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Ask BENlabs: How Much Does Product Placement Cost?

How much does product placement cost? Well, that really depends.

We know that product placement works. Nine in 10 marketers (93%) say It’s a great way to drive cultural relevance for their brands, and a similar number (91%) see product placement as a way to get through to non ad-supported streaming audiences.

Three quarters of people in the U.S. have searched for a product or brand online after seeing it in a TV show or film. Nearly six in 10 (57%) go on to make a purchase

In a previous Ask BENlabs post, we answered the three big questions marketers ask when getting started with product placement in TV and movies. We didn’t tackle the big one though:

How Much Does Product Placement Cost?

Product placement doesn’t have a rate card; there are many factors and variables to consider. But as Aaron Frank, SVP, Strategy, Research & Insights shares, a meaningful product placement program can scale up or down with budget. 

Using BENlabs AI tools to find the most receptive audiences and with some innovative ideas like working with indie productions or emerging artists, marketers can build a successful brand product placement strategy without blowing the budget.

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How Much Does Product Placement Cost: Video Transcript

The biggest question that marketers often have is how much does product placement cost? 

And the answer is, it really depends on the budget that you have available. 

We could start out with a smaller program all the way up to a scaled program that has thousands of integrations and moments in Hollywood blockbusters that have promotional partnerships associated. Even all the way to that IP appearing on and packaging for your brands. 

But for brands who are starting out and they want to start smaller, we can find ways to support, for example, indie or emerging musical artists and build relationships and partnerships with them from when their career is small so that you can grow with them and have a lasting partnership with them throughout their entire career. 

So we can scale the program to the right size for your budget, depending on what your interest is and how you want to start.

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