Take 5: Microsoft Talks with BENlabs

a conversation with microsoft & BENlabs

You’ve seen them in some of the best-known movies of the past several years and chances are good that you use their products every day. Listen in as Caressa Douglas, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at BENlabs talks with Jen Buckmaster from Music & Entertainment Partnerships and Placement at Microsoft. 

Jen Buckmaster headshot

Jen Buckmaster

Over a decade of experience crafting innovative ways to connect entertainment and technology at Microsoft, leveraging industry and talent relationships to help amplify, narrate and score brand stories.

Caressa Douglas

Caressa has dedicated her career to helping brands collaborate with the creative community to facilitate quality product placements that resonate with diverse audiences for the benefit of everyone who supports, creates, and consumes entertainment.

Watch this video featuring key contacts in the entertainment industry discussing product placement and Harnessing The Power Of Entertainment!

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