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Ask BENlabs: Top Trends Impacting Marketers Today

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Marketing challenges abound and if there’s a constant in marketing, it’s change. We got Alex Montas, BENlabs EVP of Marketing, in the hot seat to ask him about trends he sees impacting marketers today. 

In this episode of Ask from BENlabs, Alex shares that marketing is a never-ending fight for attention. The rising importance of personal privacy makes it difficult to know customers on an individual level. Marketers are on the frontlines as AI reshapes the marketing landscape. At the same time, marketers can use AI to generate content, and to make sense of unstructured data to guide marketing decisions.

Video Transcript

Some of the biggest trends that I think marketers should know about, absolutely, the first one is AI.

Artificial intelligence is going to really change the lives of many professions, many people, but marketers, I think, is happening right now.

The amount of content what you can generate with AI; images, video. The amount of things that you can do when you have a bunch of data, you could make it so it could be predictive, whether it is customer data or advertising data.

I think that many professions are going to be totally revolutionized by AI, and it is something that, as marketers, we really need to keep an eye on.

Trend number two is the rise of privatization and specifically in an advertising realm, as we see companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and iOS 14, that has already changed the way that we market.

A few years ago, you were able to grow a company to $100 million just for the use of Facebook. That’s no longer the case.

And now we have to rely a lot more on creative, we have to rely a lot more on product. So that is a big trend that is affecting us, and I don’t know if people have really figured out what to do with that.

Then finally is something that has been getting worse and worse for the last ten years, but it just is extremely difficult to get and maintain the attention of consumers.

Whether you have a service, whether you have an app, there’s 10, 20 competitors and even if they are indirect, it’s so tough to keep people engaged, to keep people coming back to your service.

And I think that is a huge trend that is not going to stop for the next few years.

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