole purpose of this interview so I could talk as much as possible you’re right I should just put tape on them but like I yeah I guess an example would be like when I upload millions of people come straight from that notification and open up YouTube within the first couple of hours so yeah I mean that’s an example of like Creator bringing literally


millions of people to the platform to get them to open it up purely because I uploaded a video Yeah well and so I think for these platforms to maintain viewership I think whoever comes in and truly like competes with YouTube on monetization and rev sharing um I I think I mean I mean that’s one of many like factors that need to happen I don’t see anyone though in the next three to five years that’s competing with YouTube’s rev share like not you there’s just been so much time and there’s so much money right now I mean


like creators are making more money than ever it’s like you know even a tick tock launched it right out the gate people are going to just be printing money or maybe they are I don’t I have to see like the big thing is like shorts because also there’s no there’s not a clone of YouTube so there’s no one even that’s like oh well if they just gave 70 then people would switch over there’s no that doesn’t exist right now but what does exist is the war between Tick Tock and shorts and that will be interesting


like which one it do they monetize and rev split which one would do it and like what does that look like because I could see a mini war going on there sure but it’s like it’s technically in their best interest for neither of them to ever do rev split on shorts or Tick Tock you know what I mean because like then they just keep 100 of the money you know short term long term could they end up being relevant because there’s not as many I mean not as many creators supporting their platform with their


content because they’re finding other areas of monetization but tick tock’s not gonna die I mean we’re all too hooked and people are going to do it because you know I mean I have friends who can get a hundred thousand dollars for a single Tick Tock yeah so they’re still making money you know it’s interesting to see what they’ve done with like doing um you know in China where it’s it’s one of the top um Revenue generators when it comes to um um live shopping um um and when it comes to like live stream


and so um as live stream becomes more and more of a thing that’ll be very interesting have you had success with live streaming uh yeah live stream is great for selling stuff if you dropped a new product do a live stream do something fun like little games people pop in and you know what uh speaking of China didn’t that one guy sell like a billion dollars worth of products or something yeah so so that’s lipstick brother in 15 hours it’s 1.


9 billion dollars is that through like wasn’t it’s like their version of Amazon and that was through affiliate links it wasn’t his product so it was his products it was a variety of products and it was on a you know a holiday um um where um where there’s a lot of discounts and and live streaming products and then via another one on top out um did I think 1.


2 billion 15 hours do you know how many concurrents they had I have no idea I’ll have to look at that my team does see like if someone’s moving that kind of freaking Revenue you would think like all in Mandarin it was on you know in China yeah I know that’s where it’s like why why is someone not gone through broke down like here’s how many concurrents they had here’s every word he said here’s like bro that kind of Revenue in a day is unfathomable currency those are US dollars yeah someone should do a research paper


on this like I want to know how many concurrent how many how long was he streaming what did he do while he was streaming what did he say and like how many concurrents it like bro if that guy was only averaging like 200 000 viewers throughout the time and he managed to move that kind of he had to have been averaging over a million concurrents there’s just no world where he’s not the the crater that we’re talking about before them and over there you know in China they call them kol’s I’m key


opinion leaders um I think I believe the record before um lipstick brother and I believe it is 1.9 you know I might be wrong it might be 1.6 but is you know very after this he’s going to do a research paper he’s going to send it to me so I can sell a billion dollars tomorrow yes yes but um but but before um lipstick brother it was um shimba who’s nicknamed the king of live streaming um in China and the record there was 305 million um in in a day of of of selling different products get me those research


papers oh okay we’ll do everything what I will do is I’ll make a call to our Shanghai office and get all the data and I’ll definitely share that with perfect that’s actually one thing I really appreciate with you is I feel like we have a lot of back in forth on like looking at numbers and that’s fun oh great and I force you to when someone says a billion dollars worth of product in 24 hours as a guy who literally specializes in helping creators make more money push you to research it it seems like a


no-brainer you need a better circular pleasure the fact that no one the fact that no one has brought you up to speed on this is abysmal fire your friends I gotta have you on as soon as possible again because my self-esteem is going through the roof no but no you’re right you know I’m sure we have much more data points on that I will definitely have my team look at that but it’s insane I mean I mean so you’ve had success with live streams and pushing proactive live streams um when are we going to be seeing those


types of numbers in the West and what platform is going to be the winner when it comes to live streaming I’m sorry I’m asking you all these you know theoretical futuristic questions it’s fun I I enjoy you’re getting I haven’t thought about these things since the last time you came over so it’s fun to like get a refresher I mean right now it’s just YouTube still I mean I don’t know uh we we did like creator games on YouTube and we had over a million concurrent viewers that’s amazing yeah


