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Unmasking the Impact of AI in Social Media Security: Insights from BENlabs

In the ever-evolving landscape of content, artificial intelligence (AI) is a game changer. Tyler Folkman, BENlabs Chief Technology Officer, recently delved into the vectors and vulnerabilities associated with AI in entertainment and social media security. Speaking at Applied Intelligence Live, Folkman shed light on critical aspects that both creators and marketers need to be aware of.

AT The Intersection of AI and Human Attention

At BENlabs, our mission revolves around harnessing AI to process unstructured data. We then empower brands and creators to make informed decisions.

With a focus on content creation for social media platforms, along with top movies and series, we have a unique perspective on the dynamic relationship between AI, human attention, and security.

Social Media Vulnerabilities in Cybersecurity

One of Folkman’s key takeaways is the impact of social media vulnerabilities on cybersecurity. The creator economy, estimated to reach half a trillion dollars by 2027, is a lucrative target for cyber threats. 

With a decentralized nature encompassing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and numerous others globally, vulnerabilities arise, making creators and their audiences susceptible to various security risks.

AI in social media security

Account Takeovers: creators and brands beware

Account takeovers represent a specific vulnerability that creators should be vigilant about. Citing the hacking of the UK Army’s YouTube channel, which featured fabricated videos of Elon Musk, Folkman illustrates how malicious actors can leverage trusted platforms to deceive audiences. The cost of such incidents highlights the need for robust security measures.

Folkman also underscored the paradoxical situation where creators, while being at the forefront of technology with 94.5% utilizing AI, find themselves most vulnerable. Cutting-edge AI technologies expose them to risks such as deep fakes, voice cloning, and the potential for AI-assisted scams. Safety measures must be implemented, including antivirus tools and platform-specific safety features, such as two-factor identification and more.

Guarding Against Bots and Fake Followers

The prevalence of bots and fake followers in the digital space poses a threat to social media credibility. With nearly half of Americans making purchases based on influencer recommendations, the risks associated with account authenticity are evident. 

Creators and marketers are urged to scrutinize follower metrics and employ strategies to differentiate between genuine and fake engagement. While AI can increase the prevalence of fakes, it can also provide the tools necessary for differentiation.

ai in social media security bots

Conclusion: Navigating the AI Frontier Safely

As we navigate the vast and ever-changing landscape of entertainment and social media security, understanding the impact of AI on security is paramount. BENlabs remains committed to not only pushing the boundaries of AI but also to raising awareness about the associated risks. 

By staying informed, adopting best practices, and leveraging available security tools, creators and marketers can ensure a safer digital experience for themselves and their audiences.

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