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10 Brand-Friendly “Finfluencers” Making an Impact on Instagram

Ten Finance Creators to Watch on Instagram:

People aren’t turning to traditional institutions for financial advice; financial influencers (finfluencers) are creating the content these hard to reach audiences are looking for.

According to a recent report, 76% of Gen Z Americans are picking up financial advice from social media. 10% of that demographic are turning to finance-savvy influencers on Instagram for budgeting, debt management, and investing guidance. While those under 27 primarily use social media, 57% of the US population looked to a range of sources for their financial advice in 2023. For the year ahead, a rocky economy coupled with a contentious election race is likely to drive more of us to seek actionable solutions to our financial goals or concerns.

This presents an incredible opportunity for brands to partner with financial content creators; financial influencers who offer the advice and insights these audiences are looking for. These “finfluencers” are carving out their niche with highly engaged target audiences that brands can tap into for their products and services.

We take a look at some of the most brand-friendly financial influencers on Instagram right now and some of the companies they are already working with.

Tori Dunlap: The Financial Feminist


Herfirst100K | 1.5M followers as of Jan 2024

With 1.5M Instagram followers, Tori Dunlop’s infectious enthusiasm for personal finance has helped her build her personal empire on and off social platforms. She’s a New York Times bestseller, Financial Feminist, is wildly encouraging for any woman looking to take control over her money and build solid wealth. In one of her most-liked Instagram posts, she breaks down the secret to stock market success.

Humphrey Yang: Keep it Simple

Humphrey Yang | 512K followers as of Jan 2024

Former financial advisor turned personal finance expert Humphrey Yang has built an impressive audience of over half a million followers on Instagram. His straightforward tips and hacks have gained him an army of fans across the main social video platforms. He’s huge on YouTube and TikTok but holds his own on Instagram, and he’s actively working with brands like Ally and WeBull as an influencer marketer.

His and Her Money: A Spiritual Approach

His and Her Money | 69.8K followers as of Jan 2024

Talaat and Tai McNeely are, in their own words, taking dominion over your money and helping couples balance their personal and financial lives. Taking a spiritual approach, the team uses social video to promote their private community and mentorship scheme. They’ve already partnered with financial giants CapitalOne and Legal & General to educate viewers on how to manage credit.

Clever Girl Finance: Female-Focused Finance

Clever Girl Finance | 363K followers as of Jan 2024

Clever Girl Finance has built out a “personal finance platform” for women. Alongside books, podcasts, a blog, and free financial health courses, founder Bola Sokunbi also has an impressive following on Instagram.

What sets Yiallourides apart is his expertise in gaining muscle mass without eating animal proteins. Through his specialized approach, he dispels the myth that plant-based diets are a barrier to achieving significant muscle growth. 

His knowledge and guidance provide a pathway for those seeking to harness the power of plants for a stronger, healthier physique.

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My Fab Finance: Money Advice for Millenials

My Fab Finance  | 207K followers as of Jan 2024

My Fab Finance is aimed at financial wellness for Millennials. With 200K followers on Instagram, the creator is bridging the gap between consumer and brand, making sponsored content for the likes of State Farm, Allstate, and Fannie Mae. 

Delyanne Barros: Promoting Financial Freedom

Delyanne Barros | 226K followers as of Jan 2024

Delyanne Barras, AKA the Money Coach, became a millionaire by playing the stock market, so you’ll expect her to know her stuff. She advises on a range of financial topics, all aimed at granting her followers financial freedom via investing.

Ramit Sethi: Cross-Platform Pundit

Ramit Sethi | 724K followers as of Jan 2024

Ramit Sethi is another New York Times bestseller with a podcast and an owned and operated financial platform. His Instagram following has hit over 720K followers, and he has a cross-platform presence on YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

He’s generated brand deals with Rocket Money and LMNT, and is passionate about teaching us how to invest wisely. And as a finance creator with a new Netflix series, he’s expanding beyond social.

Tiffany Aliche: Motivation + Money

Tiffany Aliche / thebudgetnista | 630K followers as of Jan 2024 

If having a New York Times bestseller for your financial guide is any indication of a bona fide influencer, we need to add Tiffany Aliche to the list. Active all over social media, her Instagram boasts 630K followers and is bursting with money challenges and motivational advice. Discover, Rakuten, Aflac, and Intuit have all worked with the creator on sponsored content

Taylor Price: Gen Z's finance influencer

Taylor Price | 110K followers as of Jan 2024

Experian, Intuit, and FedEx have already worked in conjunction with Taylor on her financial content. A self-styled “Gen Z financial activist,”Taylor Price has youth on her side and a clear passion for helping teens and young adults take control of their financial futures.

Dow Janes: Putting You in Control of Your Money

@dow.janes | 342k followers as of Jan 2024

Britt Williams Baker and Laurie-Anne King founded Dow Janes with the intent of changing women’s exclusionary perceptions of wealth and financial stability. They teach empowering, easy-to-grasp money-management strategies for women+ who want to get on their feet and build serious wealth.

Started in a living room, their financial advisement company now boasts hundreds of thousands of followers.

Finance Campaigns with Finance Creators

With economic uncertainty a consistent theme, it’s no wonder that influencers that can offer real financial guidance are growing their user base across all forms of social media.

These ear-to-the-ground experts can reach an audience that many brands can only dream of. There’s a thirst for the kind of knowledge these influencers can offer, whether it’s a beginner investment strategy, a way out of debilitating student debt, or advice on the best side hustle for 2024; keep an eye out for these independent experts taking the financial world by storm.

There is no longer one place people go for financial advice. Consumers know they have to do their own research and make their own financial decisions.

Finance content creators can help finance brands reach audiences in a way more traditional marketing methods can’t.

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