that was great uh and the thing is like right now it’s just not really effective the checkout sucks there’s not one tap Tech out like YouTube should just save and I’m like yelling at them like every quarter like this is abysmal like when I when I upload a video and I’m like you know and I drop new merch or a new chocolate bar a new thing a piece where I should be able to end the video to point to it and you just tap and it just says are you sure you want to buy this you hit yes that’s it and it ends up on your front


doorstep nothing else it should just then send to my Shopify account your address your payment info everything and just that’s it like you shouldn’t it should be frictionless and the fact that it’s not like that on YouTube is abysmal and it pisses me off it’s literally stupid that like you know they have to merge up below video still and every time like if I’m watching a creative disruption video below your video you have the merge shelf I tap I can go to your website gotta turn my payment info


my shipping address it’s a lot of friction it takes like 10 15 minutes and then if I’m watching uh whatever pick a different video um I don’t know an Air Act video same thing I want to buy his shirt no it should just save your info my information from when I bought stuff below your video and then I should just one tap on this video and it’d be shipped to me that’s it um and so I don’t think you’re gonna see that kinds of numbers until they get the friction down which I mean YouTube could


be a Powerhouse for moving unfathomable amounts of product if they just got one tap checkout and they just made it more frictionless in my opinion they they should definitely have a Mr Beast product team and Dev team that just creates features for you specifically I agree I I bro if because part of the problem is if you’re like uh let’s say you do a merch shop um and you promote it six minutes in a video and it’s a 10 minute video those people have to leave the video if they’re on their phone open up Safari or


click the description basically it kills your attention you know when you’re promoting a product you’re saying hey guys click off this video and go to my website hurt my retention and that’s another problem and that’s partly why I don’t like to promote many products in my videos is is because or as little as possible because I don’t want to murder the retention on these videos I’m spending sometimes three to four million dollars on but you get it where I go hey buy this shirt just tap here you don’t


have to leave the video just tap and then tap yes okay back to the video I don’t have to kill my retention they don’t have to leave they don’t have to go to Safari they don’t have to close the YouTube app my retention is spared and they can still buy my product and I can still move millions of dollars worth of volume you know what I mean and um yeah I think it’s just it’s brutal yeah so it needs to be a frictionless more simplified process that does not hurt retention right well so we’ve talked


about this before are you familiar with the success that Daryl and myself and our partners have seen with the chosen um I’m noticing that there’s other creators out there doing their own platforms um just recently on our podcast I’m Jake Watson from quarter crew or quarter digital was on and how are they doing no they’re doing great they’re awesome and if you play D and D they’re the best people to play with uh-huh well when you’re in La we’ll go over and hang out with I’m Sam Nico and


Jake and and they have a subscription platform right yes and so how much is it a month it’s four dollars a month and and what they’ve realized is that one person paying four thousand you know four dollars a month um to get the equivalent of that individual on YouTube they need to watch several thousand videos and so have you ever thought of having your own platform or having your own site that is different than what you do on YouTube that’s different than what you’re doing on Tick Tock but you know


because their their series is called son of a dungeon and you know there’s a very Niche crowd out there that want to see you know um episodes around Dungeons and Dragons um but there’s definitely a market fit and there’s a market you know a huge demand for it and do you don’t have any pain Subs they have I don’t know how many ping Subs that they have but like it has I I believe almost doubled their business interesting yeah I mean I’ve I’ve thought a lot about you know I love YouTube YouTube’s always going to be my


main priority but but for like the hardcore fans um well I I’m not opposed to doing like a beast world or some some other thing that’s like ten dollars a month and you know we do exclusive content and some live streams and stuff like that and just make this really Kick-Ass things for people who want more of us because I mean like we’re talking about the videos are getting so expensive that that would be a great way to um generate more Revenue form and more predictable Revenue because like you know these videos are so big and we’re


working on so many of that like if I knew like hey I have ten thousand or a hundred thousand subscribers paying 10 bucks a month I I have a guaranteed million dollars coming in next month from this thing that would allow me to be a little bit more aggressive and do bigger videos on the main channel so if I did do it the ultimate goal would be to use the money to make better main Channel videos but also obviously add value because everything we do has got to be great um but yeah no actually I I’m honestly


