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Top and Emerging Fashion Influencers to Watch 2023

The top fashion influencers of 2023 is subjective. Is it based on follower count? Is it those that scored the most brand deals?

Whatever the case, a new wave of fashion influencers has emerged, captivating audiences with their unique aesthetics, creativity, and authenticity. From streetwear aficionados to sustainable fashion advocates, here’s a curated list of the top fashion influencers setting the tone for the rest of the year.

We prefer the term creator over influencer, so for our list of the top fashion influencers of 2023, we’re highlighting creators that make great content, and who live their truth out loud. 

Lauren Nicole - A Plus-Size Fashion Sensation


Lauren Nicole defies conventions with her eclectic and vibrant fashion sense. Her feed is a celebration of color and creativity, showcasing styles that break free from the norm. 

Through her bold choices and confident demeanor, this plus-size creator is a beacon of body positivity and individuality, inspiring followers to embrace their unique beauty while embracing a world of diverse fashion possibilities. She is definitely one to watch out for amongst fashion influencers in 2023

Aditi Mayer - An Ethical Fashion Advocate

Adiliti Mayer is a fashion blogger exploring the fusion of style, sustainability, and social justice. Her content seamlessly weaves ethical fashion choices with a commitment to positive change. 

With a passion for conscious consumerism, she encourages her audience to make fashion a force for good. Mayer’s unique perspective showcases that fashion can be a catalyst for both personal expression and a more equitable world.

Alexander Joseph Begnel - An LGBTQ+ Fashion Trailblazer

Alexander Joseph Begnel’s posts radiate a distinctive fashion flair, and the creator captivates audiences with their unique and bold style choices. Beyond just sharing fits, this popular LGBTQ+ fashion content creator uses their platform to champion inclusivity and self-expression. 

With a fearless approach to fashion, Begnel demonstrates that clothing and accessories can be a powerful form of self-identity and celebration.

Stefani Nichole - Fashion With a DIY Twist

Stefani Nichole is a relatable plus-size influencer whose interests — and content — extend beyond just fashion. Her content demystifies fashion, helping followers with everything from understanding dress styles to putting together the perfect Valentine’s day look. 

Her Instagram perfectly captures her vibe and body-positive spirit. Bold and bright prints define her style, but she also pulls off simple and understated with aplomb. Her plus-size fashion blog, Hello Stefani Nicole, is brimming with short fashion narratives, outfit inspiration, and messages of personal empowerment. Her vibrant energy and unapologetic approach make her a true inspiration in the world of fashion and body positivity.

Dr. Colleen Darnell - Leading Lady of Vintage Fashion

As an Egyptologist and vintage fashion aficionada, Dr. Colleen Darnell brings a unique blend of interests to her content and social feeds. Her love for vintage aesthetics shines through as she effortlessly curates timeless ensembles. 

Co-author of “Egypt’s Golden Couple: When Akhenaten and Nefertiti Were Gods on Earth,” Dr. Darnell’s captivating fusion of history and fashion makes her unique among content creators; her clear expertise in both fields lends her content a unique and distinctive charm.

Phoebe Verkouw - Sustainable Fashion Advocate

Phoebe Verkouw is a sustainable fashion icon who uses her platform to inspire positive change. Her feed is all about sustainability, thrift, and vintage fashion. 

Through her posts, she showcases the beauty of conscious fashion choices, sharing her eco-friendly content ethos with an ever-growing community of followers. 

Verkouw’s commitment to raising awareness about sustainable fashion and her love for thrift and vintage treasures make her a refreshing presence in the world of fashion content creators, and her sustainable fashion message clearly resonates, as demonstrated by her ever-growing follower count.

LIO - Male Fashion Maven

Parisian male fashion influencer LIO redefines style in 2023. His unique approach harmonizes classic masculine silhouettes and tonal color palettes with contemporary trends. 

LIO’s expertise lies in effortlessly combining relaxed-fit pieces, each carrying its own distinct charm, and layering various textures and styles for an impeccable, put-together ensemble. 

His ability to infuse subtle pops of color and current elements into timeless fashion creates a distinctive aesthetic that sets him apart in the fashion content landscape, making his feed a go-to source for inspiration.

Aimee Song - A Multifaceted Fashion Creator

Aimee Song is a mega creator and prominent fashion influencer whose journey began with a blog and burgeoned into an empire. Her creator brand has grown to the point that she has her own fashion line of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. 

Notable for — among other things — partnering with brands including Prada and Valentino, Song also uses her platform for mental health advocacy.

Her book “Capture Your Style,” speaks to her status as a multifaceted content creator and business mind making a real impact in fashion and lifestyle.

Karen Wazen - Middle Eastern Fashion Voice

Based in Dubai, Karen Wazen is a well-known Middle Eastern fashion influencer with a staggering 8 million followers. She rose to prominence in 2016 with her blog “Karen’s Choice.” Since then, she’s graced red carpets and magazine covers while also partnering with esteemed brands like Cartier. 

Parlaying her success as a content creator into her own business ventures, she partners with other creators and influencers such as Madiyah Al Sharqi to launch collections under her eponymous eyewear brand.

Xenia - Luxury Fashion Icon

  • 2.6M followers as of Aug 2023
  • @xenia

Swiss-Russian fashion influencer Xenia boasts 2.6 million followers and has been ranked among the world’s most influential women. Attending fashion shows and shaping the industry, her blog showcases a luxury fashion aesthetic, coupled with her travel experiences, solidifying her status as a prominent lifestyle brand in her own right.

Top and Emerging Fashion Influencers 2023

These top and emerging fashion influencers of 2023 are shaping the digital fashion landscape with their individualistic styles and unapologetic creativity. From body positivity to vintage fashion, from high-end luxury to conscious consumerism, their feeds offer a diverse array of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts and fashion newbies alike.

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