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Ask BENlabs | What’s Next for AI in 2024?

2023 was the year of Generative AI with hundreds of millions of people implementing AI tools into their everyday lives. After so much change, and with so many ongoing developments, we asked our EVP of Technology Alex McFadyen to take a stab at a tricky question: what’s next for AI in 2024?

His predictions did not disappoint.

Multimodal Marvels

What's next for AI in 2024? multimodal models

Personal AI Agents

One of the most anticipated breakthroughs in 2024 is the evolution of multimodal learning capabilities. The ability of large language models to comprehend and translate between various inputs, including text, video, and audio, is opening up exciting possibilities. 

ChatGPT generates text and DALL-E 3 and MidJourney generate images. In 2024, AI multimodal models will likely be able to understand multiple inputs (text, video, and audio) and translate between them.

This would allow creators to, as an example, generate a soundscape based on an image and vice versa. Whatever the advancements, multimodal models are likely to create a vast new playground for exploration.

What's next for AI in 2024? AI agents

How about a ChatGPT-like agent that can navigate the complexities of multi-layered tasks? Such as planning a vacation or finding specific products based on individual criteria. 

With the ability to take into account specified budget constraints, delivery timelines, and preferred retailers, the potential efficiency and convenience of such agents are poised to transform the landscape of e-commerce.

At the same time, these AI agents would free up your time normally spent doing research and simply present you with options for your choosing.

The Q* Algorithm Wild Card

What's next for AI in 2024? Q* algorithm

Adding an element of mystery is the Q* algorithm, a concept that allows models to pose questions to themselves and navigate towards the most relevant solutions. 

While acknowledging the speculative nature of Q* [usually pronounced as Q star], McFadyen is excited with the prospect of models autonomously determining the next best steps to achieve specific outcomes. 

If successful, the Q* algorithm could usher in a new era of AI capabilities, including the potential to solve intricate mathematical equations.

Whatever is next for AI in 2024, it’s sure to present some exciting opportunities and advancements. Watch the quick video below.

What's next for AI in 2024? Ask BENlabs: Video Transcript

So the biggest theme for 2023 for AI has to be generative. Like the fact that we weren’t talking about it a year ago and now it seems to be every single conversation I have seems to have some element of generative AI in it–is really a sort of just out of how huge the impact has been. I think there’s also been a number of other really interesting ones.

The huge proliferation of startups that have rushed into this space. Anywhere you look, there is a new startup with a new .ai domain name that some of them are doing really interesting and innovative things. Some of them are just repackaging chat GPT and putting another layer on it. And there’s every spectrum in between. And so I would say, yeah, definitely the big theme for 2023 has been generative.

And just pace of change. If you look at, again, all of the different startups, all of the different technologies that have started to come out, it’s been really dramatic this year. And I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.

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