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Creator Corner: Get Found and Get Paid

Being a content creator is hard. Fun? Sure. A lot of the time. A ton of work? Yes. pretty much all the time.

If you listen to MrBeast’s advice (and as a content creator, it’s probably a good idea) creators need friends, they need to reinvest in content, and they need to try stuff. It all comes down to being yourself and getting a little bit better every day. That’s kind of the idea behind this, the monthly Creator Corner column on the BENlabs blog. 

We’ll bring you the most interesting and timely creator-focused content from the TubeBuddy blog and share what creators need to know.

The Simple Trick to Grab Subs on YouTube

The Takeaway

Think of your content as the product and your YouTube channel page as the packaging. Take the time to hook viewers and you’ll turn your channel page into a subscription magnet.

Mine Long-form Content for Short-form Ideas

You’ve got your content calendar on lock (right?) Still, it can be tough to come up with new ideas. If you’re a long-form creator, adding short-form content to your mix can feel like starting over. With social platforms pushing short video, and YouTube responding with and monetizing YouTube Shorts for creators though, it’s clear that short-form is here to stay.

Cutting a section of a longer video and repurposing it as short-form video on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts etc. is one tactic, but it’s not the most impactful or sustainable short-form strategy. 

Instead of just looking for clips, look for inspiration in your most successful long-form videos. Figure out where you saw the most engagement, ask yourself why that is. Check the comments to see what viewers are saying and use that information to inspire your short-form content. 

Or let AI do the heavy lifting with the TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts feature. Either way.

Optimize Content for Search

Creators should always create for people, not algorithms. That said, if The Algorithm™ doesn’t know what to make of your content, it can’t very well share it with The People. Showing up in search or on the FYP is about way more than #stuffing #every #conceivable #hashtag #into #your #content.

Content SEO has perhaps the biggest impact in YouTube, but the SEO lessons creators find in TubeBuddy SEO Studio can be applied outside of YouTube to improve content visibility and performance on other platforms too.

Read: SEO Studio: How to Effectively Optimize Your YouTube Content

Understand YouTube Watch Time

Watch time is the single biggest metric that YouTube algorithms consider when promoting content. It’s the one metric to rule them all, and in the end subscribe them.

YouTube watch time also gives creators helpful insight into how viewers are engaging their long and short-form content. This insight is essential for YouTube creators, but the insights YouTube watch time (and other) stats contain help creators to understand engagement on their other content platforms too.

Find watch time stats in YouTube Studio and dig deep into the insights creators can draw from this data in A Quick Guide to Watch Time – YouTube’s Top Ranking Factor.

Don’t Accept Any Wooden Nickels

Until ExposureBucks® launch as the latest cryptocurrency meme coin, content creators must insist on legal tender to, you know, eat and stuff.

The BENlabs Creator Community can help there. 

Content creators who are accepted into the BENlabs Creator Community join over 13 million content creators and unlock the opportunity to get AI matched with brands in authentic, values-based content influence opportunities. 

In other words, brand opportunities that pay fairly and that honor the creator’s craft. Brands find content creators that match with their values, and creators get paid for featuring the brands and products that align with their own brand as a content creator.

Where Creators Get Paid

Take the guesswork out of influencer partnerships. The BENlabs AI matching program analyzes your content and audience, and suggests your profile to brands looking for the right creators to promote their products and stories.

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