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BENlabs Introduces New AI-Powered Video Thumbnail Analyzer and Title Generator Tools to TubeBuddy Platform

The new Thumbnail Analyzer and Title Generator tools come quickly behind the launch of the new Suggested Shorts feature as BENlabs continues to release AI driven tools to support the 14M creators and brands on its platform

Los Angeles — May 10, 2023 — BENlabs, the leading entertainment AI company for brands and creators to drive growth and engagement across social media, streaming, TV, music and film content, today announced two new AI-powered features to its TubeBuddy SaaS platform. The new video thumbnail analyzer and title recommendation features improve audience engagement and drive revenue for digital creators through leveraging unstructured video data.  

These two new AI driven tools are part of the company’s continued commitment to empower the 14M creators and brands who leverage its platform to intelligently drive audience and revenue growth. The Title Generator tool leverages generative AI models to create optimized, high engagement titles for videos, while the AI-powered video Thumbnail Analyzer leverages human attention heatmaps to compare thumbnails, providing click-through-rate (CTR) predictions to identify the most optimized thumbnails to drive traffic and clicks. 

“Leveraging the power of unstructured data and generative AI is the only way creators and brands will scale themselves successfully going forward,” said Ricky Ray Butler, CEO, BENlabs and TubeBuddy. “By being able to tap into our robust set of data, creators and brands can spend more time creating highly engaging content for their audiences, leveraging data driven systems and processes to reach audiences that align with the content they produce, driving more revenue and growth across their channels.”

Recently, TubeBuddy released a suggested shorts and vertical video product that provides intelligent recommendations for converting high-engagement long form video moments into short form video content. Creators and brands alike use BENlabs’ AI-driven tools combined with a user-friendly interface to drive traffic and revenue to their channels across all short form video platforms. With most creators regularly posting to all major social networks, TubeBuddy helps identify video clips that will attract audiences on short-form video platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Snap, or Instagram for any creator that wants to create a vertical video. 

“Tubebuddy’s new AI tools are a game changer,” said Saj, creator of Howfinity with over 650K subscribers. “The AI Thumbnail Analyzer and Suggested Shorts take a lot of the guessing game out of content creation. It’s a must have for any YouTube creator.”

As new applications of AI in entertainment and content creation emerge, BENlabs continues to be on the cutting edge of harnessing the power of unstructured data to drive predictions and modeling of video content and engaged human attention. With over 65+ tools in its TubeBuddy SaaS platform, BENlabs continues to focus on its mission of architecting the infrastructure of a data driven, intelligent Creator Economy.

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