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Creator Corner: On YouTube Shorts and Your Content Calendar

YouTube Shorts Link Changes: a Long Time Coming

There are some big changes coming to YouTube Shorts that will impact both brand and independent content creators. Specifically, the way YouTube Shorts handles links in comments, descriptions, and elsewhere changes forever on Aug 31, 2023. 

If you’ve seen all the link spamming that happens in YouTube Shorts comments and elsewhere, it’s a welcome change… but content creators will need to adjust. A new YouTube feature that allows “link in bio” style link sharing on YouTube channel pages, and a new way for creators to link to long-form videos from Shorts are in the works and should soften the blow for creators. 

TubeBuddy’s Judah Lee was invited to the briefing on the changes and has the scoop.

The Takeaway

If you’ve been sharing links in YouTube Shorts, you need to adjust your strategy… and you might want to get used to saying “link in bio on channel page.”

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Speaking of Shorts…

YouTube Shorts get some 50 billion views per day. That’s what we in the industry call “a lot.” 

For content creators, creating on YouTube Shorts makes sense. It’s a proven strategy to drive views to long-form videos, the YouTube algorithm loves short-form content. Add to that the fact that since Feb 2023, Shorts can be directly monetized

But coming up with new ideas for Shorts can be a challenge. TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts can help here. With Suggested Shorts, brand and independent creators can mine their most successful long-form videos for easy, actionable YouTube Shorts ideas. 

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What is The Best Time to Post on YouTube?

Best time to post on YouTube for Family Content Creators: Graphs showing posting day/time as it relates to engagement. Details included in the article.

The best time to post on YouTube is a tricky subject. You have to consider your niche, your audience, YouTube’s algorithms, your competitors, and more.

We tasked BENlabs AI with figuring out the best time to post on YouTube and because reliable results rely on clean data, we gave our AI tools a few content verticals to go deep on:

The results may surprise you. Unless you expect that the best time to post on YouTube depends heavily on your content niche in which case the results won’t surprise you… but the specifics will interest you. 

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The Case for the Content Creator Calendar

For brand or indy content creators, a content calendar helps when inspiration is thin on the ground. 

Consistency is one key to getting recommended by the YouTube algorithm, which in turn is key to getting and maintaining your 4,000 hours of watch time and turning YouTube viewers into YouTube subscribers.

At its most basic, a content calendar is a running list of content ideas and topics. You can create a content calendar with pen and paper if you’re feeling old school. You can use a spreadsheet, to-do list, or any number of online or offline task management tools. 

Or, you can use Video Content Planner to find the perfect topics based on your TubeBuddy SEO Studio research. 

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ExposureBucks® (Still) Don’t Pay the Rent

We haven’t seen any progress on ExposureBucks® since our last Content Creator Corner column… and last we checked, independent content creators still need to eat. Enter the BENlabs Creator Community

Content creators who are accepted into the BENlabs Creator Community join over 13 million content creators and unlock the opportunity to get AI matched with brands in authentic, values-based content influence opportunities. 

In other words, brand opportunities that pay fairly and that honor the creator’s craft.

Through the BENlabs Creator Community, brands find content creators that match with their values, and creators get paid for featuring the brands and products that align with their own brand as a content creator.

Where Creators Get Paid

Take the guesswork out of influencer partnerships. The BENlabs AI matching program analyzes your content and audience, and suggests your profile to brands looking for the right creators to promote their products and stories.

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