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Brands Increasing Partnership In Delivering The Content Consumers Love

Studios and networks are spending billions of dollars each year to reduce subscriber churn by regularly releasing new and outstanding content. As the streaming wars have continued to heat up and more players have entered the space, the race to outspend the competition and earn a greater share of viewers has intensified. With so many options for audiences, the platforms need to continually strengthen the caliber and quantity of their content, resulting in a significant increase in the amount each studio is investing in production.

The entertainment landscape has changed vastly over the past few years, and it’s important that your brand is breaking out amongst the crowded landscape. With content studios producing more content than ever before, the best way to get your brand noticed is to be featured inside the right shows, films, and music videos. At BEN, we identify the strongest opportunities that fit your brand and resonate with your consumer.

— Jordan Usdin, BENlabs Senior Director, Client Development

Audiences have embraced the shift to streaming platforms where this premium content is delivered in a largely ad-free environment. For many consumers, their streaming subscriptions are reported to be their most valued form of entertainment. At the same time, cord cutting continues at an increasing pace, and the audiences that are watching content on linear platforms report disliking the traditional advertising experience.

Evolving landscape chart
Sources: HULU Generation Stream 2020 research; Leichtman Research Group l Q4 2020; Upwave Q2 2021
Billion dollar content chart
Sources: MoffetNathanson, Company Reports

For brands willing to embrace new marketing tactics, the opportunity is immense. Content providers are looking to create more integration opportunities and an increasing number of national advertisers are taking advantage, aligning with the growth of premium content in ad-free environments.

When working with BEN to build a product placement campaign that stands out, your brand is aligned with the content, characters, and context that positions you as an innovative part of popular culture. Our industry leading technology and over 40 years of experience identify the best content opportunities to reach any audience around the world and deliver guaranteed results.

Integrations drive impact chart
Sources: 605; BENlabs Proprietary Research

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