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Not Now, My Show Is On

Jan 28, 2022 By BENlabs Product Placement Team
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S treaming platforms and on demand video have given audiences the ability to access their favorite content whenever they want. This experience, while amazing for viewers, brings new challenges for marketers trying to reach their target consumers with timely messaging. Few types of content currently bring audiences in front their screens on a regular and routine basis for appointment viewing.

Brands looking to drive immediate consumer action must embrace one of the last genres of programming that large audiences continue to view in real time: unscripted daytime and late-night talk shows. These programs continue to pull in daily audiences looking to connect regularly with their favorite hosts. Recent consumer research conducted by BEN found that 66% of these viewers tune into their favorites multiple times each week with 42% watching 3 times a week or more.



watch multiple times a week


watch 3+ times a week
Source: BEN Consumer Research, November 2021

However, advertising around this type of content is not an effective way to reach a brand’s target consumers. The majority of talk show audiences report that they’re avoiding a majority of commercials, meaning that ads deliver neither connection nor impact.

Getting inside of the content provides an opportunity for brands to connect with target consumers. Audiences definitively look to brand integration segments for recommendations on new offerings across consumer product categories. Half of all talk show viewers report that they’ve taken action after seeing a brand featured in an unscripted daytime or late-night show, with 1 in 5 going on to make a purchase.

Talk shows across many networks and with a variety of formats look to include brand integration opportunities in their content. Producers have identified these segments as being of interest to their audience and make every effort to pair show talent with brand personality to make integrations interesting, engaging, and impactful for both the brand and the audience.

— Kendra Menard
BEN Manager, Brand Integration

after seeing a brand featured on a talk show


have taken action

1 in 5

have made a purchase

55% of talk show audiences avoid most of the commercials

Source: BEN Consumer Research, November 2021

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