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Ask BENlabs | Does BENlabs use ChatGPT?

The short answer? Yes. ChatGPT is a very handy tool and many of us at BENlabs find it useful for any number of tasks.

Our use of ChatGPT helps increase productivity and efficiency. This reflects our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems.

But in 2023, AI startups were able to raise over $50B. That’s a lot of money accompanied by a lot of hype.

But What sets benlabs apart?

At BENlabs, we offer a full suite of AI-driven marketing services to help brands grow—ranging from creator and influencer integrations to traditional product placement.

Our self-serve AI SAAS tools, trained in over nearly 30,000 campaigns, and our proprietary AI models help find receptive audiences, level-up content, and drive action.

And thanks to our models, we are able to provide predictable, measurable results against KPIs. In other words, we’ll help drive results.

Work with us and better position your tech for success through heightened brand affinity, increased recall, and sales.

Does BENlabs use ChatGPT? | Ask BENlabs: Video Transcript

So, yes, BENlabs does use GPT.

I use it, as I said, all the time using things like co-pilot and stuff like that. But we also have our own custom AIs that we build in-house which is really where our superpowers come from.

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