seriously considering it I think it it would be a good idea well it’s interesting I mean you’re one they’re the only creator that I know that has hired like data scientists and data Engineers um I mean you’re you’re really looking at the details and figuring out how do you optimize to be successful and and I you know your mentality um and your work ethic it’s just amazing that you just keep pushing these boundaries and you keep doing things that as we mentioned earlier creators haven’t imagined doing but you know TV


production companies haven’t imagined doing and and you’re working at a speed that no one can compete with um how is that going to change things across the industry I mean this is obviously something I think you know Joe Rogan has brought up to you in the past as well and and others you know just fascinating with the amount of content you’re pushing out there and how high quality the the content is um how I mean not to you know give you a question to flatter yourself but I mean is there is it gonna get to the point


where there’s other creators that are doing this where you know how Netflix Amazon and any video platform you know that are buying content they’re gonna have to look at things differently um yeah see I’d rather you I’d rather I ask you that question and you answer it I don’t I don’t like uh you know trying to gas myself up or whatever okay well I I will respond to that question I I think the stuff that you’re doing is gonna change everything and in entertainment history um and and anything future yes 100


because how how many of these like long-form um you know um platforms like the s-vods that are out there that are able to create this much content this fast at this level of production value this quickly no usually people go in and they they they film their series they take their time as much time as they need to do that but when I when I meet with you and your team you’re all moving at 100 miles an hour all the time and I I question if you know that’s sustainable but more and more I speak to you and every year that


goes by you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re breaking records over and over again and so I I truly believe that people are going to look at this as a data point and and and try to figure out what do they change systematically to be able to do what you’re doing I would love to work with uh well I wouldn’t I don’t have time to do it but it would be funny to like sit on set of like a Netflix production or some other production and just kind of compare how they do things


to us um because yeah anytime I work with a traditional production crew it’s always way way way way more expensive way longer lead times way longer everything and a lot less uh pivotability like the ability to Pivot and change things last minute um and so yeah I couldn’t imagine honestly like but also yeah also if what we had to film was scripted you know because what we do is non-script is you have to plan for a bunch of variables that you can’t control blah blah if all we did was scripted holy [ __ ] this stuff


would be easy to pump out like scripted stuff has to be the easiest thing on the planet yeah because you already know what’s coming you know what I mean like the hard part is like figuring out like all the variables for someone you don’t know and you don’t know what they’re gonna do and you don’t know what they’re gonna say and you don’t know how they’re gonna act but if if you could tell someone what they’re saying how to act then it’s like easy as hell you know what I mean yeah yeah that


that’s that’s I was not expecting that I expected that would actually take longer but I guess the unscripted element there’s a lot of surprises and curveballs that come with that I mean you’re yeah not only renting cruise ships but you’re buying and giving away Islands well we’re terrifying in Island this island we have to import a couple hundred trees because it’s uglier in person than online or importing like 10 000 pounds of sand we’re having to build the beach we’re building a pier on it we


have to build enough unique scenes because some of the challenges requires going across the island we don’t want it to just be a beach and grass so we’re building unique scenes throughout it with random structures and stuff like that um yeah I mean like we’re literally terraforming an island you know what I mean no one’s no one’s ever gonna do what we’re doing like we’re idiots right like I mean well you have a lot of people in your team that understand construction too and development and which is you know I I


don’t think most creators out there I wouldn’t recommend it it’s difficult but it’s like to buy an island like when you picture private island what your picture in your head is like 10 plus million dollars I don’t have that kind of budget I need to spend like a million dollars on an island and then a half a million terraforming it importing sand importing trees making it look pretty um and so yeah it’s like if I want to do this video and I want to do it right like I basically have to buy a cheap


Island and then build a nice Island build an irrigation system so the trees don’t die build a beach build up here build build buildings on it because that’s cheaper than just buying it already done Island wow I see that’s a question I would have never asked myself of like what’s more expensive an island that already has a beach or buying an island and making a beach exactly because you can buy islands that are just rocks um and then you can import 10 000 pounds of sand a couple hundred trees build


your irrigation system put Shrubbery on it build some buildings and there you go now it’s a great Private Island you know what I mean that’s amazing that’s just a whole other level of thinking um so as we wrap up I I want to ask you about you know your your businesses like you know you have Beast Burger um um you know you have your your your your um feastables um what are you the most excited about right now when it comes to like your Brands because you’re proven to not only build your own Hollywood but you’re also


building a bunch of Brands too I’m excited we’re feasibles is going to launch in thousands of stores later this year I can’t say which ones but I’m excited about that um because I I kind of I call it like IRL thumbnails like if when I was 13 if I walked into we’ll just say hypothetically 7-Eleven gas station parents are getting gas I’ll walk in there if I stole a Hershey’s bar in a PewDiePie bar I’m buying the PewDiePie bar a hundred times out 100 times like that’s the coolest thing ever to me if


