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Gaming Influencer Marketing: Overwolf Content Ambassadors Drive 150K Installs

Overwolf is an all-in-one platform for creating, sharing and monetizing in-game apps and mods. Overwolf is built by gamers, for gamers, so it made sense that the Overwolf content ambassador program was built by creators, for creators.

The smart, AI-driven content ambassador program we created in collaboration pushed Overwolf to new gaming influencer marketing heights.

How Does a Platform for Gaming Creators Tap Awesome Content Creators at Scale?

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ABOUT THE CLIENT: With game-enhancing user generated content (UGC) a key to Overwolf’s incredible success, the company tapped BENlabs to collaborate in building an AI-driven UGC-focused content creator ambassador program. 

The program started strong and scaled fast, with over 100 creators making Overwolf content in peak months. In 2022 alone, over 2,900 creators drove more than 100M views on over 5,000 hours of Overwolf content. 




Creator Content Pieces


Views on Creator Content




Overwolf Installs

AI Delivers Predictable Performance at Scale

BENlabs created a custom AI model and algorithm for Overwolf over this long-term campaign. This custom model augments BENlabs AI to allow even greater, segment-specific predictive accuracy and incredible foresight into exactly how a given creator would perform in the Overwolf content partner program. Among the BENlabs proprietary AI tools employed in the campaign:

  • Smart Audience Clustering
  • Smart Creator Matching
  • Predictive Analytics

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You Can’t Game Authentic Creator Content

Authenticity is key to a successful content creator influence program. With that in mind, BENlabs AI matched the perfect creators for the Overwolf ambassador program. That means creators aren’t being asked to love (or pretend to love) a product to get support; creators are paid to share a product they already love. And that makes all the difference.

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Predictable Results at Scale

Creators shared over 5,000 hours of content in 2,923 pieces of video content netting 99,202,727 views on Twitch and YouTube in 2022. 

With authentic content and AI audience clustering, The Overwolf content ambassador program drove 517,975 clicks and 152,393 product installs.

Full Results Story

Takeaway subhed - From CS on

Creators are paid fairly and consistently for their content efforts

Overwolf in-game overlay apps and mods are shared authentically

Audiences get great creator content and authentically learn how Overwolf enhances the games they love

The Takeaway

Influencer Marketing Made Simple

The BENlabs team uses proprietary AI tools to help make influencer marketing smart, scalable, and successful. From finding the perfect content creators, automating A/B testing of content, copy and CTAs, and surfacing clear, predictive analytic insights early, when they can make the most difference, BENlabs is here to help.

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