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Ten Brand-Friendly Family Influencers Keeping it Real on Instagram

Working with family-friendly influencers on Instagram or elsewhere can be highly beneficial for your brand. This is especially true if you’re targeting a family-focused market. 

By partnering with the right content creators, you’re tapping into their influence with an audience that is already interested in topics around family life, parenting, and related products or services. 

These creators have built strong connections with their audience based on trust and authenticity. When they endorse a product or service, their followers are more likely to trust their recommendations. This means higher engagement and conversion rates for your brand.

We look at some of the most brand-friendly family influencers on Instagram. We also include some companies they already work with.

Ten Family Influencers to Watch on Instagram

Grace Victory:

@gracefvictory | 238K followers as of Feb 2024

Active across all the major social platforms, award-winning creator Grace is also a mum of two. She is a force for body positivity and inclusion and has collaborated with Nike, modeling for their first plus-size apparel campaign. She’s also worked with Always and Desenio on sponsored campaigns.

Izzy Judd:

@mrs_izzyjudd | 309K followers as of Feb 2024

Musician and mother Izzy Judd has inspired many with her struggle to start a family. She is the author of ‘Mindfulness For Mums.’ And ‘Dare to Dream: My Struggle to Become a Mum – A Story of Heartache and Hope.’ She has worked with Disney and Littlewoods on family-friendly campaigns. When it comes to family influencers on Instagram, their story makes the family aspect especially impactful.

Chloe Lauren:

@chloe_lauren_xx | 141K followers as of Feb 2024

UK-based Chloe Lauren is mum to three girls and has built her content on a platform of home, family, and lifestyle. As an influencer, she has worked with some huge brands, including Tesco and Fisher-Price.

Anna Saccone:

@annasaccone | 1.4M followers as of Feb 2024

Anna Saccone is a mother of four and a dog mom who has built up an impressive following. Her Instagram features her tales of family life. She has worked with brands like Very and California Almonds to extend their reach with her audience.

Familia Diamond:

@familiadiamond | 1.5M followers as of Feb 2024

Sdiezel, Esthalla, Txunamy, Diezel, Solage, and Ranger Ortiz make up the Familia Diamond. And they claim a major presence on  TikTok and YouTube too. As one of the big dogs of family influencers on Instagram and beyond, their humorous and warm-hearted content makes them a firm favorite with brands such as Welch’s and Hello Fresh.

Aurelie Hermansyah:

@aurelie.hermansyah | 34M followers as of Feb 2024

With a staggering 34M Instagram followers, 25-year-old entertainer Aurelie Hermansyah Atta’s profile revolves around her young family and life in Jakarta. The size of their audience proves the value of looking beyond the United States for global brands who want to work with family influencers on Instagram 

Denise Otico:

@partyof4sometimes2 | 328K followers as of Feb 2024

Denise Otico, AKA Party of 4 Sometimes 2, lives in California and has a following of 328K on Instagram. Her mix of relationship, family, and travel content really resonates with brands. She has collaborated with over 37 sponsors over the past three years. Her brand partners include Staples, DoorDash, Target and Amazon.

Brian and Tiffany

@ourcrazyboyslife | 41K followers as of Feb 2024

With over 41K Instagram followers, Brian and Tiffany and their children show us a slice of their Idaho life that includes home-schooling and navigating pregnancy.

Louise Pentland:

@louisepentland | 3.8M followers as of Feb 2024

Louise Pentland is one of the OG YouTube creators turned author. And she continues to grow her online presence via Instagram and other platforms. She is one of the most influential content creators in the motherhood space and consistently attracts brand deals from big sponsors such as Sky, P&O, and Always.

Simon Hooper:

@father_of_daughters | 863K followers as of Feb 2024

Self-confessed sports enthusiast, DIYer, sausage dog owner, and dad Simon Hooper shares his life with his wife Clemmie and their four daughters. His Instagram is full of glimpses of everyday family life, and with 3.5M engagements over the past three years, it is clear his audience can’t get enough of his content.

family influencers on instagram: The results-friendly marketing strategy

Working with brand-friendly family influencers on Instagram is an effective strategy for reaching and engaging with your target market, building brand awareness, and ultimately driving sales and conversions within the family-oriented demographic.

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