I’m 13 14 15 16. it’s like oh my gosh why you know especially if the if it tastes just as good higher quality ingredients it’s a good chocolate bar right I’m buying it every day of the week and so I think we’re gonna get the similar effect as we start to get we’ve done over 10 million dollars in sales and we’re not even in retail yet straight online that’s amazing uh all around yeah just around feasibles and so I think you know I call it IRL thumbnails when like you know our audience is


walking through these stores and they see it you know because people buy chocolate bars they do crazy amounts of Revenue every year why would they buy a normal one where they could buy one of one of their favorite creators you know what I mean because I know if I was in their shoes I would do the same thing in a heartbeat and it’s cool it’s really cool and our bars are high quality ingredients and they’re not super processed and and they taste great so it’s like uh anyways I’m excited to get


our bars in as many retail stores as possible and just hopefully expand it to where we’re in 10 000 different locations one day and I think like I said IRL thumbnails the fact that it’s ours and you know we they’re great quality and they taste great I think it’s just gonna destroy I I agree I love I love the peaceful products like they’re great and I subscribe to six nine four twenty by the way that’s it for everyone that’s hearing that listening that is the the phone number that you text to get updates on


feastables yeah right if you text Feast to 69420 then then we can uh spam you um yeah I don’t know how but that phone number was for sale so last question um you know being you know that we discussed you know your successes and you’re someone that so many creators out there idolize um no did you idolize growing up it doesn’t have to be a crater whether it’s an inventor or a business executive you mentioned Steve Jobs earlier it kind of changes throughout the the years I think you know obviously PewDiePie just


because of I liked how humble he was and how it didn’t go to his head he you know at one point um when I was really young it was even like the the Paul Brothers a little bit the fact that like Logan made like a video every day for 500 Days kind of just helped me realize like you know if you want it you can make it happen stop being a lazy you know I don’t know if I’m allowed to swear stop being lazy we’ll go with that um and then you know after that it was you know a lot of like Elon and Steve


Jobs like probably the last few years have been my the people I look up to the most just like Steve he you know he’s mean to his employees I don’t think he should have been he could have been nice and accomplished this in much in my opinion but his unrelenting obsession with making a great product and like this iPhone you know iPhones is like the most successful product in history ever created you know what I mean and it’s just so beautiful and so far ahead of its time and he was so just obsessed


with making a great product and I I want to have that kind of obsession with videos I want to make the best video period no matter what the best videos on the [ __ ] planet no excuses and so Steve really inspires me in that way and then Elon and just the the way that you know he built SpaceX Tesla at the same time like that was kind of you know opened my eyes that like really anything’s possible it’s just kind of like how bad do you want it you know what I mean if he can put you know build a company that’s going to put people on


Mars while also weaning us off of gas cars at the same time you know I can get a YouTube video out the door you know what I mean wow that’s amazing who inspires you and what drives you um you once told me um that your goal um was to make a billion dollars and to give it all away what’s your updated goal in the last couple of years well I know that dying with a bunch of money is a complete waste of time uh or did not waste time it’s just dumb you know what I mean I enjoy helping people and so if I’m gonna


spend my whole life making money just because it’s kind of fun before I die I want to give literally 100 of everything I own away because just why not who cares after I’m dead I’m dead you know what I mean um so I I wouldn’t instead of putting a dollar amount on it now it’s more just I just want to make as much money as I can in my life and then do as much good with that money before I die that’s basically what I want to do wow that’s beautiful um Jimmy always a pleasure thank you so


much for coming on thank you and to be a part of the celebration of Creator day April 23rd you know we celebrate the anniversary of like the first YouTube video which is you know do you know which video that is yeah of course meet me at the zoo yeah meet me at the zoo um just like that video is history you know historic I really believe the stuff that you’re doing is gonna be stuff oh my gosh hey let me just say something to me I’m leaving hey anyways he’s still on he just turned off his his camera but I I I I think what


Jimmy’s doing is historic and it’s Gonna Change um how entertainment works and it’s gonna be something that’s gonna not gonna be remembered for decades but I think it’s going to be what he is doing is gonna be remembered for over a century and so thank you so much for tuning in um please like this video And subscribe and um see you all soon.

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