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Ten Instagram Mom Influencers for Your Back-To-School Campaings

Students are probably already thinking ahead to when the bell rings on the last day of school before summer break. But smart marketing teams are thinking ahead to when it rings again, marking the start of a new school year. Because when it comes to back to school marketing campaigns, it pays to plan ahead.

Back to school is a tentpole event and attracts big advertising dollars, but consumers are more savvy than ever before. They’ve grown accustomed to the Skip Ad button. The solution? Get your back to school message in the content as opposed to before the content.

Content creators can help. 

For back to school, few content creators are better equipped to help get the message out there than “momfluencers” and other family-focused creators. 

With that in mind, here are 10 momfluencers dominating Instagram with their child-friendly hacks, tips, and tricks. Many of these creators already work extensively with brands, so marketers can rest assured their back to school message is in good hands.

Top 10 Mom Influencers to Inspire Your Back-to-School Brand Campaign

Giovanna Fletcher

@mrsgifletcher | 2M Instagram followers as of May 2024

Mother to Buzz, Buddy, and Max, Giovanna Fletcher is active across all social platforms but is particularly popular on Instagram where she boasts 2M followers. This influential mum is also a best-selling author, business owner (of the @happymumhappybaby brand), and podcaster. 

This creator is full of advice for parents and has worked with brands such as Disney Cruise Line and Regatta.

Shannon Doherty

@athomewith.shannon | 627K Instagram followers as of May 2024

Mom of four Shannon Doherty’s IG content is bursting with tips and tricks on family life, including kid’s lunches, family-friendly recipes, DIY projects, and product reviews. 

This engaging momfluencer has worked with Walmart, RiteAid, and Whole Foods on influencer marketing campaigns.

Summer Ford

@sumford | 209K Instagram followers as of May 2024

Summer built her subscriber base as a fashion creator but has shifted to more family-focused content. The bubbly mom, with 209K Instagram followers, still highlights fashion trends, particularly for girls, as well as various other lifestyle topics.

The Bradley Bunch

@thebradleybunchadventures  | 170K Instagram followers as of May 2024

Karla Brady is the matriarch of nine children and the wife of a neurosurgeon partner. Based on a homestead in Arkansas, her Instagram is full of stories of how she juggles family and home life. 


@team2moms | 439K Instagram followers as of May 2024

Denise and Ebony, the parents behind @team2moms, are an inspiring couple who are “Fluent in Positivity” and highlight the joys (and challenges) of LGTBQ+ parenting. Their IG is a safe space for inclusivity, with advice on raising children in a same-sex marriage. 

They have worked on many branded campaigns with companies such as Pictionary, Dove, and Paramount+.

Winny Hayes

@winnyhayes | 577K Instagram followers as of May 2024

Big-name brands like Quaker Oats and Hellmans have flocked to work with mom influencer Winny Hayes, and it’s easy to understand why. Her ‘What my kids eat in a day’ videos are a great twist on a tried and tested formula, and her recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are a treat for any family.

Mikayla Shocks

@mama.shocks | 112K Instagram followers as of May 2024

With just 112K Instagram followers, this mommy influencer has already worked with some major global brands, such as Chase, LEGO, and Quaker. Her polished and highly engaging videos let the outside world in the triumphs and challenges of raising a young family.

Anna Saccone

@annasaccone | 1.5M Instagram followers as of May 2024

Anna is a social media star who is killing it on Instagram. She has gained a massive following with videos and reels of her family’s day-to-day activities. With four children, there are a lot of stories to tell, and Anna is such a warm and inviting companion that companies such as Meta, Fiji Water, and California Almonds have worked with her to tap into her content and audience.

Amber Massey

@masseya | 1.4M Instagram followers as of May 2024

Amber is another high-profile momfluencer who can help your brand reach her audience of 1.4M followers on Instagram. The mom of five uploads a mix of family-orientated content that lends itself well to brand partnerships. QVC and Betty Crocker have already signed brand deals with her.

Val Riley

@lovelyluckylife | 61K Instagram followers as of May 2024

Walmart, Quaker, and Lancome have already realized how valuable Val Riley’s influence as a mommy blogger can be to their brands. Her mix of tips, hacks, and good-humored advice makes her an ideal brand partner for back-to-school promotions.

Mom influencers on instagram: The results-friendly marketing strategy

Mom influencers make ideal brand partners for companies with products or services to sell during back to school season.

Parents, teachers, and other stakeholders will be swiping through their feeds, looking for the best content to help or inspire them.

To make the most of that advertising budget, consider teaming up with the most engaging and influential momfluencers in unskippable content featuring your brand message. 

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