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New Research Shows UK Consumers Favour Product Placement Over Traditional Advertising

Nine out of every 10 UK consumers (88%) report experiencing positive emotions after seeing products or brands during TV programmes and films and one-third (34%) go on to make a purchase.

LONDON – 2 May, 2023 – BENlabs, the leading entertainment AI company for brands and creators to drive engagement across social media, streaming, TV, music and film content, today released findings from a new research study that shows the majority (59%) of UK consumers would prefer to watch TV programmes and film with product placement rather than advertising breaks. 


The proliferation of ad-free TV streaming services and consumers’ propensity to multi-screen has made it harder for brands to reach consumers through traditional TV advertising. In order to understand if product placement can offer brands a platform by which to cut through the noise created by the plethora of TV advertising, BENlabs surveyed 500 UK consumers about their TV viewing habits, perceptions, and attitudes towards product placement. Here are some of the key survey findings:


Product Placement Outperforms Advertising

  • Given a choice, consumers would prefer to watch a TV programme with product placement over advertising. Product placement generates better recall and is more likely to result in consumers researching products. It also generates a stronger connection with products compared to traditional TV advertising.

  • One-third (34%) of UK consumers have purchased a product seen on TV or from the same brand as a result of product placement.

Product Placements Leads to Conversion

  • 88% of UK consumers experience positive emotions, such as happiness, inspiration, interest, and/or curiosity, after seeing products or brands in TV content, and 60% of them search online for a product seen on TV. More than half (51%) of those who search online actually make a purchase.

Product Placement Boosts Awareness and Opinion of Brands

  • 47% of UK consumers become aware of products for the first time via integration in TV and film content.

  • Over two in every five consumers say that product placement improves their opinion of the product or brand. Consumers also believe that product placement makes TV programmes and films more authentic, which enhances their viewing experience.


“In the UK, product placement is a relatively nascent marketing channel and this new research provides brands and agencies with valuable insights into its effectiveness at driving awareness, consideration, and sales,” said Erin Schmidt, Chief Product Placement Officer, BENlabs. “Product placement also offers benefits to content producers as it makes TV programmes and films more authentic by echoing consumers’ real-life experiences. This is a key factor in driving consumers to research and purchase products they see on TV and in films more often than those they see advertised on TV.”

With product placement driving both sales and awareness, the research offers important insights for brands, agencies, and content producers seeking to engage UK consumers through effective and authentic marketing strategies. Download the full report here.



BENlabs surveyed 503 UK consumers (excluding those who work in marketing and advertising) about their TV viewing habits and views on product placement within TV programmes and films. The survey was carried out in January 2023. Unless otherwise specified, there were no significant differences in responses by age, gender, or viewing habits.


About BENlabs

BENlabs is an entertainment AI company that integrates brands into influencer, streaming, TV, music and film content with guaranteed ROI. BENlabs offers clients the world’s largest influencer marketing business, comprising the world’s largest product placement, promotions and licensing agency combined with TubeBuddy, the largest platform to help 13 million brands and creators  optimize their audience and channel growth. BENlabs works with the world’s top brands, including Microsoft, General Motors, Frito-Lay, Bloomingdales,Tencent and Reckitt Benckiser.


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