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Six Women in Gaming You Need to Know

Mar 28, 2022 By BEN Influencer Marketing

Female and female-identifying players make up 45% of console gamers and 75% of mobile gamers. But when it comes to female representation in the creator economy, there’s some work to do. In fact, though female creators have been on the rise since 2021, they still only represent 5% of the top 1,000 gaming creators. One possible explanation? Even though there’s as many female gamers as there are male, the gaming industry as a whole—game company executives, developers, designers, etc—remains male-dominated. 
But things are slowly changing as the top gaming brands start to recognize that by working with predominantly male creators, they’re missing a huge opportunity to reach their female audience through partnerships with creators they can relate to.  
At BEN, we consistently see brands actively seeking a more diverse pool of creators, with female gamers often delivering results that exceed companies’ expectations. Last year, when we teamed up with Square Enix for the launch of its “Life Is Strange: True Colors,” game, the brand was adamant about partnering with creators that could relate to—and convey—the inclusive message of the game. And the results spoke for themselves. Because she felt such a connection to the protagonist in the narrative-based game, creator Lil_Lexi not only streamed highly engaging gameplay, but actually demonstrated her commitment and passion for the partnership by playing beyond her contracted time, streaming the game in full.
As gaming companies continue to deepen their dependence on creator marketing, female creators must be top of mind. From Sweden to SoCal, here are six female gaming powerhouses we love:

From Gaming to Makeup, Lizzy Capri Is YouTube’s Renaissance Woman

Capri is an animated, avid gamer whose gaming YouTube channel of 667K subscribers is just a fraction of her total audience. With more than 6M fans on her personal YouTube page, Capri typically prefers to stream multiplayer social games like Fortnite and Among Us. But Capri branches out, too—her videos often include trending challenges and makeup tutorials. Plus, she’s a member of Team RAR—a prominent collective of YouTube influencers that collaborate on social projects in the gaming community.

Tiffyquake Is Gaming’s Coolest Mama-to-Be

Artist, gamer and fashion-lover, Latina influencer Tiffy is equally versed in quirky clothing brands and zodiac art. Her fans, a whopping 1.2M on Instagram and 1.26M on YouTube, love her smiley persona and cosplay tutorials, as well as her unique takes on anything from baking to pregnancy. When it comes to gaming, The Sims is one of the creators’ favorite titles—and it’s only a matter of time until her baby joins gameplay behind the scenes, too.

Jodi Steel Is a Cosplay Queen

A talented makeup, tattoo, and special effects artist, Steel boasts over 3M followers on Facebook, as well as close to 400K on Instagram. Steel specializes in cosplay tutorials, which are often inspired by popular video games like The Wheel of Time and Attack on Titan, as well as cinematic cult classics like Edward Scissorhands and Harry Potter. In her virtuoso step-by-step videos, illusions and transformations abound—she is a true artist. Steel is also the winner of the inaugural season of FakeUp, Snapchat’s illusion artist competition.

iamBush Fuses Fashion and Gaming

Swedish gamer Asta Bush is a Twitch mini-celebrity, with 83.3K followers who love to stay up to date on her epic Apex Legends adventures. On Instagram, Bush loves showcasing her vacations and stylish wardrobe, and taking on influencer collaborations with brands like MonsterGaming. And her adorable cat Whiskey makes the occasional appearance, too.

Cupahnoodle Has a Stronghold on Horror

With a light veil of mystery around her persona, Kason, a prominent gamer from Southern California, has no shortage of fan love on Twitch—her account is almost 50K followers strong. Kason is highly diligent and streams daily, focusing primarily on psychological horror hit games like Phasmophobia and Martha is Dead. In addition to Twitch, Kason maintains a personal Instagram account, often posing with her consoles or modeling gaming gear. 

iJustine’s Honesty Is Unrivaled

Upbeat and funny, Justine is in the big leagues with close to 7M subscribers on YouTube. She frequently collaborates with tech giants like Apple and Amazon, but make no mistake—she’s honest and candid and won’t hesitate to share how she feels about brands’ products, no matter how massive the name. In addition to opinionated reviews of the latest tech gadgets, Justine is a huge fan of Animal Crossing and testing out VR experiences. When she’s not gaming, followers can find her on her lawn, trying on the latest Lightsaber merch

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